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>>>>>Service Description<<<<< Pro Marketer Xtreme is a free to join text ad exchange which has been combined with a 5 x 5 matrix. They currently have 425 members and offer a promotional code for a free advertising package to all members. Members who choose to become Pro members will be given a position in the Pro Marketer Xtreme matrix and be able to earn commissions on all referrals down to five levels. >>>>>Detailed Overview<<<<< Pro Marketer Xtreme is your standard text ad exchange offering text ads, html ads, and solo ads. These can be used to promote any product or service you may have. Members can earn credits to send their own advertisements by viewing other members advertisements on the website and by viewing solo ads sent to their email addresses. They have various "one-time" offers available to allow members to get a greater amount of advertising. But, the promo code on the front page does give enough advertising to get your products seen. (Check out OTO offer & Special offer for a good deal of advertising package which comes together with an upgrade as well) >>>>>Pro membership in Pro Marketer Xtreme costs a one-time $5 for a lifetime membership. This not only gets you a position in the 5 x 5 matrix but it also gives you an additional advertising package - doubling the amount of advertising that free members receive. Pro members will receive $2.50 for every referral they bring in that lands on their first level. This means that it will only take two referrals to cover the cost of the Pro membership. If five members are brought in to fill the first level the Pro member will receive a total of $12.50 which will be a major return on investment. The second level of the matrix (25 members) pays out $1.25 per referral for a total of $43.75. The third and fourth levels pay out 25 cents for each referral and the fifth level pays out 10 cents for each referral. It will take 3905 referrals to completely fill the matrix and it will pay out a total of $1086.25. >>>>>Reputation<<<<< Text ad exchanges are a great way to promote any products and services you may have and a $5 Pro lifetime membership is not an extreme amount. The 5 x 5 matrix is an added bonus and it should not be difficult to get at least two members into your downline to make it free. The site does not state whether there will be spillover but it is a forced matrix and with such a small membership base (at this time) spillover is possible. >>>>>Domain "Whois"<<<<< The Whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information. The Whois information for "Pro Marketer Extreme" is public which is generally a good thing. This indicates the owner of this site has nothing to hide. >>>>CLICK Website on your right hand side<<<<

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