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Name: Robert Vaughan
Location: Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom

About Me
Not Sure where to Start Really, maybe to apologise for my Poor Spelling! LOL I have been a Professional Entertainer (Vocalist) for 30 Years now, and have been lucky to have travelled all over the World Entertaining. I work 4 Nights On The Hotel Cabaret Circuit in and around the South West Coast of the U.K. in Devon. The Town I live in is Called Babbacombe, and it is in Torquay on the English Riviera, Called Torbay. Came in to Internet Business whilst looking initially for a Paid Hobby. I love Music, Enjoy Wining & Dining Although not much fun on my own right now! LOL I used to be a Professional Footballer many years ago, and still enjoy watching the Odd Game or two. I like travelling when I can, and most recent exotic Holiday was in India (Goa), a Great Country, and such warm friendly people, despite Much Poverty to be seen. Took a 15 Day Caribean Cruise prior to that, fantastic Vacation, although went on my Own, and felt it would have been enjoyable more with the Right woman on my Arm. Still very Fit and Active, I enjoy Exercise, Walking the Coastal Paths near where I Live (only 2 Minutes from the Beach and Sea (Where I Live). Have a Wonderful 23 Year Old daughter who lives close by with her Mum (My Ex) Who I still get on with as Friends Now. Am very interested in Meeting and Making New friends and I am an Active Member of Orange Leads, Wom Vegas, Adlandpro, as well as Many Other Social/Business Networking Sites. I have Recently Undergone Major Open Heart Surgery, and now have a New Lease Of Life, and a Future, which I am so very, very, Grateful for. The way my Internet Business is shaping right now, I hope within the next Year or so that I shall be able to afford to have more Choices about my Life, How I live, and the Way I live It! I am by Nature a very Positive get up and go person, and enjoy a Challenge!. Not looking to get involved in any other Businesses Right Now, as My own are Working well, and Take up what time I have to work it, and develop it. I am a True believer in Fate, and You get out of Life what you put in to it. Here At WOM VEGAS I have discovered Many Great Sincere, Genuine People, Made Great Friendships and Connections, and Feel Very Positive about the Future, and What WOM VEGAS Can and Will do to Create Success, for Me and Many Others.

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