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Name: Patricia Martin
Location: United States

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Hi my name is Patricia I wanted to tell you a little about me I do not want to just post my I live in Florida..almost all my life I am a Christian and I love the Lord! I have been married almost 31 years..August 5.. to my best friend and soul mate..John Fixing to turn 50 years old..time goes by fast I have 2 beautiful almost 3..Chris and Philip who is 1 year old I have 3 youngest who is 22 has the 2 grandbabies the other 2 still I work full time..retail as a cashier in a pharmacy I love nature..animals and nutrition I have 3 Boston of which is almost 16 They are fun and great rat killers In fact they were breed to hunt rats Mine love to hunt anything lizards ect I have been online networking for over 20 years Most of that time was a Waste of money and Time But it taught me something...You can get people signed up for things..but can you keep them..? Thanks for Reading Your Friend:) Patricia

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