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Name: Raymond Cowie
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Hi there and welcome to my site. My name is Ray Cowie, from the less than sunny East Midlands, UK. Before we get into the �meat and tatties� of how you can create an amazing income with internet marketing, allow me to quickly share my story (so far) with you. I hope you will be able to empathize with me as a real-person. I realize that you�ve probably read a million other profiles, met many erstwhile internet marketing �experts� and you�re fed up of reading the same old cr*p� I know I am! All I ask is that you are sure to take in the information provided on my site and TAKE ACTION! I truly believe that online success is 10% perspiration and 90% inspiration, so I want you to digest everything that you learn here and follow it up, because if you don�t, I can promise you one thing � you will be going nowhere fast! If you leave this site with nothing more than the realization that success is within your grasp, then I can rest easy. �So who the hell is Ray Cowie� I hear you cry! I have been marketing online for over 3 years now and have earned a great living selling information products, mainly within the Internet marketing niche. Internet marketing is my real passion and I never get bored, because I�m using my creativity all the time � nothing feels better than making money on autopilot, chilling out with friends and spending time with my family! Now you�re here, I truly believe this will be the beginning of a very profitable new journey for you! You now have a distinct advantage over your opposition in your sights. Please don�t waste it. You now have the tools set before you, as long as you implement what you are about to discover � then you won�t go far wrong! Good luck, Ray

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