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Name: Tom Meier
Location: Pendleton, Oregon, United States

About Me
Tom is a 43 year old Amsoil Dealer and husband. Father of 6 ferocious felines born and bred in the great Beaver State (Oregon). Live in the World Famous Round-Up City of Pendleton, a rural farming community on the eastern side of the State bordering Washington State. Actually graduated from a College in Walla Walla, Wa in 1989 (Whitman College). Played baseball there and majored in history. Spent the next 13 years chasing Criminals as a Probation Officer before starting an off-line business with a partner (Pro Mobile Lube We Come To You For A Change). Sold that business in 04 and have been primarily working on-line ever since. Love gardening, golf, long walks with the wife, fantasy sports (well sports in general) and animals of all kinds. Favorite Quote: What we have here is a failure to communicate Favorite Food: Peanut Butter Addict. I would tell ya how much but no one would believe me Favorite TV Show: Countdown with Keith Olberman followed closely by the Rachel Maddow show. Favorite Movie: Oceans 11 (go figure) Favorite Book: Killer Angels BUSINESS LINKS AMSOIL JOIN HERE ALTRUM- JOIN HERE AMSOIL ONLINE STORE JOIN HERE

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