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Name: Nathan Watson
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Location: Etowah, TN, United States

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Hi and thanks for visiting. There's nothing better than living a home-based business lifestyle. Network marketing offers financial rewards and freedom that is hard to find in any other industry. But, unfortunately the failure rate in our industry is between 95%-97%. The fact is that most network marketers make less than 10$ per week, so they get discouraged and eventually quit. It really does not have to be this way. If you have the drive and desire to make "real" money with your home based business...you absolutely can reach the top 3-5% of our industry. It truly does not take a lot to separate yourself from the majority of your competition. Please feel free to partner with me or contact me directly when you're ready to take the next step in your business. I will be blessed to have the opportunity to answer your questions and assist you anyway that I can. I sincerely hope that we will be able to work together very soon. My Story... I'm just a normal guy. I grew up in Etowah, Tennessee and just recently moved back here. I enjoy having fun just like anyone else. I like being outdoors hunting and fishing, shooting my rifles, playing basketball, riding four wheelers etc. But, my real passion is operating my online business because of the reward that I get to help other people. That's how I live my life...helping other people get what they want. I graduated high school in 2005 and entered the military in hopes of serving my country and doing something that I could be proud of. I served just over 2 years in the service as an infantryman before a heat stroke during a night road march cut my term short. I received an honorable discharge in May of 2007 and shortly after began work in Tulsa, OK for the logistics division Wal-Mart. While working very long hard hours I managed to somehow meet my girlfriend, who is now my fiancee. I didn't have much time or money freedom because it seemed like I was not getting anywhere living paycheck to paycheck. I began looking for a way to replace my paycheck with a full time income from home, and I found the holy grail of network marketing. :) At first I was like the majority of online network marketers. I made all of the same mistakes that you hear about all the time...I jumped from program to program, always coming up empty handed and blaming the program for my lack of success. The truth is that I was building a list for the program owner(s) and not myself. I wasn't setting myself apart from the masses because I was promoting my replicated websites. I didn't know what marketing strategies were working and which ones wasn't because I had no way of tracking my results. And to top it off I didn't even have an autoresponder. My business was scattered and unprofessional. Truthfully, I was never sure that I could generate a substantial income online from home. But... I simply had to make it work. I really had no other options. The physical nature of my job at the time was wearing on me along with 12 hour days, I didn't know how much longer I could keep up. What came next in my life was some serious soul searching and much personal development. I knew that I had to become a more driven and stronger person no matter what my fear was and how many obstacles I had to fight through. I realized that the only person responsible for my success was myself and that when I finally stepped up and took that responsibility, my life started to change. It changed dramatically. Partner With A Mentor... I have been fortunate enough to partner up with some truly phenomenal mentors in this industry, whom I sought out. What I learned was an absolute revelation and contradiction to everything that I had ever known about the Network Marketing industry. Since then I have applied the timeless principles of attraction marketing to my own life and more importantly to my business. I have stepped up to be a leader and shared this knowledge to anyone that has been smart enough to learn from me regardless of the company they are with. Key Insight: Leaders have said it many times...People Buy You, Not Your Product. My Mission... My mission is to help empower and encourage as many people as I can to step up and be leaders in whatever Network Marketing Company their with so they can prosper and build their businesses in a way that is attractive, fun, profitable, and deeply satisfying. My mission is to help give you the skills that you need to dominate your company and finally breakthrough to the success that you really deserve. This is my greatest passion in life. My Commitment To You... I will work with you side by side every step of the way to ensure that you achieve the personal and financial success that you desire in your network marketing business. I've created this website to give you the tools and ability to help you get on the "Fast Track" to success. Your Partner In Success, Nathan Watson

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Hi and thanks for visiting. Here I will share insights about attraction marketing, personal development and growth, as well as my experiences and reviews on certain subjects that peak my interest. Have a look around and enjoy.

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