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Name: greg hill
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This doesn't Scratch the surface about me, but it might give you some clues. I've been a builder and remodler most of my life that is what brings in the bread and butter. But after doing it for 30 some years and the way the building industry is, well I like Social networking better. It's also much easier on the body. I'm a musican and have been for over 40 years. Currently, I Play mostly my stuff I have writen and Gospel music. I enjoy learning about internet marketing and the how to's of it. I still have a long way to go in that field. But I know it doesn't happen over night to become successfull on the net producing an income. The way of the internet will be the number one way to increase ones income, and this is coming to the forefront of Advertisers, as they look at Social network sites for an astronomical untapped fortune of prospects to sell to. I have a site that pays me so I'm happy finally to make money on the internet with my Social Networking. It does take stick-to-it-ness, and the big pay back is Friends actually, the money part is just comes when you have real friends. I hope you might like to become one of my friends, they are truly my treasures here on this earth. If you get the chance to write me and share something about your self Great! I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks for your time spent here, I hope you learned some About Me. Greg Hill

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