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Name: Douglas Ellsworth
Location: Shulin, Taipei County, Taiwan

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My Galactic Stats include Libra Rising, Libra Sun, Libra Mercury, Libra Mars, Libra Neptune, East Point Libra and a First House Libra, if you are into that kind of thing. One might say that I am very Libran. Born and raised in the Pac NW, I reside on an island nation on the other side of that sea in a global sector referred to in popular myth as the East but what from my perspective seems more like the West, given how I got here from there, airplane-wise.

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Chaos Chasm18 entries, 127 comments
From out of the darkness, there emerged --- more darkness . . . . . . and then someone, or something, perhaps it was God's mind, switched on the lights, and the creepy-crawlies slithered and bounced and crawled off and away from this illumination. And all was good. Or at least until the sun went down. But not to worry, sometimes the moon shines bright. Rinse. Repeat. And maintain those positive vibes. It's all vibratory, after all. And before all, and during.

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