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Name: Guppydas
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Tall, Dark, Handsome and prince Charming? NO that's not me. I am simple guy who likes simple things in life. Love my family, friends, food, wine, nature, myself, dogs, pretty girls, nice cars and many more such simple things. I love to help people succeed the way I have.

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Guide to Wealth, Health and Happiness2 entries, 0 comments
I am Guppydas, The Storyteller. In recent years, I have been through a roller-coaster ride. From a well to do, stable healthy life down to dead broke, living on the streets in a foreign land as an illegal alien, to spend a few days in prison and worst, being completely sick all the time without medical attention. I lost everything, my wealth, my dignity, my confidence and my health. From that on to the path of Wealth Health & Happiness, is the exciting story that I have to share. Keep reading my blogs here and elsewhere to follow my story and the secret of my success. Enjoy!

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