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Name: Diane Pfeil
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Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States

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Hi! And, welcome to my Blog! My name is Diane Pfeil and I am so glad you stopped by. I am a real person, residing in hot and dry San Antonio, Texas. I am on this amazing journey of Internet Marketing. Why would I get involved in Internet Marketing? Several years ago I took a look at my life and realized that I was working long hours and the stress level was very high. I felt I had lost control of my life and had no time for what I wanted to do. It was harder and harder for me to find time to engage in my true passion; volunteering and helping others. I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted control of my life and where I was going. I wanted to be in control of my time, how much money I made, and the freedom to do it on my time. So, my journey began. I entered the world of Internet Marketing. Along the way, I have been scammed, lied to, and wasted thousands of dollars. I tried one program after another. I was so scattered it was difficult to keep track of what I was doing. In other words, I was not grounded at all. Another new program, I was off chasing rainbows for that illicit “pot of gold.” But, it never came. I was told “Build a List.” That’s great, but how? I was told to “Advertise.” That’s great, but how? I was told to “Follow-Up.” That’s great, but how. I think you get my point. And, then, one day as if by magic, I met a fabulous mentor and everything changed for me. Now, it did not happen overnight. I was still a “diamond in the rough” so to speak. I had to learn so many things, and to this day, am still learning. I was taken by the hand, and magically led as if floating toward the goal line. The journey has had its “twists” and “turns,” but I am having the time of my life. Every day I learn something new. Life is truly like a box of chocolates right now. I am working from the comfort of my home, helping others and making money, All at the same time! And, I have the time to volunteer to help others. Life does not get much better than this (well, maybe, if I won the lottery!) It is my goal to help struggling and/or frustrated marketers learn to build a list of prospects, advertise, follow-up and become successful all at the same time. Just like ME! I invite you to take a look around, and most importantly, join my list, and then join me as I share my experiences along this incredible journey! Because, I can now say, I am part of the Best-Second-to-None! Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. And, assist you in overcoming any bumps, twists or turns in the road.

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