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Certified Benefits Advisor with Chamber of Commerce Network. I am known for going the extra mile to take care of my clients and friends. I believe in treating them the way I would want to be treated. With respect and honesty. I think of my clients as friends as well as business partners. They are my number one priority. "Problems fixed in the mix" Special Services Offered Incorporation Services, Marketing, Project Management, Consulting Services:

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Digital Wisdom Coaching13 entries, 2 comments
Digital Wisdom Coaching. NO FLASHY ADVERTISING, NO GIMMICKS, NO EMPTY PROMISES. JUST REAL HONEST BUSINESS BASED ON FAITH, COMPASSION & RESPECT. Certified Benefits Advisor with The Chamber of Commerce Network. With over ten years of experience in online marketing and the merchant services industry. A combination of my experience and the comprehensive portfolio of products (ATM Placement, Check services, Cash Advance, Financing, Gift Cards, POS Systems Integration to name a few), ensures that most of the business that I establish is from customer referrals and my customers are long time and loyal. Special Services Offered Incorporation Services, Online Marketing, Project Management, Consulting Services:

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