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Name: bruce robinson
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If you have any interest in just why the world is in the shape it is, then over time I hope to be able to give you some answers. As in all things, people will probably not agree with my opinion, but most people do not agree with anyone, as there are so many know it all's in the world that, considering all things, why then do things not work, the way they should?

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Why The World Is In The Shape That It Is!!10 entries, 16 comments
Have you ever in a time of thought or reflection about why it is that there is so much trouble, and major problems in the world? Or have you ever really thought about it at all? I am sure that most people do not think about it nor do they really care about it at all.What I am going to do over time, is try and show you exactly why we have the problems that we do. The reasons are really very simple, but hard to solve, because most people, have no interest in making the changes in their lives that are needed to turn 'things' around for the better. These are My Answers to the problems, as I see them. Come and join me in looking at the Problems, and Solutions

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