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Name: Doug Gregory
Location: Royal Oak, Michigan, United States

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Get ready to become the Guru's Nightmare4 entries, 15 comments
Creating Internet successes by telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Creating successful team players. Disproving most of the get rich schemes that I can. Creating and working with Team players. Helping creative people how to unleash their creativeness held hostage inside. Letting people know, It's O.k to be themselves...............anything inspirational that is truthful and positive along with helping everyone find someone that shares the same honest interests, so they never have to be alone again!
IM-The Cool way!17 entries, 100 comments
Everything pertaining to what works in IM and what doesn't. New program reviews and anything else I can help out with making your marketing efforts be successful.
Project Payday6 entries, 69 comments

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