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Name: Carmel Burke
Location: Dublin, Ireland

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We know all too well whats its like to struggle in this industry. Well i have joined them all at some stage in the Past. Everything from guaranteed spillover programmes to guaranteed incomes for doing nothing...too expensive buy in programmes, BV quotas and bothering your friends and family. Every health and wellness opportunity on the market, every casino solution clickbank product..i have done it all. So did i find a solution? , and what is the solution? Well, we here at SSNM know and understand that trust, honesty and openess is a large part... People need to be honest in this marketplace but so many individuals don't display this critical characteristic. Be honest about sign up levels, be honest about commissions, be honest about investments and monthly commitments, be honest with recruiting requirements. You want honesty and openness and a chance to finally break free from the confusing maze that is network marketing? Well you've come to the right place. SSNM offers not only this but an awesome lost cost exploding financial solution that will not fail with what we have to offer. Try us and see!

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