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About Me is set to become the leading first destination for Internet Marketers. As more people in this niche marketing area (home-based business) tire of the over-hyped approach and increasing number of scams online, they are eagerly seeking a pull-marketing alternative to find the services and resources they require for their business. is a clean, human-edited, no nonsense directory for the Internet Marketer, using 125x125 boxes to display entries and with no hype or long sales copy. Increasing numbers of users are using our range of support social networking groups and portals to interact with LocalDisk & directory users. In this way, we provide a lot more than listings to the LocalDisk experience and present a directory that is really of use to internet marketers beyond simple link generation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take back control and decide what you need and when you need it. LocalDisk internet marketing directory In marketing-speak, this is called ‘pull marketing’. Most marketing online is ‘push marketing’, particularly in the home business arena. Someone sets up a site or creates a new ebook or software. They then go mad ‘pushing’ their marketing copy onto anyone and everyone. Using crafted, emotive wording and appealing to well identified ‘triggers’, many people are sucked in to making a purchase or signing up for something that they soon discover they have no real need for. ‘Pull marketing’ is where you ‘pull’ the information you need to yourself, when you need it and on your own terms. At LocalDisk you are treated with respect and left to explore and choose what YOU want to view and learn more about. Clearly laid out and clean to use, LocalDisk will take you directly to the catagory of resources YOU need or with full site search functionality, simply enter your requirements and the system will find it for you. No sales hype, simply clear listings and keyword rich search functionality. Take back control :- LocalDisk internet marketing directory --------------------------------------------------------------------------

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