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Name: Ronald Parson
Location: Rockford, MI, United States

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I am the husband of Debra and the Father of 9 children (all with Deb) and the grandfather of 9 wonderful grandchildren. I am the Principal of and a teacher at: Parsons Private Institute for the Instruction in Character Training and Moral Excellence. Vice President at Lightyear Wireless. Home Based Business operator with 6 years experience. Specializing in advertising and writing ad copy. Founding Member of University of Internet Science. MLM marketing specialist. Extensive background in solo advertising. Back Page and Craig's list advertising experience. Internet advertising specialist. Experience in assimilating company products. Responsible for thousands of products, rotation, organization, and set up for greatest efficiency. For several years my responsibility was the daily organization of people and work to gain the greatest productivity. Award winning Hi Lo Operator. Product Handling Specialist. Fulfilled the duties of a Pastor for 13 months when we were looking for qualified candidate's. I have preached messages in church's, nursing homes, funeral homes and jails. Treasurer for 4 years of our church, but not while serving as pastor. Taught : Adult, Sr High, Jr High, and Elementary Sunday School Classes over a 33 year period. A Youth Group Leader in both the Sr High and Jr High age bracket. Currently a member of a church planting team in Michigan, where my wife and I along with 2 other couples are reaching out to the unchurched in our community with great success. Specialties MLM Marketing. MLM Strategies. Internet Marketing. Marketing MLM To The ''Warm Market". Funded Proposals For MLMs. Lightyear wireless downline building. List building, bonding, and monetizing. Sponsoring into an MLM. MLM Systems. Recruiting system. Pay Per Click. Marketing using Solo Ads, Safe lists, and Traffic Exchange. Back page and Craig s List.

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I am a Vice President with the MLM Lightyear wireless. Lightyear Wireless is a cutting edge company founded on principles destined to revolutionize the MLM Home Business industry. "Empowering People's Lives By Showing Them a Better Way". Lightyear Wireless has devised an MLM Home Business program that is untouchable, even unapproachable, by competitive companies. It is about earning a six figure income by promoting Lightyear Wireless and its partners, Sprint and Verizon. It's one of the few MLMs without an 'autoship' and with a REAL 'Everybody Has It Already' product.

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