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Name: David Turnipseed
IM Screen Name: nudreamers1 (Skype)
Location: Chicago, ILLINOIS, United States

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Hello, Pastor,father,husband,entrepreneur and lover of all God's people, I work and live in Chicago, Illinois with some of the most desolate communities and issues here which is the ministry I'm called to and I love what I do . There is not a lot money in what I do so I supplement my efforts on-line with a couple of different ventures that are finally coming around for me.I've been on the internet for about 4 years now trying to find my way and I've made tons of mistakes ,but thanks to my many patient friends over the years teaching and showing me techniques that have helped them tremendously ,I'm finally getting the hang of the importance of building and branding .I'm here to meet ,learn and help who ever I can ,have a blessed day ,,,,,,

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