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Name: Carolyn Johnson
Location: Powhatan, VA, United States

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For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an inventor. I was born in ST. Petersburg, Florida and, from my earliest school days at St. Joseph I began inventing new products everything worked. My first inventions was a foot softner for my fathers mothers bunions (made of plants around the house, back yard and grandmothers farm.!) and they worked quite nicely all of her church friends would come over every Sunday for treatments. I‘ couldn‘t beat them off with a stick on Sunday. I joined the Army when in 1977 after we moved to Valdosta, Ga. Started making a complete body wash and therapeutic body wash to combat the bugs and body odor when me and my army buddies were in the field, sometime we were out in the field for more than three weeks no showers just bugs, In that kind of environment, I relied even more on my imagination and spent whatever spare time there was inventing and planning for the future. Kunson Korea was a challenge for me and my army buddies. I knew early on that I wanted the freedom that comes with being an independent inventor. I also knew that, to insure success, I would have to specialize in one industry: preferably one where the end product would not take too long to develop. I always liked creams, lotions, powders, oils, natural plants fragrances and believed that I could come up with many ideas that anyone would enjoy. I was ready to begin! At that time, it's quite possible that I was the ONLY independent outside inventor on a royalty basis--however every problem that people had from skin irritation, hair lise, or bug’s of any type I, had a cure for it and they were always present outcome received with never mixed reviews. I might add that many of companies where I was stationed near in korea I was known by everyone as CJ-got a cure for this they would always leave with two bottles of what ever they needed. Today, and always I’m product driven! Presently seaking private funding to launce 9 of my products.

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