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Tue 17 Mar 2015
Do you have a blog? Are you looking for a means to get traffic? Are you promoting it in social media? Are you aware there is another fantastic platform to show off your blog? Do you know of TSU?

TSU is probably the fastest growing social site on the web. It\'s just like Facebook, only better. How can anything be better then Facebook? TSU shares it\'s profit with you.

While Facebook is counting the money it makes off of your effort, TSU is giving you a piece of the money pie. You see, TSU only keeps 10% of the profits. After all, it does cost money to run this site. The other 90% of profits goes to the creator of the content on TSU. That would be the users.

Granted you may not make a lot of money. However, you will get something. What does Facebook or Twitter give you? Besides, this is another place to advertise your blog and get traffic to it. Plus, it would be free traffic that you get paid for.

How to you get paid on TSU? Just make friends, follow people, interact and post quality stuff .I\'m sure your blog has quality stuff on it.

TSU is such a tight community that you can only join if invited. Today is your lucky day, You can join under me. I strongly urge you to take advantage on this new social site.

Just copy and paste the link below into your browser. It will take you to a new beginning.

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