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  Fri 12 Nov 2010

Are You Creative? Need Money? Come Join Us!


PayBox is Really Changing. They are having HUGE

Contests for the Best Debt Card Designs. It's Time to

Really have Fun and Show off your Creativity. The

Winner will Get $1000.00. Now for all the Rest of

you who May Not Have Time or may Not be Creative

all we Have to Do is Vote on the Debt Cards Already

in the System. The More you Vote on the Greater your

Chance to be the Winner of $100.00.

The Daily Surveys are Also Set Up. Remember the

More you Do, the More you Make! I LOVE the Fact

that PayBox Never Costs you a Dime, it's FREE!

PayBox has Now Opened their Auction Site. Some

of the Auctions are Tests, but they do have Open Auctions

ready! I have Not bought anything, but It Is a Lot of FUN!

They have a Little Bit of Everything.

Need Holiday Presents?

$1,000 Shopping Spree

We're giving away a $1,000 Shopping Spree.

Go to Your PayBox account and use their link to

Set up a Wish List called and Keep $1000.00

Worth of Merchandise on Your Wish List.

If you are Not Signed Up Yet Do it Now While We

Are Still in Pre Launch.

It's Free and A Lot Of Fun!

When You Sign Up You Get $50 in Your Account!

And Up To $20 a Day for Your Participation!

Click Here and Come Join Our Team!

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