Essential Marketing Tips by Doug Leclair
Top 5 Critical Factors to My Success!
Oct. 11, 2011

Welcome Internet Marketing Friends!
First, let me introduce myself. My name is Doug Leclair and have

helped 4 of my students during my MLM career to a six figure

income so far. You're in good hands,Our team leader has 17

years of experience and is a top producer inalmost every affiliate

program he decides to market. You are welcome to join us and

start benefiting from all of our efforts.
Critical Factor #1: Decide that you want it and why. List five things

that you would do, have or become if money was no object. Once you have

a clear direction where you are going, nothing is going to throw you

off course. With virtually 100's of thousands of opportunities flooding

the web, where do you start? Myself along with my team of experts will

help guide you in the right direction.
Critical Factor #2:
Find a winning team and plug in to their system.

The biggest benefit is that you will no longer waste your money on

products that don't work. We have our top coach to test and validate

everything that we use. It's not what you make, it's what you keep.

Stop what you are buying and ask our team for an honest evaluation

before you spend your money.
Critical Factor #3:
Take consistent daily action. One of my mentors

told me that dicipline trumps talent every time. We will teach you a

few simple things to do on a regular basis that will make the

difference for you. Many of the income claims shown online are the

result of a lot of hard work and knowledge.  I am so grateful to be

part of one of the most experienced team online.
Critical Factor #4:
Have fun and realize that this can be like a video

game. The difference with this game is that we get rewarded by the size

of our bank accounts not points. Imagine for a moment setting a new

high score in your bank account every day. It all begins with you. Your

decision to let us help guide you step by step.
Critical Factor #5:
Help your team succeed.  Realize that by helping

others your success will be exponential. We've made it so easy for you

to help others by simply introducing them to a proven, time tested

system. (17 years running and counting). Imagine, from this day

forward, always being part of the solution, not the problem.
I am so excited for you. Don't waste another dime or $197 on products

that don't work. Start using the tools, products and systems that have

been time tested and validated since day one of the internet.
You can get started today, it's your choice.  You will be guided to a

live business center, this is your team helping you so don't be

intimidated. Be strong and listen carefully. Fill out the form and tell

them you were referred by Platinum member Doug Leclair and they will

take good care of you. If you make the decision to join our team, I

look forward to working with you.
Best of success and see you at the top,


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