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Wed 22 Jun 2011

Extreme Niche Empires Review

My Investment in Extreme Niche Empires

Extreme Niche Empires I recently decided to purchase the Extreme Niche Empires course by Sean Donahoe. I do not invest easily in new training programs these days, because I found that a lot of recent launches are full of hype and empty promises. Many of them promise you "Push Button" solutions that, according to the sales page should allow you to fill your bank account with millions without any serious work or effort. Just buy the product and you will be rich. I think that Sean Donahoe is an honest and serious marketer who offers quality products and who teaches with authority especially on SEO related matters. You can watch below an interesting video of Sean:

I am a member of the Warrior Forum and, before making any new purchase, I read comments in the Warrior Forum. The comments that I found on the Extreme Niche Empires and on other products of Sean Donahoe are mostly positive and some are even enthusiastic.

 After purchasing the course I watched the videos and concluded that the course offers really good value for the money. Sean Donahoe teaches you how to build Niche Blogs that should get a good rank by the Search Engines, a reasonably good amount of traffic and regular sales and income.

His approach to niche marketing is based on the idea that it is better to get a small slice of a very competitive niche rather then a big slice of a tiny, tiny niche. Sean has taken the Autoblog model to a higher level and combined it with his powerful SEO strategies to create authority sites or sites that the search engines love to rank on the first page of their search results.


An Introduction to Extreme Niche Empires

Extreme Niche EmpiresThe course consists of 15 modules which are based mainly on “look-over-the-shoulder” videos:, but include also some written materials and links to useful services. In my opinion the course is useful both for newbies and experienced marketers. Newbies will find a complete step by step approach to developing their skills, but experienced marketers will find, among already known materials, special suggestions and approaches that will help them to increase their competence. The Extreme Niche Empires modules are the following.
  • Module 1 – What You Are Going To Learn
  • Module 2 – Foundation For Success
  • Module 3 – Power Niche Research
  • Module 4 – The Cash Core
  • Module 5 – Domains and Hosting for your Empire
  • Module 6 – Installing and Optimizing Your Site
  • Module 7 – The Authority Content
  • Module 8 – Setting Up The Cash Fountains
  • Module 9 – Auto Traffic Siphon
  • Module 10 – Automated Content Feeding
  • Module 11 – Boosting Your Authority Content
  • Module 12 – Finalization and Launch
  • Module 13 – Growing Your Empire
  • Module 14 – Bonus – Flipping The Flops
  • Module 15 – Final Thoughts
In addition to the training modules, the course offers also many bonuses, resources and free tools that are surely worth plenty of money. For instance you will receive the Extreme Niche Empire Plugin Pack that contains all plugins suggested by Sean to develop profitable blogs. One of them is a special autoblogging software especially developed for this course.


Summary and Conclusions

Many courses on blogging and autoblogging suggest to develop a lot of blogs and tell you that, even if each of them produces 1 $ a day, together they will give you a nice income.  However they do not mention that low quality blogs will not receive many visitors and might be slapped by Google. The approach of Sean Donahoe is different.

He suggests to develop a limited number of quality blogs, based on a serious keyword analysis and with authority content that will be appreciated by the search engines. The will use also autoblogging but in a way that will be loved by the search engines.

 The Extreme Niche Empires course is very comprehensive and I have been able so far to watch the videos and some of the written material, but I plan to dedicate much more time in future. I would have preferred some more written materials, but it is not too difficult to write down the main points taught in the videos.

 I am very happy with my investments in Extreme Niche Empires and I can honestly recommend it to you.

 Click here to visit the Extreme Niche Empire site.

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The article was originally published on the Your Reviews Site blog

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