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*** [FIRST ALERT:] 1 Day and Counting! --- Paradigm Shift in LAUNCHING and TEAM BUILD ***
Tue 8 Feb 2011
Uuurrrrgent, Important message from DeMarcus Davenport

>>> 1 Day and Counting! ........Paradigm Shift in LAUNCHING and TEAM BUILD

Hello Teammates,

Finally, the cat's out of the bag! Last night's 9 p.m. Live Announcement Call

was incredible...and if you were on it to hear all the should
understand now why we are sooooo excited about this new business
launch on Wednesday, Feb. 9.

It's not often that we have a true paradigm shift in this industry. A shift

that will so dramatically change the landscape that it will be unrecognizable
once the shift occurs.


Go to this link to reserve your launch spot now. Let us know on the

brief contact form if you will come in with a single spot or a tri-pack.

Well, that's what is about to happen on Wednesday, Feb. 9!

So get ready, and definitely get excited, as we introduce a never-been-done-before compensation structure!

~Imagine only needing a TOTAL of 30 people to completely fill your matrix!

~Imagine making over $20,000 per business center every single month!

~Imagine earning lucrative residual sponsor bonuses on the people you refer!

~Imagine that this is NOT gifting...instead it is a completely legitimate business you
will feel proud to be a part of (with awesome products)!

~Imagine this is affordable to the masses; in fact, each business center costs only $55!

~Imagine this is 100% company forced!

~Imagine that you get your money back as soon as two people fall into your small matrix

(doesn't matter if you referred them or not)!
~Imagine this business is founded and run by highly ethical industry leaders...and their
involvement is COMPLETELY transparent...and they're accessible!
~OK, so now imagine that you're not dreaming;-) This is really happening, and it's
happening on Feb. 9!

So, now about this newly formulated compensation structure. It's so simple, it's


It's a 2x4! So only 30 people fill this small matrix.

There are four levels of earnings (each of which consists of one 2x4 it once and you're done:-)

Level 1: You earn $435

Level 2: You earn another $2,800
Level 3: You earn another $5,600
Level 4: You earn another $11,200

And this is RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME! Over $20,000 each and every month!

How cool is that!

And you're automatically leveraged up to the next level. So no waiting on your downline

to take action and upgrade. Or even worse, decide not to upgrade at all. Factor that right out of the equation.

We'd tell you about the sponsor bonuses, but for now let's just say that it will keep you

wanting to refer. You can get rich off the sponsor bonuses alone;-)

Hard to get all of this for only $55. But start believing because it's all true.

And when you thought it couldn't get any better, it does.

You only need to refer two people to be qualified at all four levels. Of course, trust us

when we say you'll want to refer more. don't have to refer them right away in
order to earn. You can actually fill your simple 30-person matrices at the first and second
levels and earn a residual income of $3,300 before you refer a sole. But again, when you
are making money, why not share the great news.

Now it's time to think big. Can you refer just four people to this business? If the answer is

yes, then strongly consider purchasing a tri-pack (three business centers). You will have
then positioned yourself to make in excess of $60,000 a month! All of that for only one
out-of-pocket cost of $165. We will even show you how to "build" three business centers
for the same amount of work it takes to build only one.

OK, now time for a couple of the "nuts and bolts" details that will interest you.

~Pay Day is every Friday at Noon EST into your Alertpay account (you need to have an

account, so if you don't, get one set up for free at

~You will pay for your business center(s) via Alertpay...and you can use a debit or

credit card

~Launch will occur the evening of Wed., Feb. 9 (exact time not announced)

~Don't ask for the name of the company's being withheld right now so that

programmers can finish their work without the site being bombarded with hits by
curious people;-)

I'm sure there's something we're missing here in all of our excitement. So your job

is to jump on a call tomorrow to get all the juicy details firsthand.

1, 7, and 9 p.m. EST

712-432-0075  Pin 435711#

Go to this link to reserve your launch spot now. Let us know on the

brief contact form if you will come in with a single spot or a tri-pack.

me time, have fun with it!We strongly urge you...Do Not Miss This Unprecedented Opportunity.

We've found our home. Join us as we build the Community!

To our mutual success,

DeMarcus Davenport

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