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Sun 7 Nov 2010

Who else wants free advertising?


A few days ago i received an email from a friend of mine
telling me about a free website advertising tool he was using
to promote his affiliate link.

It's called Hits2U

Well i was amzed at how easy to use this tool is when i checked
it out. All you have to do is submit your website or affiliate link URL
and write a short ad of 100 characters max.

That's it, your ad will be exposed trough the members network wich
has more than 1 000 000 members. Now that's what i call exposure.

Once you submit your website you'll get 7 days of free traffic. Also if you
manage to reffer 3 more users before that first 7 days you'll get 30 extra
advertising days. But it gets even better, the more members you reffer the
more free advertising you get. Imagine your site exposed for free for life.

That's absolutely possible, because as this is a free tool it's easy to bring
new members in.

Want more?

How about free bonus downloads for members ?.

Go chek it out right now, you'll regret later if you skip this opportunity:


You can thank me later


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