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Tue 23 Nov 2010

Why Traffic Exchanges Don't Work

Lots of people say that Traffic Exchanges don't work.

I disagree.

I could argue that article marketing doesn't work, that blogging doesn't work, that social media doesn't work. Nothing works if you don't do it right and the truth is that nothing works unless you do.

And you have to work the correct way.

If you use Traffic Exchanges correctly you will find that you can build a good income and a huge email list from using them.

The reason that Traffic Exchanges don't work for some people is because they make the following mistakes:

  • They advertise slow loading sites, your TE pages must load fast.
  • They advertise generic affiliate pages, you should use your own personalised squeeze page.
  • They don't brand themselves, you should brand yourself in your TE advertising.
  • They don't surf enough, you should aim to surf for several hours each day.
  • They are not consistent, you should consistently surf every day or purchase credits to keep your sites in rotation.
  • They don't use a splash page or squeeze page, you should use an "above the fold" squeeze page or if you use a long squeeze page you should use a splash page to advertise it in the TEs.
  • They are using the wrong Traffic Exchanges, some TEs are dead, they use thousands of credits to get one subscriber, I use TEs where I can get an opt-in rate of under 1 in 100 under the right circumstances.
  • They are unwilling to invest in their business, you should be prepared to upgrade in the best Traffic Exchanges or to buy credits if you don't have enough time available to surf.

If you want a free Traffic Exchange marketing system that DOES WORK then go and grab it right now from TETactics - then the next time you see someone say that Traffic Exchanges don't work you will be laughing to yourself as you watch subscriber after subscriber joining your list.

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