Team Work Makes The Dream Work
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Just a short introduction about myself and how you can benefit by joining my team. First, spending my whole life near the "Big Apple", I learned in early life that to survive, one had to be tough and count on no one to help me survive. Trusting others was not part of my vocabulary. If something was to be done, I had to do it myself. Actually, I was quite a survivor, after all, I am 41 years old, have lived through a lot of battles and have a few scars to prove it. All of my working years, I spent working for someone else, always making money for the other guy and never getting ahead personally. I knew things would have to change if I wanted to enjoy the finer things of life. It was obvious to me that to make that change, I would have to go into business for myself. I did not want to have a JOB (Just Over Broke) for the rest of my life, after all, it was the business owners who made all the money, not the employees. A few years back, I did go into business for myself. I found suppliers where I could purchase everyday items at large discount and re-sold them on the streets for a pretty good profit. Problem was that I was the only person working my retail business, I needed someone else to help me in order to expand. But there were a few problems: taxes, insurance, payroll records, utilities and regulations. It was at this point that I decided to look into online marketing as I understood, all of the expensed of my brick and mortar business would not be there. But remembering my growing up years, I tried to do it all by myself, depending upon no one else for assistance. I was tough, street smart and knew how to take care of #1, that being myself. I soon learned this was not working as I had anticipated and was about to give up and go back to my JOB (not a very pleasant thought). One day while working my daily route, I received a call from this Country boy from Kansas(Jim Cerne) who told me he would help me make my business profitable if I would listen to him and duplicate what he was doing. He made it sound quite interesting but I still was not ready to depend upon anyone else. I figured he was out to make a buck from me and move on. I kept waiting for him to get back with me and put the pressure on to join up with him. (put bucks in his pocket from mine) Guess what, he never called me back, just left me to stew over what he had said. Well, it finally got to me (after a few days) and I decided to call him back, just to see if he was still around. and for real. Actually, I believe this was the best call I ever made. When he answered the call, I was surprised to learn that he remembered our first conversation. It was on that call, my perspective of life changed, we talked about team work, trusting in others and how our friendship could be beneficial to both of us. He did sound sincere so I joined up with him, became involve in a couple business ventures and have never looked back. After working with Jim Cerne for a few weeks, he introduced me to his mentor, Carl Haaveldsen, who again proved to me that team work was the way to build a profitable business. Carl shared with me, many of his marketing strategies which I use daily. After learning from these two individuals how to build a Successful business, I am ready to share with you, our business building secrets. We will work with you using the "Team Concept" to help you achieve your full potential.
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