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Hi my name is Bronzi Sheppard. I am an internet marketer and I will show you various ways you can work from home and make money online. I will also give you tips and advice that you can use both on and off the internet.
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Thu 26 Aug 2010

Rapid Income Creator by John Carter is one of those money making internet products that comes along only every once in a while that makes you say, “Ah Ok, why didn’t I think of that?”

It’s obvious that John has done his homework here and truly created what seems to be a truly hands-off PPV affiliate marketing system. Rapid Income Creator combines professionally and PRE-BUILT created landing pages, specifically designed for PPV traffic, plus “copy and paste” demographic research so members don’t have to guess or spend time doing the work to build campaigns. Better yet, the way the program is set up, there’s no need for you to even have a website of your own, as the landing pages are fully hosted.

If that wasn’t enough, John went ahead and added dummy proof PDF reports on PPV and advertising so anyone could understand it. And to top it off, Rapid Income Creator also boasts a traffic resources section that even makes many veteran online marketers blush. There were a ton of new money-making traffic networks and advertising venues I haven’t even heard of.

My honest review of the product was that I was a bit surprised at how simple it was. Every step of the way the program was laid out in a way that anyone could come in and understand. It wasn’t heavy with tons of stuff to read and absorb. The content John Carter gives in Rapid Income Creator is integrated into the program into actionable steps.

So every step of the way, you are learning by doing. Taking specific actions and getting a result. I have to admit that John does throw in a few documents to read though, but they’re super short and easy to understand. The control center user interface inside Rapid Income Creator is truly designed as a dummy proof system. If you can count, then you can use it. No guesswork involved.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best I would give Rapid Income Creator a 4.9 for quality. I didn’t give it a 5 because every product can be improved slightly. In fact, I hear that John has some secret improvements coming up that makes Rapid Income Creator even more valuable.

I’m trying to get in on his private list right now and will let you know what I find out when I do. Rapid Income Creator is so far a lot more than I expected, which is a good thing considering all the B.S. programs and systems in the marketplace.

I also gave this program it a 4.5 for its money making potential, because John does not go into how to make a large income with it, but does teach how to make a few hundred a day with it. I give it a 4.9 once again for content because not only are the campaigns set up for you, you also have top shelf resources that even I wish I knew about. Rapid Income Creator is a surefire program that is going to do very well online for a lot of people. How long will these methods work? Well John has plans on making that indefinitely.

John Carter is one smart guy and I won’t be surprised if he soon becomes a regular household internet marketing name! Rapid Income Creator is one of the better products I’ve written about in a long time.

Check out Rapid Income Creator Here:

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Sun 15 Aug 2010

Today I have decided to give you 5 key steps on how to be successful. No, not on the internet but in your every day life.

Treating people with respect wins trust and develops lasting relationships. Here’s what to do.

1) Be on time.

In fact, arrive early for appointments and meetings. Plan time milestones in your daily schedule that tell you when to begin transferring to an appointment. That is, note when you will stop working on a task, begin collecting resource materials, and start traveling. Allow time for delays in travel, especially if driving. Consider: The fastest way to destroy people’s trust in you is to waste their time.

2) Communicate with others.

Answer your phone and return phone calls. Listen carefully and completely when people talk to you. Show an interest in others before telling about yourself. When making phone calls devote all of your attention to what the other person is saying (instead of time sharing with other tasks, such as checking e-mail or playing computer games). Phone others only when you can devote full attention to what the other person is saying. Consider: ignoring people is rude and unprofessional.

3) Plan projects.

For example, always prepare an agenda for meetings. Contact key participants before the meeting to hear their views, solicit suggestions for agenda items, and coach them on how to prepare for the meeting. Send agendas far enough before the meeting so that people have time to prepare. Consider: Bad meetings demonstrate an inability to provide leadership.

4) Be courteous.

Find the good in everyone. Compliment others. Avoid starting or listening to gossip. Never ridicule, insult, or make fun of other people. Use positive words, always speaking about what you want and how you want things to be. Avoid suggesting motives or assigning judgments for other people’s actions and views. Consider: Discourtesy damages all relationships.

5) Help others.

Be a mentor for newcomers. Share ideas. Teach people skills that will help them excel. Work with a spirit of abundance. Seek win/win results. Let others speak first, even on issues where you are an expert. Give first without attaching a receipt for return favors. Consider: Selfish people end up working harder.


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Thu 12 Aug 2010

What you are about to read is a true story of a young man named James Connelly. A broke MIT student who developed a secret investment strategy that turned $1000 into $1.4 million in just 17 months, by investing in penny stocks.

Connelly eventually earned the nickname “The Prophet,” after his uncanny ability to pick the “breakout” penny stocks just days before they experienced incredible gains of…


Even Up To 5000%

…In Just a Matter of DAYS!

For the first time, James Connelly A.K.A. “The Prophet” is allowing the average person in on the secret that has made him and 22 members of his ‘inner circle’ millions of dollars in the stock market.

And now he plans to create 500 new Millionaires in the next 24 months by allowing them to trade alongside of him!

To find out more about James Connelly and his amazing story and how he became a Millionair Click Here!

A Note from James Connelly:

For a Limited Time only I am opening up my newsletter to 500 new subscribers who desire change in their life and want to achieve Millionaire status in the next 24 months by trading alongside me. I can help you, but you must be willing to take action in order to succeed.

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