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Advertising On A Small Budget - Online Marketing Video Course  
ima Thu 7 Apr 2011 ima

Advertising On A Small Budget - Online Marketing Video Course

There are thousands and thousands of
advertising and even training offers out
there - in fact it is wise to consider adding
some of the good sources to your product

Why? Because this IS what every Online
Marketer needs regardless what business
they currently are in.

Here is a selection of my favorite programs
that I personally use and recommend:

==> But firstly - you will want to open a
special email for this kind of advertising
as you will get member solo ads sent to
you... You don't want them in your primary
inbox - right? (you can change them later...)

1. The FREE Traffic Domination AND
Video Training Boot Camp

FREE Traffic Domination AND Video Training
Boot Camp
is actually a sister site of the well
known FREE Traffic Hotline (see further down).

Both (among many others...) issued by PG Media.

The membership consists of around 34 step by
step videos on how and where to advertise your
Primary Business the professional way.

FREE Beginner Boot Camp Videos Include:

- The Real Reasons Why Ads Fail

- How to Break the Bad Habits & the Really Bad

- The Correct Structure of Your Ads

- The Free or Inexpensive Tools All Marketers
Should be Using

- Taking Your Business to the NEXT Income

The FREE membership includes over $100
worth of FREE advertising...

While Advanced Pro and JV Membership Boot
Camp Videos Include:

- What the Focus of Your Marketing Should Be

- How To Significantly Increase Ad Results

- Some Very Simple Techniques to Promote

- What To Expect ... Realistic Expectations for
Ad Results and Income

- Plus .... All Future Videos Related to Free
Advertising Tips and Secrets

PLUS: Everyone gets the ability to mail
everybody who joined after them - THIS IS
HUGE and means Hurry...!

2. The sister site: FREE Traffic Hotline

This is a real Gold Mine - over $40.000 worth
of FREE Promo Codes and updated weekly!

600 ACTIVE Traffic Resources

- FREE ADS - Over $40,000 worth of
Advertising Promo Codes

997,652 Very Eager Prospects

... as a Gold Member at $23.90 per YEAR

"Why on earth would you ever want to spend
hours each day searching for free advertising
promo codes and clicking for credits when you
can hire us to do all that time wasting grunt
work for you for LESS THAN 7 CENTS A

GUIDE included even for FREE members
(fully rebrandable!).

Besides that - FREE members get Promo Codes
for FREE advertising on about 25 responsive


Upgrade at FREE Traffic Hotline ONLY and you
will get an Upgrade over at FREE Traffic
- given to you - automatically... How
about this?

Well, finally there is an even cheaper way to
become a Gold Member at FREE Traffic

Simply join Quick Cash Buzz, upgrade there
for $15.00 one time and you get the Gold
Membership at FREE Traffic Domination too!

3. Brand New 10 Minute List With Instant

I simply need to add this here because the
Topic is "Advertising On A Small Budget"
and this is the only site of it's kind - as far
as I know - that pays instant commissions
even to FREE members by PayPal...

That means you could make some extra
bucks for your advertising budget just by
promoting this a little bit.

10MinuteList Features:

- Instant Comissions
- Insanely Low OTO's Making You Profit
- Send Sonic Solos To More Than 45000
- Ad Banners Shown To More Than 45000
- Text Links Shown To More Than 45000
- $100 In FREE Traffic
- Build Your List

OK, this should give you a good start in
learning how to promote online and where to

To your Success!

Stefan Roth
Join My Triple Team Build!

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Video Course On How To Get 3000+ Backlinks FREE!  
ima Mon 7 Mar 2011 ima
"The FREE Backlink System" that's what Jonathan
calls it:

This VERY SHORT and REFRESHING video course
will show you how to build 3000+ backlinks
to your site for FREE!

You won't need to buy any software and you
surely do NOT need to spend a lot of time
in creating those backlinks to your sites.

In fact, all the methods he suggests in this
course are whitehat and amazingly simple.

Let me share with you what one of the fellow
warriors has to say about this course:


"Grabbed this and just finished going through
the videos and here's my take.

Just grab this. There's some nice gold nuggets
here. I even had a couple of "Doh" moments
about a couple of these that I was aware of
but put in the "too hard" basket because of
the setup.

But since the emergence of the resource solution
Jon shows I did not think of these again or how
one could be the solution to the other.

Possibility for hundreds of links each month
with these free solutions.

Well worth the money in my opinion."

I'm very confident that when you'll apply the
methods that Jonathan is going to teach you inside,
you'll be able to save hundreds of dollars on
backlinking campaigns!

These methods simply WORK and you do NOT
need to spend a lot of money to get your site
rank on page ONE in Google!
In fact, all the methods that he reveals in this
course are absolutely FREE and easy to do!

So go ahead and secure your copy right NOW
before he closes this WSO (Warrior Special Offer):

To Your Success,

Stefan Roth
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Start with $7 - Earn $16kin17Weeks PLUS 9,000,000 Advertising Points  
ima Wed 2 Mar 2011 ima

Yes, it’s possible to earn as much as $16,000 in 17 Weeks starting with just a single $6.95 Advertising purchase, a couple of sales and some network marketing duplication.

There is a lot here and we don’t want to overwhelm you with details but we are excited about all the ways you can earn and we delighted to be able to help you every step of the way.

==> The Concept – Simple
==> The Product – Proven (Advertising...)
==> The Earnings – Substantial
==> The Staircase - Achievable
==> How To Climb Up The Staircase - Achievable
The Help – Extensive
==> The Big Picture Math - Fascinating


The concept is very simple, very powerful and very lucrative.

  1. Purchase a Low Cost ($6.95 or more) Package of Proven Advertising Resources

  2. Make two sales of the Same Package in 7 Days

  3. Replicate that process over 17 Weeks (two get two, etc.)

Bingo! You’ll earn Up to $16,000 and 9,000,000 Advertising Points

Just as important, you’ll be positioned on each of the nine steps of the $3,200 Income Staircase where you can earn cash and advertising points over and over and over again.

That’s all there is to it and we are here to help you!


The product you are purchasing (and selling) is advertising in our three year old, five site, 25,000 member Advertising Community. We are proud of our product and the results that our members get when using it and we expect that you will be, too.

Your Advertising Points can be converted into banner and text ad impressions, top sponsor ads, full page views,login ads, and coming in Q2, 2011, Solo Ads.

Your Ads are seen by the 25,000 members of our Community and visitors to our Community Sites. We are over three years old and have paid commissions daily since inception.

Click here for more info about the advertising packages


The earnings that you can achieve are truly substantial – as much as $16,000 (or more) in as little as 17 Weeks.

16k In 17 Weeks

We have the math below and inside the members area to prove it. But, as you well know, nothing in life is free. You must make just two sales and have those purchasers duplicate those sales. You know the drill, it’s fun, affordable and very lucrative.

Why? Because what you are selling is product needed by hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses around the world – advertising!

So, it’s very simple. Make two little $6.95 Sales. Those are two ONE TIME Sales. No Monthly, No Annual fees or additional purchases needed – EVER!

Then, when those two purchasers make two sales the leverage of network marketing is set in motion.

Replicate that SIMPLE MODEL 17 Times and you’ll earn over $16,000 with only a single one time cash outlay for a product that you need anyway!

But, the exciting thing is that you can achieve all of this in just 17 Short Weeks when you make your two little sales in 7 days and duplicate that time frame down 17 generations.

TWO LITTLE $6.95 one time sales, that’s it!


The $3,200 Income Staircase is what makes all of this possible and your movement up the staircase is very achievable starting with as little as the $6.95! (And we’re here to help you!)

There are NINE Steps on the $3,200 Income Staircase and there are THREE Different types of Compensation Plans on the Staircase, each designed to serve a specific purpose to help you and your team UP the staircase.

Further, the Income Staircase is actually comprised of steps from two separate programs each wholly owned by Clinton Clark as part of the Safe Ad Zone Community. This is an easy and simple connection that will ultimately be eliminated when the two programs (SuccessQUIK and Revenue Magic) are fully merged in March/April of 2011.

The Purchase of Each Step on the $3,200 Income Staircase can be funded by generating sales or a cycle from the step immediately below.

In other words you can truly move up All Nine Steps of the $3,200 Income Staircase with just your original $6.95 Purchase, making two similar sales and putting the power of leveraged network marketing to work for you!

A Much more indepth review of the $3,200 Income Staircase is available within the FREE members area for those who are math and spreadsheet oriented like Clint.

The Full $3,200 Income Staircase can be seen immediately below.

We want to help you have a lifetime position on each and every step up that Staircase with the opportunity to earn over and over and over again* without any additional out of pocket expense.

* All steps, except for the 10KAdPak and the Copper Step are 2x2 matrices which allow the member to earn cash and advertising points over and over again without any additional out of pocket expense once they have purchased or earned to that level. More detailed information about the compensation plans that make up each step is within the FREE members area...


We are here to help you succeed, climb the $3,200 Income Staircase and earn as much as $16,000 (or more) in as little as 17 Weeks.

We provide you help in a variety of ways including:

==> A company funded advertising co-op for qualified members
==> Live Presentations throughout the week so we can help make sales for you
==> A vibrant, energetic Community Forum where you can get input and help on a variety of topics:

=> The $16Kin17Weeks System
=> SucceesQUIK, Revenue Magic and all of the Programs in the SafeAdZone Community
=> Featured Marketing Tools to help you succeed online
=> Recommended Advertising Resources that give you the best chance to gain top results

==> Top Notch Marketing Materials
==> Multiple Streams of Income within our Community and Our Recommended Resources

It's just good business practice to partner with you to help you succeed.


Because the bigger our Advertising Community gets, the greater the value of the advertising we sell and the larger the number of “eyeballs” viewing those ads. With greater value in our Community we can sell more ads, making more money for you and more money for us as the owners and admin.

It just makes sense, doesn’t it?


For those like Clint who love spreadsheets we have provided below the math breakdown of the $16,000 in 17 Weeks.

If you are truly a math and comp plan geek you’ll find this interesting.

For most of the rest of our valued members we’d like to call your attention to a couple of important things:

1. As you progress up the $3,200 Income Staircase a good portion of your earnings are being used to purchase up into the next step on the staircase. But, remember, once you are on that staircase (a 2x2 step) you will then earn cash and advertising points over and over again with no out of pocket expense to keep earning!

2. A Good Chunk of your earnings come from the Copper Matrix and it gets fully filled during the 17 Weeks (assuming the “2 get 2 in a Week” replication. That’s why it’s SO important to get into the Copper Matrix as soon as possible. You’ll benefit from potential spill-OVER and from potential Spill-UP, too.

Try it out and join my team - it's more than worth it!

Stefan Roth

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Tax Saving Strategy As A Home Based Business Owner  
ima Fri 18 Feb 2011 ima

There is a brilliant Tax Saving Strategy As A Home Based Business Owner that I have just found surfing around and I would like to share it with you.

Did you know that in the U.S. and Canada there are Tax Laws that allow you to reduce the amount of money you pay in taxes by hiring your children to work in your Home Based Business?

Here is exactly what Mr. Ron Walsh, CEO & Founder of EZ Wealth Solution found out when he met former IRS Attorney Sandy Botkin:

About 12 years ago I have the privilege of attending a seminar hosted by Sandy Botkin (Tax Lawyer, CPA, former IRS Attorney). Sandy was a former trainer for the IRS who had decided to join "our side", and he started teaching people how to reduce and audit proof their taxes.

Two of the things I remember Sandy saying during that seminar were; "Everyone should own a Home Based Business to take advantage of the tax laws, and I also remember him explaining how parents could write off the "equivalent" of their kids education and weddings." I was lucky enough to be invited to dinner with Sandy that evening, and after I got done talking to him I knew that I would never be without a Home Based Business, and I wasn't from that day forward.

Here's how Sandy explained how parents could write off the "equivalent" of their kids education and weddings. Instead of giving your kids an allowance every week (which is not tax deductible), pay them a wage for promoting your Home Based Business (EZ Wealth)! You can pay each child a wage of approximately $5,000 a year for promoting your EZ Wealth site, as long as you pay them by check and keep a time sheet for hours worked so that you have a way to audit proof this as a legitimate business expense.

Your kids put that money in the bank, and use it to pay for their college education and or wedding. Kids do not have to pay taxes on income under $5000 (approx.), and you get to write that money off as a business expense, and it's all legal!

Please consult your Local Tax Professional for any tax advice, and tax saving strategies.

Here's video clip I found on YouTube of Sandy being interviewed by Fox News. Pay close attention to the part where he says; "You can write off the equivalent of your kids education, and weddings." This is the part I discussed in detail with him when I was invited to have dinner with him.

Well, of course this does NOT apply to EZ Wealth Solution only but to Home Based Businesses in general...

But - in my oppinion - EZ Wealth Solution is the place where average people and even beginners get a chance to make serious money with little effort.

If you would like to become part of my Team Build Strategy, simply visit and sign up for my Newsletter!

Make This Your Day!

Stefan Roth

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3 Reasons Why Mass Video Creation can Explode Your Affiliate Sales  
ima Wed 15 Dec 2010 ima

Click here to get Video Niche Dominator

Videos can boost your website's traffic overnight, there's no doubt about it. Online videos have been proven to work for website owners, and they are the most powerful weapon in any affiliate's arsenal.

Yesterday I got a review copy of
Video Niche Dominator. It was so freaking awesome that I've decided to do a full review about it.

Here's my honest review about
Video Niche Dominator, and 3 reasons why Video Niche Dominator can skyrocket your affiliate sales.

Reason #1 - Automation

The most important thing for you as an affiliate marketer is to automate your marketing effort. By having tools that do the dirty work for you, you have more time to invest in yourself, in your family, and in expanding your online business. This tool is simply incredible because it automates the hard work of video creation. Instead of working hour for a single video promotion, you can simply paste a keyword list into the software, click a few times here and there, and you've just made up to 8 professional videos that will make you money day in, day out.

If you're serious about making money online, this software is going to explode your business with FREE targeted traffic from Youtube, Metacafe, Daily motion, and many other video sites.

Reason #2 - Mass Creation

If you're familiar with video marketing, you probably know that there are software and website tools that you can use to create videos fast. What really pulled my attention in this awesome software is that you can create up to 8 videos at a time, and it only takes a minute or two to produce your money making videos.

All that is left for you to do is to upload your videos to video sites, while you create more and more videos to ensure that you're maximizing your profits. The best thing about this software is that you don't have to be a computer geek in order to use it. As I mentioned, the hardest work YOU have to do is paste your niche keywords into the software, and with just one click you have your videos ready to distribute on video sites.

Reason #3 - Money...

The most important reason is MONEY. If you have hundreds of video out there promoting your affiliate offers, you will see the money rolls in faster than you can imagine. People like to watch videos, so if you're there on the right moment when they need some sort of product, you have a guaranteed sale. Making money online is not as easy at it used to be back at the time, and if you're trying to make money online, you kn ow exactly what I'm talking about. But hey, with such a powerful tool in your arsenal, making affiliate sales is more than possible, it's guaranteed!

Click here to get Video Niche Dominator FREE!

Have a look at one of my sample Videos that I have created!

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FREE Solo Ad PLUS Your Link On Our Site For 10 Days - All FREE...  
ima Tue 19 Oct 2010 ima

Welcome back to my Blog!

HomePageSolos is an innovative program that was created to offer You an advertising "Double Effect" that will dramatically increase the visits to your own site or business.

When You join HPS you are IMMEDIATELY credited 1 solo to your account.

You only need to become an Active HPS member (just click on a few links!) in order to be able to send Your Solo out to ALL the HPS database.

..And now the best part!

Once that your Solo will be sent, it will be added to our rotator.

From that moment on, and for 10 days, your promoted site will appear in rotation together with other members sites on our HOME PAGE!

The beauty of this system is that, once that You will have send your solo, your site will ALSO be shown on our home page for 10 days.

Our Home Page receive THOUSANDS of visits every day!

Can You imagine the benefits for YOU?

You advertise ONCE and get DOUBLE Exposure!

But there is more:

We have enhanced this system with a powerful 2x20 commission plan.

Would you decide to upgrade, with a single spend of $9.50 You get..

1. Gold Upgrade
2. Random Referrals
3. Free 2x20 Matrix entrance
4. 5,000 Banner Impressions
5. 1 ADDITIONAL Solo for Free
6. A Direct Commission of $4.25 for every Gold member recruited
7. You can promote HPS with your YOUR OWN Solo URL(s) added on our HomePage!
8. You can even choose to promote ONE single Solo URL of your OWN or ROTATE all YOUR OWN Solo URLs ON OUR HOMEPAGE!
9. You may even get Random Upgraded members when the members who's sponsor is FREE decide to upgrade!
10. BIG % of every referrals purchasing Advertising

Join Now!

But there is still more:

Have you ever been on TOP of a Forced Matrix?

This is YOUR chance NOW:

This Brand New 2x20 Forced Matrix currently has 600+ members (free members included) and has just been promoted to the entire Schnaap Membership...

Schnaap - the All-In-One Advertising Tool Kit currently has a total of 19 133 members after just 1 month of it's launch!

Join Schnaap FREE here:

Now - imagine their entire membership rushing into the Brand New HomePageSolos...

Join HomePageSolos Now FREE, check it out and then - hopefully upgrade while the TOP Spots are still available!


Stefan Roth
More contact info,
How It All Comes Together And What I Use To Advertise And Promote It...

P.S.: Fast Action Bonus: FREE Rebrandable EBook on how to start your own Wealth System- It has been paying Daily for over 16 Years!

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Big List Big Sales - Get Paid Today Review, How To Get Guaranteed $19k And 3,9k Subscribers  
ima Sat 28 Aug 2010 ima

Arvell Lewis is the Man Of The Month in my humble opinion - find out why.

What it is and how it works:

Big List Big Sales/Get Paid Today has been created by Arvell Lewis and launched recently.

While the conception of the product itself is not new - there exist a couple of similar FREE sources online there is a huge, huuuuge advantage here:

Everyone is GUARANTEED to get at least 5 paid subscribers from company ads (in case they are not able or willing to promote and bring people in themselves)!

Do you get the entire picture what that actually means?

5 people for everybody over time, 5 levels down = 3 905 GUARANTEED subscribers, times $5.00 = $19 525.00 GUARANTEED...

But - let me start at the beginning:

Big List Big Sales/Get Paid Today offers lifetime ad spots to their members at a ONE Time Expense of a total of $30.00 per position.

Basically it is an "Ad - Snowball" System, viral advertising over 5 levels.

Upon joining each new member must pay $5.00 to their 5 level upline each One Time plus $5.00 Admin Fee.

That means, once you are a member YOU will get $5.00 from every new member who joins within your organisation 5 levels deep DIRECTLY paid into your AlertPay Account.

The money is paid directly from member to member NOT to the company - NO Waiting Times or Owner running away with YOUR money! (Arvell wouldn't do this anyway...)

Your Ad will be seen a minimum of 3 905 times (plus the number of those who do not join).

Remember, this is just the GUARANTEED portion... If you managed to refer 10 people and each of them gets the minimum of 5 sales that are GUARANTEED to them - it would be 7 810 times...

I have "googled" Arvell Lewis and couldn't find any negative comments so far.


It does cost money and isn't FREE (LOL)...

If anyone would like to call this a disadvantage - on the other hand it means you will get at least a list of 3 905 people who are willing and able to pay for a service...

Meaning that they are much more likely to join you in other programs as a paid member that you might belong to...


This is a REAL "Get Paid To Advertise" Program with Guarantee

You may change and modify your ad as many times as you wish (up to 650 characters).

The space is YOURS as long as Big List Big Sales/Get Paid Today exists - I hope that will be for decades...

It is NOT a forced matrix - you can build it as wide as you can and wish...

This, on the other hand means - UNLIMITED POTENTIAL for your earnings with the program PLUS for the program(s) that you decide to advertise!


Well, I am in (LOL)

No, seriously: Probably my best spent $30 ever.

An ad space for life, helping me to develop any of my other businesses

I don't think that I will need the company guaranteed 5 Sign ups but rather build like crazy and promote my fingers off...

No Way anyone could possibly loose here...

REAL Win - Win Situation.

Still not confident? Still not sure?

OK, the next 10 people joining with me I am offering a paid entry into either

My Team at Fortune5Minutes-MillionairesClub (F5M-MC) @ bronze level - $5.00 value

OR into

Join4ADollar (J4D), $1.00 value and their next higher level ThePowerOf3 (TPO-3), $3.00 value (total of $4.00)

Your choice...

Both of them great programs to Learn And Earn...!

Everybody who is willing to share my above offer will be put on my TEAM rotator that I promote (must become member of ALL the 3 programs above...) and will potentially get sign ups from my promotions too...

Please PM me or post on my Blog directly if you have any questions.

To Your Success

Stefan Roth

P.S. Get in as fast as possible at Big List Big Sales/Get Paid Today! I mean it. See, the company matrix is growing daily and the Waiting Time for your GUARANTEED 5 Sign Ups is naturally increasing because of that fact...

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Cell Phone Marketing - A Nearly Untapped 5 Billion People Market  
ima Mon 9 Aug 2010 ima

There's lots of noise going around online about Adam Horwitz's Mobile Monopoly that teaches you step by step how to tap into Mobile Marketing.

There are currently over 5 Billion Mobiles in use worldwide compared to "only" 1.8 Billion Computers - and all the Online Marketing "Mafia" is still mainly focusing on computer users!

Mobile Marketing is still almost unexplored but growing rapidly.

The fact that there's now a complete step by step guide available since it's launch at August 3. 2010 made me curious enough to get all information available, study everything and finally buy it...

I don't even try to sell the product here - the material available is just so good and does a fantastic job explaining everything with proof provided and detailed examples.

Just have a look at the movie here!

But wait - that's not even all!

If you check out the exit pop up - Adam offers you to test drive his software (no down load required...) for absolutely FREE of charge and even provides a "Live Sample" that you could use to set up a campaign even before you even buy the product!

Of course the Mobile Monopoly Package provides much more than just this piece of software that basically does the reformatting of the capture page to Mobile Phone dimensions.

But see for yourself, as I said - the material is outstanding!

Let me know what you think about it...

To Your Success!


P.S. Did you know that there is a Text Ad Source that Pays YOU like crazy? It's called Super Ad Online...

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Advertise to over 5 billion people with cell phones. Mobile Monopoly is LIVE  
ima Thu 5 Aug 2010 ima

Hi Fellow Marketer!

While Instant Blog Subscribers has just launched - there is an other HOT thing that has launched August 3. 2010: Mobile Monopoly!

This is a nearly Untapped Market yet!

I haven’t seen this much “buzz” about a new product in Internet marketing for a while (besides IBS)…

… maybe because it’s *rare* to see something that introduces something totally NEW — and at just the right time for you to jump in and make an easy killing:*


Adam Horwitz, the 18-year-old superaffiliate behind Mobile Monopoly, racked up way over 1,000 comments on his blog over the last few days when he started leaking just a “taste” of what was coming…

(I think that has to be some kind of record for a “non guru”)…

… and now (if you hurry) Adam’s letting you grab the full Mobile Monopoly course showing how he consistently makes $1,005.12 A DAY putting easy little ads on CELL PHONES.

Check it out now, while the “fast action” bonuses last:*


I bet this will change your way of Marketing for ever...

Best Regards

Stefan Roth

P.S. I mean it — you’ve NEVER seen this before (confession: this is even new to me, and I’ve been in this game for a while)… and right now it’s incredibly EASY to make it BIG in mobile for pocket change — way easier than PPC, SEO, article marketing or any of the “same old” tactics that are just about impossible to “break into”…

Don’t wait on this — you can literally be making money this afternoon, so you owe it to yourself to find out what all the “buzz” is about right here:*


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The Latest Proven Way To Get (FREE) Targeted Traffic  
ima Sun 1 Aug 2010 ima

Over the years, we've all been taught that the best way to grow a sizable mailing list is to give our visitors a great offer they can't say no to. And the most common way to attract more traffic and readers is to pay or trade with another marketer to have a popup window or banner ad on their site with your offer and hope that the visitors will be intrigued enough to sign up. The ad might have music, flashy graphics or animations in an effort to not only bring in traffic, but also as a way to distract site visitors from other competing ads.

But more recently, we're learning that popup ads, flashing ads and all those other gimmicks are simply driving visitors AWAY and leaving us with no sales and an unresponsive list.

Until now, there wasn't a sure-fire way to get your ad noticed without getting on people's nerves. One ad network is looking to change that - and do it all for free.

It's called HoveringAds

HoveringAds is a unique, eye-catching way to advertise your site across an entire network without having to resort to distracting popups or banners.

With HoveringAds, your ad appears on the right side of the user's screen, so they can still scroll on the web page without being interrupted on whatever they're viewing. Since your ad appears off to the side, it's more likely to get noticed without being distracting and abruptly closed. And HoveringAds follow the user as they scroll down, so your message is more prominent and not passed by like a static ad.

HoveringAds costs nothing to join and there's no charge for any advertising. You simply fill out a short form and get the details of your account, then upload your ad and you're ready to go! It's simple and straightforward and most ads can be online within a few minutes.

For a limited time, HoveringAds is also opening the doors to what they call a "Viral Marketing Avalanche". If you refer a friend and THEY join, you get 100% of that person's credits. If your friend refers a friend, you get 100% of THEIR credits too! Of course, your friends still get to keep their credits, but it's like getting double or even triple the exposure without doing any extra work!

Many people are reporting terrific success with HoveringAds, particularly where popups and hover ads simply haven't performed well in the past. Consider testing your current opt-in form with HoveringAds and gauge the response for yourself - you may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

To learn more, visit HoveringAds HERE - it's free to join and there's no membership fee.

Free Gift: The Secret Spot For FREE Advertisng! exposes your ads on thousands of top-performing websites in our network - for FREE! Even if you've never had a website of your own. Start driving tons of traffic to your site today!
Click Here For FREE Instant Access

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