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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Silver - XAGNetwork is the Solution  
ima Wed 19 Jan 2011 ima

Poor Mans Way To Prepare For Hyperinflation - Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Silver - XAGNetwork is the Solution!

First: Please watch this movie (click and it will open in a new window) - then come back...

Poor Mans Way To Prepare For Hyperinflation, Homelessness as a Lifestyle in California (Interview)by InflationUS

Silver is a promising alternative to more traditional investment options because anyone can invest in silver. You do not have to be wealthy, college educated or an investment banker to gain financially from silver investing. In fact, many people already have valuable silver items in their homes, such as silver jewelry or a grandmother's silver coin.

1. Inexpensive Initial Investment
Silver is a budget-conscious investment if you choose to only purchase a few silver coins. Because individual coins are priced based on size, you may invest slowly as your finances allow and gradually increase the amount of silver you own. For larger investments, you may also purchase silver bars or silver stocks, but these are pricier options.

2. Convenience
Silver bullion is a convenient investment because you may store the silver at your home or in a safety deposit box. Silver bullion is very small and storage of multiple coins is relatively simple. Purchase a small plastic coin holder and place all of your silver coins inside. Many silver investors enjoy having their coins within arms reach if they decide to trade or sell the coins. You may sell silver bullion internationally or domestically.

3. Economic Instability
During economic crises, silver retains worth while other precious metals and the value of the dollar declines. In fact, the value of silver rises much more dramatically than the price of gold during economic disasters, according to CMI Gold and Silver.

4. Precious Metal Demand
Silver is a dwindling commodity, yet it is used frequently in industrial settings. Silver is needed in water purification, jewelry and electronic industries. As the world's silver reserves decrease, the value of silver rises.

5. Privacy
Some investors choose to purchase silver bullion, rather than silver stocks, because of the privacy physical bullion provides. You are not legally required to report the purchase of silver bullion, so some investors feel that it is comparable to purchasing a fine painting. While it may be valuable to sell, silver is also not listed as part of your bank account and may be easily hidden away.

Would you like to learn how you could even make GOOD Money with Precious Metals?

Or, would you like to just buy a couple of Silver Coins?

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Did YOU earn 59% on YOUR Money Since April?  
ima Sun 28 Nov 2010 ima

Did YOU earn 59% on YOUR Money Since April?

Hello to my valued readers from all over the world.

Did YOUR Bank Pay YOU 59% Return on YOUR Money Since April???

Well XAGNetwork Members who purchased Silver in April, when we opened, earned that much!!
In April 2010, Silver was at just over $18 per ounce.
Today... as I write this, Silver just broke the $29 per ounce level!!!

That is HUGE!
Gold, over that time period, gave a return of about 23%.
Which one do you wish YOU had purchased??
I am glad I have been buying Silver!
January 2009, Silver was as low as $10.50 per ounce!

With all the uncertainty with the markets and currencies, I am glad I started collecting silver and gold last year.

Start YOUR Silver collection Today!

Having this huge increase has forced us to increase the prices at Collector level again! (But again - this is one of those times when price increase is a GOOD THING!)

One month ago, silver was about $23 - today it is $29.
In keeping with our price model - we are having to increase the price that $6 as it is time to order more stock.

Our pricing model is always pretty consistent (except normally on the low side until we place a new order). If you want to see what the price should be here, you can always add $5 to the spot price and then add the $12 we collect to pay out the affiliate fees and you can see what our approximate Collector membership price should be.
We have always calculated it this way from the date of launch.

We have quite a few memberships which are on a monthly subscription autoship that are now paying a lot less, so we have started cancelling those subscriptions - you will get an email if you have not already from Alertpay telling you this.
We hope everyone comes back to continue their autoship subscription - this looks like a great time to continue to buy silver!
You will get notices from the script when it is time for you to upgrade again - don't forget or you will lose your spot in the payment structure.

The cost of Marketer and Reseller memberships are not affected by this - they will remain the same. This also does not affect commissions in anyway.

If you are not an upgraded member, or if you are not a collector member - perhaps you should have another look at the beautiful coins we offer!

Start YOUR Silver collection Today!

We have also added some more coins that we just got in stock, including the beautiful 2011 Canadian 1 ounce Wolf coin, which is very limited in its release quantities and we have only been able to get our hands on a handful of these awesome coins.
We will also be adding some more numismatic coins with professional grades over the next few days.

The interest in Silver is at an all time high! Send out your referral link to your contacts, place it in some surf sites or send it out through any other advertising you use!
Everyone thinks gold is the place to be, but there are TWO huge reasons to get into Silver! It is affordable for everyone and as you can see it has been out performing gold by more than double!!

Please let me know if you have any questions - the best way to send those is by registering a FREE membership and in there get my details!

Just so you know, you can also purchase additional coins from your account balance and you can also upgrade from your account balance to save fees. Just purchase or upgrade as normal, but instead of selecting a payment processor, select the From Account Balance option. (sorry you need to have the full amount - the script cannot handle part payment from your balance and part from outside payment)


Financial Headlines:

The U.S. has no way of paying off its $13.7 trillion national debt.
Plus $80 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Thus China's Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. lowered its rating for the U.S. to A+ from AA with an outlook of negative.

If you think this does not affect you, go to any grocery store, then THINK AGAIN!

Unsolicited Testimonies:

I recently joined a silver bullion coin opportunity
listed on the F5M Affiliates page, XAGNetwork,
where I have earned way more than my money back,
thus I'm receiving silver coins at no cost to me!

I had a member on my first level who did not become a
collector, even though he had active downline members!
I purchased his position and activated it as a collector,
so I am now earning cash and coins from 2 positions
and it is still yet to cost me anything out of my pocket!

Whether you believe in cash or silver, I don't care!
Free cash and free silver are both good in my book!

I had a fellow tell me that he could buy coins for less,
so he did not want to join me in XAGNetwork.
Somebody coined that "the wal-mart mentality"!
I suppose he is still buying them, but paying more,
while the ones I got for free continue to increase,
and I am still earning CASH sharing with others!


It's NOT Too Late - Start YOUR Silver collection Today!

Have a great and prosperous week!

Stefan Roth

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