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3 Paid Businesses For 5 Bucks? You Could Still Jump On It...  
ima Fri 19 Nov 2010 ima

3 Paid Businesses For 5 Bucks? You Could Still Jump On It...

This is the contest I just sent out to my FREE members at QuickCashBuzz (November 19. 2010).

If you think this could be for you - all you need to do is JUMP into QuickCashBuzz for FREE and follow the instructions bellow...

Hope to see you there!

Stefan Roth


Your QCB Sponsor: I Will Pay Your Upgrade At QCB...

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing fine.

Currently there are 24 Free Members registered with me at QuickCashBuzz and I think it's time for a NEW Contest...


But - I need your commitement.

See, I have done a lot of PIF'ing in the past but most of the time ended up with team members who were just sitting there and not actually willing to work their Business.

That's exactly what it is - An Online Business and if you want to make Money Online - you need to work it properly!

So, here is the deal:

The first person who is willing to at least spend 5 Bucks into their Future Online Empire - I will pay the upgrade at QuickCashBuzz for $15.00!

You may register AND upgrade here F5M-Millionaires Club at least at Bronze Level

Everybody joining AND upgrading above will get a PAID position within the other main system that I am building - The Cascading Wealth Creation Portfolio...

You may register (DO NOT UPGRADE) Join4ADollar here

As soon as I see you upgraded in the first program - I will have you upgraded in the second OUT OF MY POCKET.

Is that YOUR deal?


The first out of 24 (I hope it will be you...) gets 3 Businesses for a ONE TIME $5.00 !!!

1. The upgrade at QuickCashBuzz ($15.00)
2. The Bronze membership at F5M-MC they actually pay for ($5.00)
3. The upgrade at Join4ADollar ($1.00)

That is a Value of Total $21.00 for their investment of ONLY $5.00...

Everybody else joining F5M-MC at least at Bronze gets their upgrade paid at J4D!

OK, now it's time for Action for the serious ones among you!


Stefan Roth

P.S. Either you want to be part of the contest or not - Grab my gift to you here:

It will help you and your team...!

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Brand New Official Schnaap- And Universal Feeder Is Here... Just Launched!  
ima Fri 1 Oct 2010 ima

Wow - It Simply Works... Even Their 90 Days Ad Co-op For Just 5 Bucks Delivers Results! 


Hello and Wecome to my Blog,

Schnaap is going balistic with over 15k members in about only 2 weeks and growing daily

*IMPORTANT* ~You do not have to be a member of Schnaap or Join Schnaap to use this~

QuickCashBuzz is the official Feeder program for Schnaap, You can use this to build your Schnaap Downline or simply rake in the bucks from the frenzy Schnaap is creating!

New, Current, or even non Schnaap members can use this incredible program...

Current FREE and Upgraded Schnaap Members - Join and simply insert YOUR Schnaap ID - Your Subscribers will automatically follow into YOUR Schnaap Business...!

Not yet a member of Schnaap - the All-In-One Marketing Package?

Read my post and watch Movie about it HERE!
Talk more later,

Stefan Roth
More contact info, How It All Comes Together And What I Use To Advertise And Promote It...

P.S. Quick Cash Buzz is the OFFICIAL Schnaap Feeder but can be used as a feeder for any program!

P.P.S.: Fast Action Bonus: FREE Rebrandable EBook on how to start your own Wealth System - It has been paying Daily for over 16 Years!

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How It All Comes Together And What I Use To Advertise And Promote It...  
ima Thu 9 Sep 2010 ima

Welcome to my Blog!

The purpose of this post is to serve as a reference to my existing Team Members as well as a reference for those who wish to redeem their rewards out of our LuckyBucks System.

Remember, each time you buy any product from me (e.g. out of My Softwareboutique or any other product) you get PAID entries into any of my programs offered as a Bonus and Thank You!

This Bonus goes up to 30% of my Net Profit. You must join my Main List in order to get your Bonus - I need to communicate with my Team Members...

The offer goes for programs with a One Time (or Yearly, the first Year) Payment ONLY - You'll get in for FREE (meaning On Me)!

Here we go - just click on the program name if you wish to sign up and join the team...:

My 3 Main Systems that I work - the banner after the title connects to the starting point where you can start to earn all the way through the entire system...

1. The WealthSystem(TM) - That Has Been Paying Daily For Over 16 Years!

- F5M-Millionaires Club (F5M-MC) Bronze @ $5.00 One Time

- GoldBooster (must be a member at F5M-MC Bronze minimum) @ $25.00 One Time. Everybody earns here even without any sponsoring...!

- F5M-Millionaires Club (F5M-MC) Silver @ $49.95 One Time (GoldBooster @ $25.00 PLUS Fortune5Minutes @ $25.00 included)

- F5M-Millionaires Club (F5M-MC) Gold @ $199.00 One Time (Wealth Team International Association (WTIA) @ 99.00 PLUS F5M-MC 30 Day Auto Advertising Package (30DAAP) With Guaranteed PAID Sign Ups PLUS GoldBooster @ $25.00 PLUS Fortune5Minutes @ $25.00 included)

- Fortune5Minutes (F5M) @ $25.00 One Time

- $20 Miracle @ $20.00 One Time

- Wealth Team International Association (WTIA) @ 99.00 One Time (Link to be provided soon)

- GladClub @ 300.00 One Time (Currently not publicly open - can only be entered through earnings from F5M and WTIA)

2. Cascading Wealth Creation Portfolio - The Big Picture...

- Join 4 A Dollar (J4D) @ $1.00 One Time

- The Power Of 3 (TPO-3) @ $3.00 One Time

- Team Build For Wealth (TB4W) @ $5.00 One Time

- Cascading Wealth Creation Portfolio (CWC-P) @$10.00 One Time

- Uno Start (UnoStart) @$15.00 One Time

- Club 4 Elite (Club4Elite) @ $25.00 One Time (Link to be provided soon)

- Club 4 Elite Bronze (C4E-Bronze) @ $50.00 One Time (Link to be provided soon)

- Club 4 Elite Silver (C4E-Silver) @ $100.00 One Time (Link to be provided soon)

- Club 4 Elite Gold (C4E-Gold) @ $250.00 One Time (Link to be provided soon)

- Club 4 Elite Platinum (C4E-Platinum) @ $500.00 One Time (Link to be provided soon)

- Club 4 Elite Diamond (C4E-Diamond) @ $1,000.00 One Time (Link to be provided soon)

- Club 4 Elite Master Diamond (C4EMaster) @ $2,000.00 One Time (Link to be provided soon)

- Club 4 Elite Royal Diamond (C4ERoyal) @ $6,000.00 One Time (Link to be provided soon)

- Club 4 Elite Crown Diamond (C4ECrown) @ $12,000.00 One Time (Link to be provided soon)

3. The World Network Marketing Group - Over 16 years in business, Offices in USA and Canada!

- OneTime10 @ $10.00 One Time per position (this one links to My Rotator - you might not see my name...)

- SuperAdOnline @ $25.00 One Time per position, then $10.00 Admin Fee per year (this one links to My Rotator - you might not see my name...)

- FortuneWP @ $60.00 per year and position plus One Time $15.00 Set Up Fee (this one links to My Rotator - you might not see my name...)

Precious Metal Guaranteed Savings Program

- XAGNetwork, starting @ $5.00 monthly - Do you think Precious Metals will ever de-value like Paper (money)?

Some Cash Gifting...

- ForcedCashGifts @ $10.00 One Time

- CashGiftingPros @ $2.00 One Time plus $1.00 admin fee

My favorite Advertising Programs

- Add On Sept. 19. 2010: - This Is Smoking Red Hot! SoloAds, Banner-, Text Ads, 2x1 Matrix For Upgraded Members And Lots, Lots More...

- Schnaap just got it's own Official Feeder Program: QuickCashBuzz, a fast filling 2x2 Matrix @ $15.00 One Time - Can be used as a Feeder for just ANY Program...! Read more...

- SuperAdOnline, Text Ads (see above)

- FortuneWP, Banner Ads (see above)

- BigList BigSales / Get Paid Today @ $30.00 Life Time

- 3 similar systems as above - but FREE

- Paid In Seconds @ $45.00 One Time per position. Must have at least 2 positions in order to advertise but the program pays commissions to EVERY upgraded member even without sponsoring anyone...

- Collection Day - 1 Million Banner Impressions for just $5.99 (plus $1.00 admin fee)

- Hovering Ads FREE, can upgrade and/or buy Ad credits

- Oogads FREE, included within FREE OrangeLeads Membership...

- ViralAdStore, SOLO Ads and others, FREE membership at beginner level

- Networking at Sokule - Twitter Monetized

FREE Business Leads and Tools for Lead Generation

- OrangeLeads FREE, Unlimited FREE Business Leads with and without phone number - all of them with email...

- NEW: Viral EBook Success FREE, Rebrandable ebooks about YOUR MLM to give away... Ohh and YES they do the Hosting for them, you don't even need to have a website!

Online Marketing Training

- F5M-Millionaires Club (F5M-MC), see above - FREE for members

- Cascading Wealth Creation Portfolio, see above - FREE for members

- The Perfect Funded Proposal (PFP) - has been shut down, just list it in case some are on my list there... - under construction!

- VIP Wealth Club, an upgrade option for OrangeLeads members

Online Marketer's All In One Toolbox

GlobalNPN with Autoresponders, Capture Page Creators, Tracking Tools, Link Rotators, Conference Room and much, much more...

Website and Hosting

Good Old Global Domain International (GDI) - get FREE rebrandable ebook HERE!

Blogging and Earning

Instant Blog Subscribers (IBS), FREE at starter level... - get FREE rebrandable ebook HERE!

Well, these are my main programs and tools I use.

I hope you will find one or the other out of them could be helpful for you too...!

To YOUR Success!

Stefan Roth aka entrepreneur(s), an Instant Blog Subscriber

P.S. Just an other CoolTool: Instant Video Articles helps you to convert any text into a Video Presentation; earn your first $5.00 in LuckyBucks here...

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