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Easy Team Build For EZ Wealth Solution, F5M-MC And Join4ADollar  
ima Tue 25 Jan 2011 ima

Team Build For EZ Wealth Solution, F5M-MC And Join4ADollar - And WE Will Pay Your Way In...!

In case that you are already a member of any of the programs involved, please read and follow the instructions at the end of the post!

First Come First Serve - You better take action fast!

Just have a look at the Globe to see my current Visitors...

All the administration needs to be done manually - please allow 24-48 hours for me to send you your link for signing up...

Talking about Diversification and Team Strategies - this one is set up to help even Newbies to grow 3 proven systems - Each Of Them A Potential Million Dollar Business - at the same time!

The Goals:

To give the average Online Marketer and Income Seeker a realistic fast start and an Online Income for years to come from several Income Systems.

To combine Team Building and PIF- (Pay It Forward) Strategy in order to keep the costs for Team Members to an absolute minimum.

This Team Building System is CURRENTLY absolutely FREE - meaning, besides the normal costs to join EZ Wealth Solution, there is NO additional costs involved.
(Remember - you'll only need to pay for your first member's package 1 and this system is here to provide the first member to you - watch movie here:
- Sign Up and take the FREE Tour - then contact me as soon as you are ready to upgrade and I will give you detailed instructions on how to join the team)

In order to avoid the main problem that most of the Rotator- and Team Build Systems have out there on the market: They grow too fast and slow down quickly...

==> Therefor Phase 1 here will only give you 1 Sale - your Qualification Sale and then move on to the next member in order to serve everyone within reasonable time...

Well, in fact I will keep giving out YOUR link until you have your Qualification Sale - if someone decides to upgrade later - it's all yours...

Attention - Here Comes The Catch...:

There are actually 2 of them:

1. You'll NEED to accept 2 Gift (PIF) Memberships that will be offered to you by your sponsor (how hard is that?).

a. A paid membership at Bronze level into F5M-MC (Millionaires Club), which is the Doorway into the Wealth System(TM) that has been on the market for over 17 years,
Value $5.00

b. A paid entry into Join4ADollar 3x2 Main (currently 60 000+ members) AND brand new Join4ADollar 2x2 Main - Doorways to the Cascading Wealth Creation Portfolio with 14 programs each!
Value $1.00 plus $1.50

2. In order to be accepted into the Team Build - you need to be willing to offer the exact same Memberships to the members that will join YOUR Team Build...
(don't worry - it will be out of profit, kind of reinvesting into your future team)

The person who gets the money has to offer the 2 memberships out of his/her profit - members will then join his/her businesses!

Here is how it works:

Phase 1 is set to help you get qualified within EZ Wealth Solution, meaning it will give you 1 sale (the qualification sale).
After this you will be able to give away as many memberships to prospects at no additional costs as you possibly can.

Phase 2 is a Link Rotator that I will set up and promote on the team's behalf.
(details will be given out to team members later - there is NO obligation to join Phase 2 at all but it will help you besides your own promotions)

But for now - let's focus on Phase 1

In detail - What should you do next (in case you are an existing Tour Taker with my EZWS, go directly to point 3)?

1. Have a look at EZ Wealth Solution here: Sign Up and take the FREE Tour - then contact me as soon as you are ready to upgrade and I will give you detailed instructions on how to join the team!

2. Contact me at as soon as you are ready to upgrade and I will provide the link to re-sign up from and detailed instructions on how to proceed.
- Ready to join and go: Please use this or something similar as Subject line if you are ready to become an active member ONLY...
- Question: Please state clearly that you need more information...

3. Study the movies and everything within the members area carefully.

4. Become a reseller as stated within the members area.

5. Request to be paid in by your sponsor to level 1 (the $47 package) - just stick with that level at the moment (read on and you will soon see why).

6. You are set - as soon as your package 1 is confirmed, send the person you have been placed under your link and they will hand it out to the next person who wants to become part of the team.


You (signed up at EZ Wealth Solution under the link that you have been given), became a reseller, requested to be paid into Package 1 and your Upline did pay you in.

Mary is the next person in line and will be given YOUR link for sign up, she does exactly the same as you above - since you are her sponsor you would need to pay her in for $47.00 as your qualification sale.

Mary will go up to your sponsors team (watch movies within EZWS members area)

Your sponsor will get the $47.00 One Time Fee directly and offer and pay her entries into the 2 other programs ($7.50 reinvested out of the $47.00 income...)

Mary accepts and wants to become a team member too - she sends in her link.

Her link will be given to the next person requesting a link - and so on...

OK fine - but, if I only get 1 Sale - how would I possibly grow my team?

Excellent question! Here comes the answer:

You are now qualified as outlined above and will have the chance to join Phase 2.
But what you should do first and foremost is copy the exact same (this) Team Build system and promote this instead of your direct EZ Wealth Solution link (this will grow your team build).
Now you will start your own mirror team build and take over the responsibility for it's coordination too...

Put it on your Homepage or Blog and guide prospects to that place or link (in case you don't have a Blog get one for FREE here: Instant Blog Subscribers

Make sure to put in your links where needed.

Unlike your own Blog (in case you don't have one yet) that needs to be set up, the one at Instant Blog Subscribers is set up within minutes and - you get an instant audience of 200 random visitors per week as a FREE member...

Here's how YOUR Team will grow then:

Joe wants to become part of your team build. As a qualified member you'll send him YOUR EZWS link he signs up and becomes your team member at EZWS and your team build - he sends you his link.

Meanwhile, Mike wants to get into your team - you send him Joe's link to sign up and he does.

Joe pays for Mike as his qualification sale - meaning you'll get $47.00 from him AND Mike back into your EZWS Team as your 2. member.

Joe does what you have previously done - he starts to promote his own team build and prospers.

Jane approached you - she wants to join your team build.

You simply send her Mike's link to sign up under and she does.

Since this is his qualification sale - he pays her way in ($47.00 directly to you) and she moves up to YOUR team as your 3. member and so on...

Sure, you got the picture...

So far you have (not 3 prospects but) 3 fully qualified members within your EZWS Team

And after deduction of $7.50 each to pay them into the other programs (meaning you have currently 3 members in each of them too...) - you have plenty of money left to buy yourself into Level 2 at $97.00!

This is where the bigger income starts because now it changes to a Two-Up System.

You simply continue to promote your Level 1 Team Build and work your way through the rest of the levels - COMPLETELY OUT OF PROFIT!

And you still have the option of joining Phase 2 and generate additional streams...

But, a word of warning:

Don't try to build too many Streams (do not build wide) - this could potentially slow down your Team Build System because you would have to share your incoming prospects among them.

Build it deep (as outlined above) and every new member will get his/her qualification sale fast and keeps being motivated!

Existing Members of the above programs involved:

EZ Wealth Solution Qualified Members: Remain with your team - you may copy my system if you would like. Unfortunately you can not become a member of my Team Build...

It would be nice if you joined my other 2 Businesses involved from here:
F5M-MC (Millionaires Club)
Join4ADollar 3x2 Main
Join4ADollar 2x2 Main

F5M-MC (Millionaires Club) Members - either sign up for a new membership or bring your existing one with you!

Join4ADollar Members - either sign up for a new membership or bring your existing one with you!

OK - let's bring it into action now!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

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To our Success and thanks for your time!

Stefan Roth

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EZ Wealth Solution Is Still Going Strong After 3 Years!  
ima Wed 8 Dec 2010 ima

Press Release December 1, 2010

EZ Wealth Solution Is Still Going Strong After 3 Years!

In a day and age when programs seem to last no more than a few months, it’s refreshing to see a home based business opportunity still in business, and thriving after 3 years!

EZ Wealth Solution is a Direct Sales Company with a database of over 700 Digital and Software Products, and they’ve been going strong since December 1, 2007. EZ Wealth Solution launched at the beginning of the economic recession in December 2007, and they still managed to do over 1.5 Million Dollars in sales to date, but what’s even more impressive is the fact that EZ Wealth Solution pays out a full 100% on all sales. So that 1.5 Million Dollars was paid to their Resellers!

It’s not too often you see a company paying out a full 100% on all sales, and they also pay daily member-to-member so there’s no waiting to get paid! When a sale is made, the purchaser sends the money directly to the Reseller using their favorite online payment processor. This is really great when you think about it because no one wants to wait 30 - 45 days for a company to send out a commission check.

The one thing everyone should know about EZ Wealth Solution is that they have a one-of-kind pay plan designed by the CEO & Founder Mr. Ron Walsh, and while there are many I personally feel this is one of the biggest contributing factors to their success.

When Mr. Walsh was asked why he decided to payout 100% on all sales, he said; "For 12 years I struggled to find a program that would last longer than 6 – 12 months, and one where the average person could make some good money. So I finally stopped looking in 2007 and decided to put my own program together, and first and foremost I wanted a pay plan where people could actually make some good money, but the pay plan I wanted was not out there, so I designed my own and I did it with our Resellers in mind. I just wanted to see people make money, and you cannot get any better than a 100% payout. It also makes it very hard for other programs to compete with us when you put pay plan against pay plan."

I also asked Mr. Walsh what he sees in the future for EZ Wealth Solution, and he said; "I see unlimited potential and success for our Resellers! In the coming year we will be adding many more Digital & Software Products to our database to give our Resellers even more value for their dollar. As for long term, we just want to run an honest business where average people can make some good money. What makes us unique is our one-of-a-kind pay plan, and the fact that we have people making money for the first time online. That gives me great pride to know I played a small part in it. We now have our sights set on reaching the 2 Million Dollar mark in commissions paid, and from there its 3, 4, 5 Million and beyond. Give the people what they want, and they will join your business, and what they want is money! So we give it to them, 100% of it!"

I must admit, the income potential for EZ Wealth Solution is truly remarkable when you consider anyone can get started for just $10 because your sponsor is going to pay your way into Package Level # 1 (a $47 value). Mr. Walsh has done a fantastic job over the last 3 years, and I look forward to the next 3 years as EZ Wealth Solution continues to help those looking for a long term online business opportunity!

With a 3 year online presence I’m sure many people have seen their website, but to truly understand how unique and wonderful this business opportunity really is, one has to register for the Free Tour and watch the How It Works Movie (10 minutes) in the Member Center.

Check them out here: EZWealthSolution

EZWealthSolutionhas a Feeder Program: It's called QuickCashBuzz!

In order to get on my Team - Link - Rotator you will need to be a member of the Feeder Program as well... Details will be given later.

Watch the following Movie!

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