Make More Money This Year
A new viral program to earn additional income and expand downlines
Tue 28 May 2013

I hope that you are not ignoring the advantages of VIRAL traffic building!  You need not spends hundreds of dollars and long hours to generate visitors to your websites.

This viral traffic site is FR`EE to join, and was developed by the owner of Adslingers  (the free unlimited advertising site). EVERYONE GETS ADVERTISING that they can use to promote their favorite programs.

Those who promote their new My Viral Advertiser site can make money when their personal referrals purchase advertising.  This new advertising site is so simple, and it is
an easy way to propagate your ads throughout the Internet

Everyone joins at NO COST.  To do so, fill out the form on the front page, click on your email confirmation link, view 8 sites to confirm your account, watch the slide presentation in the members’ back office, and click “My Ads” in the back office to add your favorite program.  It is that simple.

My Viral Advertiser

And along with the great advertising EVERYONE can make money here!

*Upgraded members (10 Dollars one time) make 75% of any advertising that their personally referred buys plus upgraded members get MORE advertising.

*Non-upgraded members ( No Cost ) make 10% of any advertising that their
personally referred members buy, and
they get advertising too.

Signups come more easily than you might expect, as everyone who has tried the site loves it! So don't wait - JOIN My Viral Advertiser NOW !   

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Better Web Builder - build your own business or start a new business
Wed 8 May 2013
Better Web Builder is a completely free platform which will help you to build your own business, or if you don't already have a business up and running,  it will enable you to earn income by building your list.  Every aspect of the system is designed with the goal of helping you increase your income.  It provides a valuable system of user-friendly marketing tools.  You can join for free, and set up a lead capture page and begin to drive traffic to that page.  Beyond an effective marketing system, those who upgrade will have an opportunity to increase their income with an independent business.  It gives you complete flexibilty to promote anything, and ultimately maximize growth for unlimited business potential. There is nothing to risk and everything to gain, so why not set up your Better Web Builder account today?
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Visitors to Cash
Mon 15 Apr 2013
Do you need some fast cash, real soon?  There is of course a world of PTC sites (see my earlier article on Clixsense), but here is a new site that will earn you a bit more if you act quickly.  It is called Visitors 2 Cash.  You can sign up for FREE, and you will get $2 in your account right away.  Then, promote your referral link.  There will be half a dollar added to your account for each unique hit to your referral link.  Not for each signup, but for each unique hit!  You can cash out when you reach a balance of $30.  Try it - what risk is there?  You could get some fast cash at Visitors 2 Cash
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What do you believe about marketing "gurus"?
Fri 4 Jan 2013

I have been to countless marketing conferences and webinars by marketing "gurus", and probably you have as well.  They always have some expensive product to sell, which they promise will help you finally make money online.  So why do so many marketers still struggle to succeed in making money online? 

What is the actual truth about marketing gurus?  They take advantage of the fact that most marketers are lost in the fog of information overload.  Therefore, the common marketers are eventually are lured by a guru claiming to have all the answers to their marketing woes.  The guru also promises that you can make a fortune by just following their advice.  Of course, that advice comes with a hefty price tag.

So where is the truth? It is a land of smoke and mirrors, a labyrinth of lies that is directed at you for the sole purpose of relieving you of your money!

Don't kid yourself. Many gurus want to turn you into their affiliate machine, recurring ATM and use you for their traffic, regardless of what they promise to teach you.

Some gurus are actually setting you up to fail. They know that the more you fail, the more you will spend out of sheer frustration.  You will be given just enough information to get your interest up and then you will be asked to spend more money on the latest gimmick the guru has.

This may seem like a very serious accusation.  Why do I make such a declaration?

At a recent Internet marketing seminar, some of the most prominent names in the industry discussed the best ways to relieve you of your money, while returning little or no value.  One notable quote from a marketing guru was this: "Sucker punch them with a new lifestyle, dazzle them with ideas and dreams that you and I know they will never achieve, make them believe in all of this and then go for the jugular and their wallet!"

Yes, we are being deceived by most of the top gurus.

Newbies are the guru's favorite target.  Much the same is true of most of the "Free Traffic Generation" gurus.  (In reality, there is no such thing as "free traffic".  It costs either money, time, or both.)

The gurus are fond of the traffic niche, as it appeals to almost all those who wants to make a living online. Some of these gurus were well intentioned at one point, and had great ideas for building traffic.  However, they learned it was just easier to resell low-quality traffic, almost worthless programs for making traffic and marketing courses for unsuspecting folks for easy money.

So, dear reader, don't be a victim in this game, make sure you get the right knowledge from the start.  So how do you and I find someone that we can trust to be a straight shooter, and give us the real deal on Internet marketing?  That's why I have this blog.  Here are two sites that I can assure you are totally credible:  Contact List Builder is one site where you and I can improve our marketing skills, and this great site where you will find a treasure trove of useful marketing e-books, tips, articles, and reports.

Do not despair, fellow marketer!  There is help out there, if you know where to look.  Make 2013 your most prosperous year, and Make More Money This Year!

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How to Turn $1 into a Small Fortune
Mon 26 Nov 2012

Probably you have seen many business opportunities claiming to build wealth pass by your computer screen in your time as an Internet marketer.  You may wonder, is it worth the risk to spend the initial investment and promote this business, hoping that eventually it will be worth the time and initial cost.

In recent months an opportunity has appeared that allows you to enter into a business for the unbelievable cost of only a single dollar (plus one more dollar for the payment processor fee), one time!  This business is called Magic Dolla.  (Note that there is no "r" in "Dolla".)  This business is ideal for newbies, as it can give you a chance to practice your skills and learn how to do the most important thing in the marketing world, which is recruiting (sponsoring), without risk of a large initial investment or a recurring monthly charge.  Even if you are an experienced marketer, you cannot go wrong by adding an additional income stream with Magic Dolla.

If you can recruit people, which is easier than usual because of the low initial cost, you will earn income with Magic Dolla.  In theory, the objective is to recruit 10 people, then use $3 from the $10 you have earned to move to the next group.  Then, group 2 has room for 100 signups, and if you make your way through that group, you will have earned $150, $12 of which will pay your way into group 3, and so on through 8 groups.  If anyone makes it all the way to the end of the last group, they would have earned $1.9 million (if the calculations interest you, watch the video on the site).  But you need not expect miracles, as long as you are able to recruit, you will earn good money.  In addition, as you move along you will receive more text and banner advertisements as your team builds.

The business is worldwide, which means that people are signing up in multiple countries as you are reading this, and with such a low price point, there will be much spillover and spillunder to further add to your team. The system does all the "selling and telling" for you.  No point in waiting any longer, sign up for Magic Dolla today!

P.S.  I have heard that Magic Dolla now has an app for your cell phone.

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List Joe: A modern, effective mailer
Sat 27 Oct 2012

You have probably heard of a list mailer called ListJoe.  It is a popular list mailer which has been helping marketers since 2005.  Earlier this year, the site was offline for a time due to a hacking incident.

Now with the help of the folks from another successful list mailer, Bweeble, it has been revamped and modernized, and it has become one of the most profitable email marketing services on the Internet.  ListJoe gives you the ability to fully brand your mails. Your messages will be very professional looking, and you will be able to build your social network and your business by being an active member of ListJoe.

If you join right now, you will be able to send your ad to 1000 ListJoe members right away!  You can also earn money as an affiliate by referring others to the site.  By upgrading you can mail to 8500 and earn 50% commissions.

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PreLaunch X: Foreign Currency Exchange
Sun 30 Sep 2012

PreLaunch X (PLX) gives you an opportunity to earn substantial income with no risk at all.   After you sign up with PLX, you will be given a Forex (foreign currency exchange) account with a signup bonus of $100 in it.  You need no experience in this area, as your account will be professionally managed by a Forex trading firm until the launch occurs (date yet undetermined, depending on the number of customers).

Before the launch date, PLX will be developing new products and services, which will enable you to earn additional profits after launch.  My own account, which started at $100 (again, I did not invest any of that money) has since grown to about $2400.

If you bring in 3 referrals before the launch date, that will give you a
further substantial gain (see the site for more details).  You will also earn commissions as those in your downline purchase products or services from PLX. 

Don't delay, join PreLaunch X right away.  The sooner you join, the more time your account will have to grow before the launch takes place.

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Ultimate Cash Ads
Tue 18 Sep 2012

Ultimate Cash Ads launched about six weeks ago, and has been growing very rapidly since then.  This site makes it easy to both advertise your business and also earn income.  It was designed by a group of veteran marketers so that even newbies could use the program and earn income online, even if they have failed in the past. 

It costs only $5 one-time to get started, and you will break even with your first referral.  The next referral is passed up to your sponsor, and after that, you are in pure profit.  Of course, everyone under you passes "1-up" to you also.

You earn 100% commissions up to 12 levels deep, and co-op advertising is available to attract even more visitors to your UCA site.  If you are still struggling to get signups, the co-op ads will help, and you can also get "random" referrals.  More experienced marketers will appreciate how the co-op ads can fill the gaps in their downlines.

So even if you haven't earned a penny online, give Ultimate Cash Ads a try.  The risk is very small and the potential earnings are great.

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The Triple A Plan: A Free Internet Marketing Course
Thu 30 Aug 2012

Since we have been devoting a lot of space to traffic exchanges, it is worth mentioning one popular site which is well-known not so much for its traffic exchange, but for a complete Internet marketing course which is available for free at that site.  If you are not aware of it, the site is called Conversion Surf and Training Academy. It would be well worth the effort to join Conversion Surf, even if you don't plan to use the traffic exchange there, in order to gain access to the free marketing course, called the Triple A Plan.  The "Triple A" stands for "Advertise advertising to advertisers", which, in the author's view, is the central idea of Internet marketing.  The author, Doug Forbes, argues that if you devote sufficient time and energy to your Internet marketing, and follow his plan precisely, you will be able to generate enough income to make a living from your online earnings.  Mr. Forbes has been refining and updating his Triple A plan for several years, in addition to administering three traffic exchanges.

The plan has some criteria for choosing which traffic exchanges to promote and what types of programs to promote there which you might find quite surprising.  Of course, the discussion goes into all types of marketing sites, including safelists, mailers, among others.  You will learn many tips that will make your hours of work more productive and profitable, and, unlike many advice columns from Internet marketing gurus you have probably read, this document has very little "techie" jargon, and no long drawn out confusing sections that will make you want to quit.

So, if you haven't already done so, it's time to join Conversion Surf and start going through the Triple A marketing course.  Your wallet will thank you for it.

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What good are all these traffic exchange credits if I'm not making money?
Sat 18 Aug 2012

Do you find yourself spending hours online, surfing on traffic exchanges, trying to make some money.... but no cash comes in?  Are you wondering if you are doing something wrong?  Don't despair!  There is an answer, and it is called My Surf Biz.  Its developer had spotted a way to leverage several of the top traffic exchanges into a system that would supply active marketers with a source of front end cash while building their downlines in the traffic exchanges.  Recently, it has been taken over by Rina Baxter (owner of Rina Recommends, which has some nice traffic exchange bonuses) and Carol Walczak (co-owner of the traffic exchange Promo Lotto), and it is even better now, easier to set up and implement.

My Surf Biz will turn you into a deadly effective traffic exchange marketer.  You can generate income from traffic exchanges while simultaneously building your downlines in six different programs.  The newest version of MSB allows you to choose most of the programs, so you can experiment--if one program is not working so well, then replace it.  It's that simple. Eight streams of income at once.

By the way, all new members of My Surf Biz are entitled to a 1-cent one-month upgrade at Promo Lotto and Rina Recommends.  So, get your own Surf Biz today, start building those downlines, and start seeing more cash in that PayPal account!

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Which is the number one traffic exchange?
Tue 31 Jul 2012

Opinions can differ on this question, but it is hard to argue with the choice of the voters on Affiliate Funnel that Easy Hits 4U is the number one traffic exchange.

Most readers have probably heard of Easy Hits 4U, but may not know of all the features this exchange has that set it apart from most of the other top exchanges. Since early 2003, EasyHits4U has been providing free traffic with a fair ratio for members worldwide and its legitimacy has been beyond doubt.  It is easy to use and to navigate.  It has over half a million members, with 1000 or more surfing at any one time, so your websites will not be viewed repeatedly by just a handful of surfers.  Free members are offered a 1:1 surfing ratio and can promote 15 URLs in each category (websites, banners, text ads), which is very rare among the top traffic exchanges.  Commissions on referrals are paid six levels deep, and there is a small cash reward for each thousand sites surfed.  Also the exchange facilitates the formation of connections with other members, which helps you to expand your list of contacts.  Make your profile informative and don't pass up the opportunity to showcase your business! 

Free members are allowed to create 3 splash pages, and a geo-targeting option is available for specific countries or continents.  This is a very handy function for advertisers. For example, if you are promoting an offer that is only valid for USA and Canada, then you can set up the geo-targeting to North America, and if you want to be absolutely precise you can set the country to USA or to Canada and you will not have to waste your credits.  If you have many sites to promote and you’re in many advertising sites, the site's Easy Rotator tool is highly recommended.

Bear in mind that with any traffic exchange, your advertising skill and the quality of the product or service you are promoting is of paramount importance.  But for advertising on traffic exchanges, you can hardly do better than Easy Hits 4U.



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Best Free Marketing Platform on the Internet
Tue 24 Jul 2012

If you own a business, you ought to be using the Independent Business Owner (IBO) Toolbox to promote your business.  The Toolbox is completely free to use, with no upgrades of any kind.  It is not a traffic exchange, an MLM, or any type of program designed to cleverly lure money from your pocket.  It has an incredible array of marketing tools,  including advertising, ad generation, sales team building, social networking, business blogging, live chat, forums, training videos, webinars, and much more.  IBO Toolbox and IBO Social attract more than 100,000 targeted visitors daily, (even more traffic than Facebook!) and is the ideal platform to get your business noticed.

The owner of the Toolbox is an expert on keyword research and SEO (among others), and the Toolbox will get your business properly indexed by search engines and exposed through Internet social media channels.  The IBO Toolbox Blogger is easier to use than most blogging systems, and ensures that your blogs are available for thousands to read and are posted in an SEO-friendly manner.

What are you waiting for?  Sign up at IBO Toolbox, fill out your profile, check out IBO Social, and make as many connections as you can.  You will find many like-minded business people who are friendly and helpful.  Your business will thank you for it.  See you at the next Saturday webinar!

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A More Objective Ranking of Traffic Exchanges
Sat 7 Jul 2012

In an earlier entry ("My top 10 traffic exchanges") I mentioned that Affiliate Funnel ranks traffic exchanges based on voting from the public.  In fact, I'm sure that you're aware that whenever you log onto any traffic exchange, one of the first things you will see is a request to give that exchange a high vote on Affiliate Funnel.  Is that a fair method of ranking traffic exchanges?

A message that I just received, sent to a mailing list by someone named Sally Jones takes this one step further.  She asserts:  "As Voted By the Members of Affiliate Funnel:

Easy Hits 4U                981
Traffic Delivers            868
Traffic Swirl                752
4 Traffic Splash              751
5 Tezak Traffic Power    667
6 Hit Safari                     588
7 Website Traffic Hog    586
8 Froggy Hits                  493
9 Hit 2 Hit                      447
10 Hits Booster Pro        436

"Not a single TimTech site--yet in the published list there are three TimTech sites, even though none received enough votes.  Could it be that they use influence because they own TE Toolbox, the tracking program used by Affiliate Funnel?  Their own members do not think they belong in the top 10, yet they keep tricking newbies into thinking they are ..."

Serious charges by Ms. Jones.  I do not know the motives of the people that run TimTech, but I do know of a more objective ranking of traffic exchanges, and other advertising sites.  The "hoopla" family of sites do a careful ranking of such sites, and a great deal more.  TEHoopla does a ranking of traffic exchanges, always unbiased and up-to-date.  Plus there are many useful articles there, so I would encourage you to take a look at TEHoopla if you haven't done so already.  Also there is its cousin TrafficHoopla, which includes not only traffic exchanges, but also safelists and other marketing resources.  In addition, there is List Hoopla, with a thorough ranking of safelists.  The "hoopla" resources are widely used and enjoy a very good reputation in the marketing industry.

I know of two other sites that rank traffic exchanges objectively, without asking the surfers for their votes; TrExList, which has comments on each exchange and general tips on using traffic exchanges, and Traffic Exchange List, which is a more comprehensive listing of exchanges, their owners and some other details.  Traffic Exchange List is owned by TimTech but appears to be free of any favoritism.

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Clixsense: earn up to $100 daily
Fri 29 Jun 2012

Paid-to-Click (PTC) sites provide an easy way to earn daily income online.  There are literally 1000's of PTC sites and new ones are launching every day.  The way PTC sites work is, advertisers purchase ads through a PTC site, such as ClixSense (the most popular PTC site with over 2 million members) and members get paid a percentage of the money when they click on the ad. Just click, view, wait, and bingo, you made money.  The obvious drawback, of course, is that you make only a tiny amount with one single click.  Sites that promise $2 or more per click are generally assumed to be scammers (watch out for them).  However, with persistence, some experienced ClixSense users have ultimately been able to build their earnings to as much as $100 per day.

Sponsoring is necessary to earn greater income on Clixsense, and at some point you will want to upgrade to a premium membership.  You can earn residual income 8 levels deep.  If you download the ClixSense toolbar, you will get instant ad notifications, a marketplace of free apps, weather reports, eBay, and much more.

In addition, you can play free games at ClixSense, including shooting games, strategy games, puzzle games, war games, and much more.  So what have you got to lose?  Join ClixSense  now, start clicking and start promoting!

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Earn Your Upgrade
Wed 27 Jun 2012
At websites that we use to advertise and attract traffic to our businesses, including traffic exchanges, safelists, list builders and so forth, the site owner is constantly reminding us that we should upgrade.  Often you will need to click past three pages of "one-time" offers every time you log in before you reach your account page.  All the time you may be wondering whether the upgrade to a SuperJV or a Diamond membership is a good deal from your perspective; will the additional advertising gained by upgrading be worth the cost?  Or you may be on a tight budget and can't afford the one-time offer or the upgrade.

Enter a site called Earn Your Upgrade
When you join this site, you click on ads (they don't send you e-mails) in order to earn upgrades at a large number of advertising sites.  The credits that you earn by reading the ads are traded for upgrades, which often come with very attractive advertising packages.  The site is completely free and there are no upgrades.  You could earn 2-3 upgrades in a week's time, plus $0.50 per day.  Better still, for a limited time they are offering a 5000 credit bonus for joining.  Why not give it a try?  Earn Your Upgrade
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Global NPN Power Team
Mon 28 May 2012

You've probably been inundated with ads for wealth-building systems with promises that sound extravagant.  But here is one system which is the real deal.  Global NPN is the income-earning system that is most likely to produce online income the quickest.  There are other good programs out there, of course, but with Global NPN, you can invest just 20 minutes per day and a nominal monthly fee to join a team that can help produce paid signups and significant income quickly.  Monthly referral bonuses are paid out indefinitely.  The revenue sharing with all Power Team members that are actively promoting for the team ensures that everyone can earn with NPN, and no one is left waiting for months to start earning.

The NPN Power Team will not only build your downline, but also will provide you with valuable marketing tools including link tracking, autoresponders, email Blasting, rotators, and more, and will pay you to offer it to others.

Give the NPN Power Team a try, I assure you that if you follow the program, then you will be pleased with the results.  Click the link below: 

NPN Power Team

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My Top 10 Traffic Exchanges
Tue 15 May 2012
There are well over 300 Traffic Exchanges on the Internet, with hundreds of thousands surfing daily for credits, to have their own website viewed as often as possible.  How many traffic exchanges do you belong to?  What criteria are important to you in selecting a traffic exchange?  There are so many different parameters, such as the cost to upgrade, the surfing ratio, commission percent, timing between websites, the number of websites and banners that you can advertise, the frequency and type of prizes offered, and many others.  Of course all of these depend on what level you upgrade to, whether you remain a free member or upgrade one or more levels.  Of course, the bottom line is, are you getting traffic to your websites, and are you making money from that traffic?  You can use tracking software to identify where the hits on your sites are coming from. 

Affiliate Funnel which I recommended in an earlier article on this blog, ranks traffic exchanges and other sites for marketers, but the rankings are largely dependent on votes from the surfers rather than more objective criteria. (So who does rank them based on objective criteria?  Stay tuned!)  For what it's worth, shown below is my own top 10 list.  (Scroll down if necessary.)

Quadratic's Top10 Traffic Exchanges


Traffic Showdown




Generalen Traffic Empire

Bella's Click Shack

Quality Hits 4U

Traffic Swirl

Tezak Traffic Power   

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Build Your List With Ease
Mon 14 May 2012
In marketing, we have all heard the saying "The money is in the list". But what if you are starting out and you don't have a list? Are you going to try to recruit your family and friends? Probably they won't bite. But here is a source that can help both new and experienced marketers with list-building: "Build Your List With Ease", an e-book authored by Carol Walczak. It is a complete, soup-to-nuts guide on how to build a list from scratch. Among other things, the book will teach you how to use free gifts to entice subscribers, where to find pre-written e-mails (if writing ads isn't your forte), how to set up and host lead capture (squeeze) pages, how to set up an autoresponder, and how to create thank-you pages. Particularly if you are a bit apprehensive about venturing into the Internet marketing world, this E-book gives you step-by-step instructions that will help you succeed. You can download the E-book FOR FREE here. Better still, in addition to downloading the E-book, become a member of the "Build Your List With Ease" program (also FREE) at this link . You'll be glad that you did.
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Slide-up Advertisements
Sun 22 Apr 2012
There are more ways to advertise your business on the Internet than one can count.  You probably know about most of them.  Is there any other advertising method that you haven't tried yet, that might attract more viewers?  This one will get you noticed without intruding pop-ups or annoying banners.  Not only will it get you noticed, but it is FREE!!  It is called Slide-Up Ads.  When you join Slide-UpAds, your ads scroll up unobtrusively at the bottom of any web page.  The ad stands out at the bottom frame of the viewer's screen, and stays there as the user scrolls through the webpage, making it noticeable without being annoying.  The Slide-Up Ad is designed so that the advertisement stands out in a unique, eye-catching way that does not interrupt the user but also produces high click-through rates.  Since this is free, what are you waiting for?  Click here.    
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Affiliate Funnel: marketing and training
Sun 15 Apr 2012
Internet marketers use many tools to attract customers to their business, including traffic exchanges, safelists, text ad exchanges, link trackers, viral list builders, and others. There are so many of these to choose from—is there any source that can recommend which tools to select for your marketing campaigns, and even give you some helpful marketing tips along the way? I highly recommend that you join Affiliate Funnel now, especially since it’s free to join. Not only does Affiliate Funnel rank the top traffic exchanges, safelists, and other tools, but you get to vote to influence the rankings. Moreover, when you use the methods Affiliate Funnel recommends, you can create an instant money making downline or sell affiliate products just with the push of a button. You can use Affiliate Funnel to sell affiliate products, sell your own products, refer others to membership sites, build large downlines, or promote just about anything you want. In fact AF is probably the largest downline builder that you can find. Better still, AF gives lessons on how to improve your marketing! Through their training, you can learn how to build your downlines, find professionally made tools to help you promote your favorite programs, find out about hot, new traffic exchange reports, get insider secrets from professional traffic experts, receive free coaching from IM experts, and much more. Get your free Affiliate Funnel membership and start doing that immediately. You have nothing to lose because Affiliate Funnel is FREE. Join here .
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Wazzub is the hottest project on the Internet
Thu 5 Apr 2012
You have most likely heard of and perhaps signed up to WAZZUB, but if you haven't you should. It is free to join and you only give them your email address and name. That means FREE FOREVER! No upgrades! No requirements to buy or sell anything. You will need to click on the verification link in your email. WAZZUB is still in pre-launch. The more users that join their network through your personal link the more your $FACTOR will grow. Each new member 5 generations deep lets your $FACTOR grow by 1. After launch they pay 50% of WAZZUB's profits to their pre-launch members every month. There is essentially no work to do, nothing to download. You will be paid for your lifetime based on the downline that you created during pre-launch. After pre-launch, your $FACTOR is guaranteed in perpetuity. At WAZZUB, all members are building the business together; that is what they call THE POWER OF WE. After pre-launch, members will receive their share from all profits at WAZZUB, not only from their downline. The more users attracted, the more profit will be there to share. Take action and seize the moment. You have a strong reason for going the extra mile, to achieve your goals and desires. When you see a no-cost investment that can yield big money, sign up immediately. Sign up at WAZZUB!
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One Way to Earn with Facebook
Sat 31 Mar 2012
I trust that if you are reading this, you have a page on Facebook. Just about everyone on the Internet, especially marketers, would have one. However there is a difference between personal pages and "fan pages", as the latter are indexed by search engines. Fan pages are used by business and celebrities, for example. But you can also use them to attract income, if you make a good choice of a niche.

Of course you want to choose a niche in which you have some interest or expertise, and maybe even some passion. If you have a product to sell in a "super niche", a website on which to sell it, targeted traffic, and a reliable, predictable way of repeating the process, you're in business. The selection of the niche is critical. A "super niche" is a niche that is so filled with passionate individuals so that they buy more frequently and place higher orders. Some criteria for a super niche would be: Is there a "dummies" book about the topic? Are there Google ads on the niche? Are there Clickbank products about the topic? Search on Google for the keyword of the niche and look at the paid ads. Go to Marketplace at Clickbank, search for keywords associated with the niche.

Go to to build a landing page on Facebook. Create a fan page, select Brand or Product, and upload an eye-catching image to your page. Provide useful content; if necessary, search on Google and paraphrase content that would hold the readers' attention. Include several helpful tips on the page, and a recommendation such as "I had the opportunity to review this product and really loved it." Mention some specific pages or sections that you consider to be particularly helpful. Of course, include referral link. You can advertise cheaply on Facebook as well. Reach out to others in your niche and network. Good luck!

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Reality Networkers Marketing
Thu 29 Mar 2012
Welcome to my blog, "Make More Money This Year". On this blog I will present methods or sites that have helped me earn income on the Internet, and which I would recommend to the readers of this blog. I hope that you will find the content interesting, and more importantly, profitable. Today I will mention a site called Reality Networkers. This site is growing by leaps and bounds, as many people, even with little or no experience in Internet marketing, have found success earning income online. What is special about Reality Networkers is that the entire team works together to help and encourage you to succeed in becoming an active marketer and bringing in your first 5 referrals. As soon as you have 5 referrals that activate their membership, you will receive a substantial commission, and move up one level. They offer a 14-day free trial so can you can test drive the system. Give it a try, and perhaps soon you will be building your own team. Here is the link: Reality Networkers.
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Tue 24 Jan 2012
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