Thu 27 Mar 2014

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Sun 19 Jan 2014

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Getting (Starts With) Giving

I've been doing a lot of cleaning up the past to make room for the future;

both on the inside and with the external world.

This process has been ongoing for a while now as I left the automotive synthetic world

as a developer and transitioned into the Internet world as the Founder of MWGBC.

Internally, I have had to adjust to a completely different lifestyle - a new neighborhood,

new friends, and a lot less "things."

  • My most important material possession these days is by far my old PC or PC's.

However, I used to have a lot of stuff and it seems that whenever I have moved,

I move the stuff around and downsize (i.e. get rid of stuff) at the same time I am moving stuff

and evaluating if its worth the time and energy to transport it somewhere else

versus alternative means of disposal.

I hate to throw out things that other people may be able to use.

If I see other people throwing stuff out that could be used by others,

I try to get it into the hands of people who could use it.

... It has become almost a hobby of "mine".

Recently, Storeboard opened a sales office and I used it as opportunity

to get rid of more of my things.

Well, to be honest also of products I use to sell & behind I am standing also

100% convinced they can help and be very useful.

So, I also forced myself to go through all my books and things

and set a limit as to how many I could keep.

This resulted in about 4 crates of books and clthes to be given away.

I was almost going to bring them to the Salvation units,

but then I just decided to put them on the sidewalk with a sign saying:

"Free Books, PC's & Clothes"

For about 3-4 days these articles continued to dissappear like bird feed on a bird feeder.

I couldn't wait to check on the crates every few hours.

I reminisced about all the people scurrying home to read their books

and their growing knowledge.

I shunned the thought that these people would just put them on a shelf

and never look at the things they got at ever again.

  • Researchers at Berkley conducted a study which confirms that 
  • giving makes people happy.

In one famous study, people were givin between $5 and $20 with a note to half

to use it to buy something for themself or their family and the other half to give it away

to someone who could use it.

After this process with hundreds of people,

researchers found that the group that gave away the money was much happier about giving.

"This experiment suggests that spending as little as five dollars to help someone else

can increase your own happiness.

Similarly, in a representative sample of more than 600 people,

the amount of money individuals devoted to themselves was unrelated to their overall happiness;

what did predict happiness was the amount of money they gave away:

  • The more they invested in others, the happier they were.

This relationship between prosocial spending & happiness held up

even after taking into account individual's income."

I did the same thing with about a stated above 4 bags of clothes & things &

even stood on the sidewalk as the people passed acting as a barker encouraging

them to overcome their natural embarrasment about picking through bags of clothes.

Eventually, all the other things like clothes were given away also. Ahhh . . . another conquest!

What did I get for my efforts which consisted of being faced with these things I no longer needed

and hatching a plan to get them into other people's hands who can use them?

  • I felt good.

I felt really good - more than buying anything for myself,

more than Storeboard having a great day of traffic

(that's not true! :) Just seeing if you are paying attention!) ,

and seriously just a very good overall feeling of well being.

But there is one last part to this story.

I got up this morning and started this morning a little walk and being tired & low energized
and behold I saw a porter readying a black leather/pleather chair for the garbage pick-up.

It was exactly the type of chair I would have purchase from Staples or Metro

for about Euros 100 give or take (and it was assembled - priceless!).

I asked the porter if he was throwing it out and he said yes and I told him I'll take it

and I'll return in ten minutes.

Well I got it and here it is:

It has some deterioration in the back but nothing that a little black duct tape can't handle

(in my new state of austerity I can't tell you how much I value duct tape

and how many various colors I have discovered it in!).

  • I can't get over how life works - when you give you get!

A friend of mine who is very generous told me that "getting starts with giving."

And I see it all the time. We sow what we reap. This just confirmed it.

As I was putting the car into my trunk, I didnt' see the Porter and I was thinking to myself

"well anyone could have taken it and the Porter wasn't really watching it at all.

I am going to save Euro 5 because I was going to give him a tip and now I don't have to

(crazy how I think - notice: I am not saying "we")."

Well, suddenly, the Porter came out from the basement

& stood next to me as I was putting the final touches on securing the trunk with a bungee cord

and I thought to myself "  hmmm . . . ahaaa he is here for his tip."

[ notice the natural tendency to not want to give and to hold onto things

even though I am writing this blog about giving! Remarkable :) ]

Then I proceeded to tell the Porter my little story about giving away the clothes,

books and things and how I just found this chair.

"I" then said a remark about "God" and how he gives us what we need.

Then I handed the Euro 5 ( living in Europe as you may know by now ) to the Porter

and after my little story and mentioning God,

he felt uncomfortable about taking the money (who wouldn't have?) and said:

"no, no that's ok."

But after two deflections with his hand, I saw his pocket and stuffed the 5 Euro bill in it.

He said "thank you."

And before he left I took off my glove and asked the Porter his name and this is true.

! He responded: "Angel"!

Check Out All Of MWGBC * Marius Wlassak Videos, Images, and Blogs!
Continue by scrolling downwards ... it's only 1 Minute to read, You'll like it. Promised =>

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Tue 10 Sep 2013

Friend !
I have a challenge for you today…
And an assignment.
I can virtually 'guarantee' you 
that if you do this the way I 
tell you to do, your business will
double within months.
Are you brave enough to take 
me up on it?
  • Good.
Here' what you do:
Write a letter addressed to you. 
Write this today, as SOON as you 
finish reading this email.
  • Inside this letter, write down the following:
1. Write down where you are at today; financially, 
online, and in your sales and marketing lifecycle. 
Be blunt, clear, honest, and muster all the 
necessary emotions to make this REAL.
2. Write down the 3 things you KNOW you must 
do in order to go from where you are now, to 
DOUBLE your current revenue. You could triple it, 
or even 10X it, but let's just go for double.
3. Write down the ROLE sales copy and mastering 
the science behind it will play in the part of 
your growth. Be specific -- if it's a VSL 
(video sales letter), a sales page, a new blog... 
you name it. TELL yourself WHY you must improve 
this transcendental marketing skill.
4. Write down exactly what you will look, 
act, and feel like if you do 'absolutely 
nothing' - if, by the time you open this letter, 
you have not take ONE proactive step toward 
what you know you need to do. Then, make it hit 
home by describing how your family, friends, 
and co-workers will feel about you. Yes, this 
his hard... but it's NECESSARY.
5. Finally, write down what your life will look 
like AFTER all of these strategies are put into 
place. How will you feel? How will your family 
feel about you, and about their lives? Whose lives 
will you touch in the process of becoming more 
successful? What will change in your personal life 
(clothes, cars, home, vacations?) Get SPECIFIC.
Write all if this in a 1-2 page letter.
Print it out.
Then mail TWO copies to yourself using 
normal postal mail.
On ONE copy, on the outside of the 
envelope, write this:
Then put the date (3 days from today.)
On the OTHER copy, on the outside 
of the envelope, write this:
"OPEN IN ONE YEAR." Put that date on the envelope.
  • Open the first in 3 days. Why 3 days? 
Because unless you've taken action within 
THREE DAYS of writing this letter to yourself, 
the odds of you EVER taking action decrease 
by over 88%.
Staggering, isn't it?
The 3 days is your reminder -- a reminder to 
ACT, to hop off the fence (the fence his a 
pain in your ass, literally, and it's lousy 
for your posture), and a reminder to be a 
participant in life rather than a spectator.
Take action no matter what -- as if your life 
depended on it (and, depending on how honest 
your letter to yourself was, your life may 
very well depend on it.)
The marketing/product of what you 
MUST do to succeed is covered… you can get 
You will feel AMAZING after you read that 
letter and KNOW you've taken positive, 
proven steps toward success… and your 
friends and family will be equally proud 
of you as well.
Then, in one year, open that letter again...
And, if you took action...
Take note of how much your life has 
changed since writing that letter.
It will absolutely astonish you.
All you have to do is do this assignment, 
follow through to the end, take action, 
and dive in.
Do that, and your next 3 days... 
and your next 365 days... 
will be some of the best of your life.
Get to it.
Boom ,
- Marius
P.S. If you read this and let life distract
you, please don't be alarmed if nothing 
substantial changes in your life over this 
week, or even the rest of the year.
Winners act in SPECIFIC ways... and this 
is one of the greatest "become a winner" 
exercise I've ever used.
I've NEVER seen it fail.
Please, for your own sake... DO IT :

My Profile Pic

Marius Wlassak


Fax2mail number: 0867599796



 Email Me

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Wed 3 Apr 2013

Entreprenuer, Innovator, Product Developer and Business Expert - view my profile!

"We Are Not Here Just to Take Up Space,

but To Do Something for Someone Today!"

Invest in your health.

Be your own broker & banker.

"Special information about how to define Your Own Luxury"

Tip 1 - Start being honest!

Be honest with me, Friends,

How many work-at-home products have made as much as 1 $ for you over the years?

  • I'm betting none. Am I right ?

Well, if what you're doing isn't working, don't you agree that it's time to start doing what is working? ... and working like crazy!
I'm not here to give you a vague description of what I'm about to offer, so let me be specific:

I'm about to reveal a very new, efficiently and highly effective cutting-edge technology product, Made in Germany, which precisely will position your health, lifestyle, portmonnaie & business on top all over the world.
Once that's done, you can just sit there and collect your passive income and be proud of doing something good.

Think about it:

People pay big for their teeth and body health, right?

You may even be one of them. Anybody who is not going to take advantage of it actually, is going to miss the boat of avoiding pain, saving money and ...TIME.

We list here some (many more can happen) facts of what happens if you do not take care of your teeth's health:

Bad Teeth Pictures & diseases

Something first about Multiple Cause and Effect

Bad teeth is something that just about everyone can appreciate at one time or other during their years of practicing oral health care. Patients who have the resources to be diligent and mindful of the recommendations of their dentist tend to experience the bad teeth phenomenon at least temporarily.

For the rest of us... who have, due to multiple reasons, have had to forestall treatments for a period of time, have had varying degrees of experience with the dental conditions graphically depicted and explained in the exposed picture  gallery.

Something about Four Candidates:

Comprehensive Teeth Replacement

Nobel Biocare are the originators of the All On 4 and Teeth In An Hour concept. Many variations and re-definitions of the popular protocol are now marketed that can involve varying degrees of tissue needs/requirements and produce degrees of cosmetic and functional outcomes for patients who demand an efficent plan for replacing bad teeth.

Candidates for All On 4 Dentistry.

This gallery contains examples of different types of full arch teeth replacement needs, as recommended by the dentist for providing the most sensible protocol for tissue replacement, tissue maintenance that assures ideal endurance for a lifetime of dental function and acceptable cosmetics.

! !  
Mobile teeth, shifting teeth, occlusal damage and ongoing periodontitis issues that have caused bone loss and soft issue loss are extensive. The All On 4 protocol substantially eliminates the absurd costs that would be associated with treating each tooth individually.

The actual number of implants (typically 4 to 6) will be determined during treatment.

All On Four Treatment Candidate
Impending All on 4 Teeth Replacement Patient
Dr. Chris McFarland
Just about every imaginable oral health and tissue condition has affected this patient. Rampant cavites, gum disease, tooth breakage, loss of vertical dimension, malocclusion and radical loss of bite has ensued after years and years of negligence.

Bone loss issues that create too many variances in height and width will require the use of Implant Surgery guides, which are based on CTscans. 

Guided Implant Surgery Candidate
All on 6 (or 8) Teeth Replacement
Dr. Ara Nazarian
A rather extreme example of how partials, if used too long, can destroy precious bone density and depth within the bony ridge. The anterior, front most, area of the lower jaw can be augmented with custom bone grafting that provides the precise amount and span of bone for a series of implants.
Five implants are configured in a particular way that will support an All on 5 Cantilevered Bridge of 10 teeth that have no apparent support at the tail (posterior) ends of the bridge. The use of an upper denture product limits however the amount of biting pressure that would normally damage such a bridge.

Mandibular Cantilevred All on 4 or 5
All on 5 Cantilever Bridge Physics
Dr. Ara Nazarian
One of the most unusual adaptations of the All on Four concept used today. A male patient had extreme loss of bony ridge height that eliminated the ability to use a normal denture product. A heavy duty metal frame is designed to make up for the lost bone height while providing the ability to use a special configuration of specially selected implants to keep things in place.

A custom upper denture was crafted with this metal framework "inside" the denture.

Metal Denture
All on 4 Metal Core Denture Prosthetics
Dr. Chris McFarland

Baby Boomer Teeth

The Boomer population is an older adult patient group that have similar patterns of delaying treatments for almost the same reasons, nationwide. Child rearing, raising a family, prioritizing health care dollars for children and educational expenses (not to mention today's economy) have prompted these adults to delay their own treatment needs. See several examples of how many functional needs (cosmetic is secondary) seem to accrue to Boomer Dentistry.
Common Boomer Dentition Issues

This gallery contains examples of a wide range of before photos that display the most common dental conditions and needs for Boomers who are preparing to finally begin getting the treatments they have been delaying for a long time.

! !


Boomer Teeth

A 60 something female with teeth that appear to be worse than they really are. The apparent mis-match of shading along with some aging crowns have created a cosmetic appearance that makes the patient unhappy.
Bone Tooth Bite Loss
Worn Out Dental Cosmetics
Kristin Petulla, DDS
Executive Teeth ... huh? These teeth belong to a successful boomer-age executive whose busy corporate lifestyle interfered significantly with his ability to maintain optimal oral health throughout his career. Advanced gum disease, bone loss, tooth loss, malocclusion...and the "allowed" accumulation of destruction now requires comprehensive rehabilitative reconstruction.
(very costly and time intensive)

Periodontitis Bone Tooth Bite Loss
Cumulative Bone Gum Tooth and Bite Loss
Corinne Scalzitti, DMD
Too much tongue! Normally, our tongues are hidden in a routine smile.

A mid 60's male with a long history of too many extractions and patchwork dentistry that didn't have a "catch up" quality. As the years wore on.... the fewer and fewer remaining teeth sustained the brunt of biting and chewing that slowly damaged remaining teeth.

Bone Tooth Bite Loss
Cumulative Bone and Tooth Loss
Christopher McFarland, DMD
A 60 year old male with an accumulation of crown failurs, bone loss, occlusal (bite) wear and tear, loss of tooth and bite height (loss of vertical dimension accenturates the aging process), gum disease issues and gum recession.

The apparent size differences of the front central teeth compared to other tooth structures indicates the amount of tooth height lost over the years. Treatment choices available to this patient will include periodontal disease treatment, custom denture partials, teeth whitening and dental crowns.

60 Year old worn down teeth
60 Years of Wear and Tear
Kristin Petulla, DDS
As grotesque as these teeth initially appear, this type of situation is more common than most people would like to believe. Years and years of purposeful neglect (allocating financial resources to family first) almost routinely causes this degree of degradation.

Baby Boomers who reach this point typically are at the point where financial resources are now made available for the parent.

Severe Treatment Delay
Cumulative Effects of Delayed Treatment
An Extreme Example
Ara Nazarian, DDS
Nice moustache.... bad teeth. Lots of missing teeth and too much time devoted to moustache grooming evidently left little time for oral health maintenance. Calculus, tartar, untreated extractions have taken their toll... to the extent that super eruptions are occuring where no opposing teeth exist.

For adults entering middle aged status, these cumulative needs are not out of the ordinary. The patient will have a full menu of treatment option choices that can involve one or more of: extractions, bone grafting, crown lengthening, implants, fixed and/or removable prosthetics.

Broken Teeth Super Eruption Gum Disease
Cumulative Effects of Delayed Treatment
An Extreme Example
Jeffrey Hoss, DMD
This is a good example to demonstrate how easily natural teeth can yellow with age while porcelain restorations do not. The restorations, however, show different signs of age and stages of disrepair. Porcelain falling off of a crown (occlusion), crown leakage, minor gum recession at crown margins and possible amalgam staining.
Yellow Teeth Failed Crowns Occlusion
60 Year Old Male
Christopher McFarland, DMD
With the exception of the missing anterior teeth that have caused super eruption of the lower anteriors, these kinds of dental conditions are not uncommmon for many older adults who are playing "catch up." Unfortunately, even mild versions of gum disease can accelerate when no treatment at all is being provided. Tooth roots become uncovered, sensitivity increases and loss of critcal bone tissue complicates overall treatment planning.

This patient has begun a reconstructive program of services that will replace major blocks of bone (with harvested bone)...very costly and time intensive

Boomers Perio Gum Disease Tissue Loss
Bone - Gums - Tooth Loss
Richard Winter, DDS, MAGD
Who would have thought? Older adults have "flavors" of acid erosion just like younger patients who are addicted to energy drinks and soda pop.. but for different reasons. Medication or drug induced xerostomia, dry mouth, erratic ph values and poor oral hygiene habits cause this kind of enamel damage in all patients, including the boomers.

Reconstruction and restoration of the patient's original bite will be achieved with premium porcelain crowns, creating a new, full complement of teeth that competes with what Mother Nature originally provided... very costly

Enamel Acid Erosion in Boomers
Enamel - Acid Erosion in Boomers
Dr. Chris McFarland, Atlanta GA.
A striking example of how bone loss can develop when a dental implant isn't used within specific time period. 

Orthodontic treatment was also obtained causing significant bite problems.

Bone Soft Tissue Loss Bridge Implant Failure
Malocclusion - Implant Failure - Bone Loss
Overuse of a Temporary Bridge
Ara Nazarian, DDS
Unfortunately there are many patients who tend to use a "crisis oriented" method for dealing with common dental issues. This photo represents the common situation where teeth are inadedquately treated... leading, in this case, to an upper denture being placed.

Financial issues too often are a significant factor in getting timely treatments that can keep teeth healthy and functional. For this patient, the factors causing removal of the upper jaw teeth are now impacting the lower jaw.

Avoiding Basic Treatment
Crisis Dentistry and Denture Prosthetics
Ara Nazarian, DDS
  • We continue to be shorter on this issues to not making you dream bad...

Gummy Smiles

Gummy smiles can be caused by any number of events or conditions. Reactions from medications, developmental events, tooth eruption abnormalities, orthodontic treatments and even congenital factors can create the Gummy Smile lool.
Too Much Gums

Bone Loss

Bone loss is most common with gum disease, which is featured below. Bone loss also occurs with excessive extractions and/or untreated extractions. It is common for many of us, as patients, to prefer having an extraction ... for convenience reasons and sometimes economic reasons. The long term results can be devastating & eventually affect adjacent healthy tooth structures.

* There are even more examples of Bone Loss Tooth Failures...

Bone Loss

From here we only list some pictures of other diseases for letting you sleep well:

( if you want to know what it is just ask your dentist, but I guess you don't )

Bad Lower Jaw ToriNo Bottom TeethSevere Anterior Crown LeakageSevere Veneer Bonding LeakageInvisalign Treatment PossibilitiesImplant FailureCongenitally Missing Incisor TeethAcid DestructionTooth Enamel DestructionLeukoplakia ...

!Now, Check out our SOLUTION.
  • I promise you... It's amazing...

Wait, a few lines more to your attention :

What is your dream?

To work on your patio with your trusty laptop or tablet computer on a warm summer morning with that steaming cup of exquisite tasty coffee while everyone else is sitting,
spending precious time daily, for hours, trapped in their "iron prisons" called automobiles or supermarkets ( with empty pockets ) as they perform that daily morning and evening ritual called: "The Commute."

  • It has been mine and is now come true!!

We have the vehicle to make that come true for you as well !

And our vehicle will get you there and get you there quickly!!

~~~▄█▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▌~
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  • Why? ... Its THE BEST.
  • Ready for 2013+ ?!

Here it is:
1. We Have A Product, A Life Extension and Life Quality Enhancing Product, That Is One Of A Kind!
2. The Product Is Patented and The First Of It's Kind In The World.
3. The Developers and Owners Have Decided On A Network Marketing Distribution Model For It and It's Related Products.
4. It Is Currently launched In The U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Denmark, Swiss, Austria, Sweden and yes almost, but soon the entire world.
      *  Yes, It Is Taken Global!

Click the Link below for All The Details! & to find out more.


Success to you and may your Dreams Come True ...

Marius from,

Note: I would never send you stuff you don't want, so if you don't want to hear from me, just take your info off.

P.S Finally - Let's SMILE

... like a broker or banker does

Copyright © 2013+ MWGBC Profit-Systems, All rights reserved.

You are receiving this information because you subscribed at MWGBC's Digital Roundtable or one of our other past or present "MWGBC Coaching Sites." Or because you purchased something from me (Marius Wlassak) at some point in the past. If you need to update your communication preferences please let us know.
* Thank you for being a loyal reader, subscriber and/or partner ! Waiting for your reply

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Thu 21 Mar 2013

Entreprenuer, Innovator, Product Developer and Business Expert - view my profile!

"We Are Not Here Just to Take Up Space,

but To Do Something for Someone Today!"


Start Providing Value TODAY.


"Your secret key to success"

Tip 1 - Start with what you know!

You'll hear people talking about niche marketing and how to research to find a good niche, etc. And that's all fine when it comes to straight up business for business sake, but that always ends up being sleazy.  And maybe you can provide value, but my guess is that if you start with the market research, you're really going to be producing the illusion of value.

If you start with something you're good at...something you're great at, then you'll automatically provide value. Maybe you're an expert at tying knots. Maybe figured out a way to dye your hair without chemicals. Whatever you know, that most people don't know, is if & where you can provide value.

Make a YouTube video, write and article, comment on related blogs, help people in forums, offer your services to local non-profits. I'm really just thinking out loud and guess what??

I'm going to skip the next two tips because I just came up with a brilliant idea...

Offer your services to local non-profits...for free!!

In a word: PR

Think about it. If you provide a valuable service to non-profits in your area you are guaranteed to be able to get some press out of it. If nothing more than having something worthy of sending out on a web syndication service. 

It will get picked up by blogs and aggregators and it will generate traffic for you. If you don't believe me, just watch...

  • I'm literally going to do this starting tomorrow!! lol

Here's my main point: try to help someone else.

Things have really come full circle with how social the web and the world are now.

You really need to focus on doing things that help others - not just yourself. 

So if you don't think you have a service you can offer to non-profits, then start off easy and answer some questions in a forum. But whatever you do, get out there and start providing value for others. I will come back to you...

  • I promise! :)

In my next installment, I'm going to share how You can make big money and be your own banker, so stay tuned...

Until then it's really quite simple:

Provide Value Today!
( And if there's something else you need help with, just "reply" and let me know. )


  • We are one of the best media & sales professionals located actually in Germany.
  • We provide all kind of solutions to different companies and conscious people all over the world.
  • We provide best quality service and best prices.

Our services are:

VORTEX - Vector Marketing Conversion

! We are waiting for your reply.
Thanks & Regards,

Copyright © 2013+ MWGBC Profit-Systems, All rights reserved.

You are receiving this information because you subscribed at MWGBC's Digital Roundtable or one of our other past or present "MWGBC Coaching Sites." Or because you purchased something from me (Marius Wlassak) at some point in the past. If you need to update your communication preferences please let us know.

Thank you for being a loyal reader, subscriber and/or partner !

Germany, Munich 81925

P.S Hello to all german areas ! Genious opportunity, support and idea to earn big: Visit:
with and by Sven Meissner

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Tue 19 Mar 2013

Entreprenuer, Innovator, Product Developer and Business Expert - view my profile!

Your Number 1 Request...


"How to get traffic to your website"

A while ago I asked you what you needed help with and by far the most requested topic was about driving traffic, so I'm actually here to help.

First, a little reality: It's hard!

There's simply no easy way or shortcut to getting traffic to your site. The truth is that the same thing I've been saying all along still applies. You have to provide value. This is the only way to ensure success of any kind.

So, let's go back to the basics and talk about how to provide value . . . or even more basic:

What does that mean?

It means that whomever reads your content, uses your services, buys your products, etc. is glad they did!

You've solved a problem for them, filled a need or provided information they were looking for.

When you do this, you won't have to worry about traffic.


Well, think about the different ways that you can get traffic. From search engines, from social media, from other web sites and from promotions.

Promotions are easy because you're basically paying for the click, so we'll skip this because anyone can do it.

Search engines are smart. They know if the people they've sent to you are happy with the results because they don't come back looking for the same thing again. So, if you make people happy, search engines will send you more traffic.

Social media traffic comes from real people sharing things they are pleased with. So, if you provide value to real people, they will talk about you and you'll get traffic from social media.

Other web sites will link to you if you've got something of value for them to offer to their visitors because that's one way that they themselves create value.

So, on the one hand it's really quite simple: Provide Value!

On the other hand, the real question becomes...


This will be the topic of my next message. Stay tuned...

( And if there's something else you need help with, just "reply" and let me know. )

Copyright © 2013+ MWGBC Profit-Systems, All rights reserved.

You are receiving this information because you subscribed at MWGBC's Digital Roundtable or one of our other past or present "MWGBC Coaching Sites." Or because you purchased something from me (Marius Wlassak) at some point in the past. If you need to update your communication preferences please let us know.

Thank you for being a loyal reader, subscriber and/or partner !

Germany, Munich 81925

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Sun 27 Jan 2013

GET BUSY ! The clock is ticking.

Act NOW ! Listen and then go ahead.

See you inside.
  • Get wealthy
  • Create traffic and synergies
  • Help friends and your family
  • Get out of the box
Splash Page created by

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Tue 8 Jan 2013



Hello and welcome,

May I invite you to Ry-World and give you a voucher for 100 euros at the same time?


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  • * Job Marketplace
  • * Shopping-Center


What benefits and services are offered by Ry-World?

  • * 100 euros welcome gift certificate
  • * 20 EUR bonus for each referred member
  • * 10% instant discount on the voucher funds; in the online stores, the connected shops & service companies
  • * own e-mail account and user interface as Outlook / GMX etc.
  • * Chat with friends
  • * VideoMails
  • * VideoChat / Conference
  • * 10% commission for the purchases made by your directly recruited members
  • * No registration fee - no monthly fees


Ry-World has recently launched. Now you're just getting started here. Invite your friends with a voucher for 100 euros to Ry-World.

The Ry-World company is based in Germany and is a subsidiary of the World Trade Center. A group of companies with a turnover of more than $ 700 billion/year !!

So stay calm, signup. There is no risk!


Signup4FREE Next offline

Presentation here:

! Use Voucher-Code: 502985                                                                        



Marius Wlassak

Fon: +49 179 3252 110



Thanks for visiting us:

P.S We have been undertaking a huge strategy review and planning exercise for 2013 and we want you to know that we will be bringing you some fantastic new ideas, products and methodologies to transform the way you do business on the web.
We are working with some of the best minds in the world of networking, net marketing and we know you are going to love what we will bring to you.
The benefits will be immense.

Staying AHEAD OF THE GAME - which is what you can do by joining Ry-World. Good luck !


Marius Wlassak

Create Your Badge

Contact Marius Wlassak

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Tue 8 Jan 2013


kostenfrei-anmeldenHallo und herzlich Willkommen,

darf ich Sie zu Ry-World einladen und Ihnen gleichzeitig

einen Gutschein über 100 Euro überreichen?


Was ist Ry-World?

  • * eine Social Community
  • * Businessplattform
  • * Reiseportal
  • * Jobbörse
  • * Shopping-Center


Welche Vorteile und Leistungen bietet Ry-World?

  • * 100 Euro Begrüßungs-Einkaufsgutschein
  • * 20 EUR Einladungsbonus für jedes neugeworbene Mitglied
  • * 10% Sofortrabatt über das Gutscheinguthaben; in den Online-Shops und in den angeschlossenen Ladengeschäften und Dienstleistungsunternehmen
  • * eigener E-Mail Account und Bedienungsoberfläche wie bei Outlook/GMX usw.
  • * Chat unter Freunden
  • * VideoMails
  • * VideoChat/Conference
  • * 10% Provision für die Einkäufe Ihrer direkt geworbenen Mitglieder
  • * Keine Anmeldungsgebühr - keine monatlichen Kosten


Ry-World ist vor Kurzem gestartet. Jetzt sind Sie noch am Anfang dabei.

Laden Sie Ihre Freunde mit einem Einkaufsgutschein über 100 Euro zu Ry-World ein.

Die Firma Ry-World hat ihren Sitz in Deutschland und ist ein Tochterunternehmen des

World Trade Centers.

Eine Unternehmensgruppe die pro Jahr einen Umsatz von 700 Mrd. Dollar macht!

Also melden Sie sich ruhig an, es ist ohne Risiko!


Hier kostenfrei ANMELDEN
Next offline

Präsentation hier:

! Verwende Voucher-Code: 502985                                                                        
  • Weiter unten haben wir nochmals die Bilderläuterung der Gründe und Instrumente die Sie nach dem Anmelden erhalten, damit Sie professionell und ohne jegliche Konkurrenz auf dem globalen Markt agieren können und erfolreich werden.

( P.S. RyZoom liefert jetzt schon jedes bestellte Produkt WELTWEIT )

Viele Grüße

Marius Wlassak

Fon: +49 179 3252 110



Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch:

 © 2012+ MWGBC Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Marius Wlassak

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Wed 26 Sep 2012

Is GlobalOne - Destined To Create Millionaires?

by Marius Wlassak Global Business Connection

Welcome To GlobalOne – Ultimate Power Profits Paradigm

I hope you have already joined GlobalOne, if you have then read on and
if you haven't then you need to join after reading this newsletter.

What is GlobalOne Business Opportunity all about?

Welcome To GlobalOne – Ultimate Power Profits Paradigm

HERE is a Taste of what’s coming your way!

This is just one of the many ways you will be earning MOOLAH (the big
money) with GlobalOne Companies, LLC.

Every member will be provided with a state of the art online shopping
Mall, yes you read that right, you will have your own Shopping Mall. Let’s
call it iGo Shopping Mall: iGo Shopping Mall is a social business center
division of GlobalOne Companies.

Your own online iGo Shopping Mall will be fully packed with thousands
and thousands of discount products and you will be paid to shop and
sell – with GlobalOne’s money back shopping business model!

I hope that each one of you is ready for the 5 day window in which you
decide your business level.

Is your e-Wallet all set up? YOURS Credit & debit Cards added to your
account and verified? Bank account added and verified? If not, get them
ready and done right Now!

Watch this video. I am overly impressed. If this is what the GlobalOne
company is producing, then I cannot imagine what the promotional
tools GlobalOne is going to provide us to promote our businesses,
will be like: Fantastic..Awesome.....State of the Art-Cutting edge

Don't miss the company's call tonight or the one on Thursday night.
The month of September is soon to run out and I believe we will be
going into October with a BANG!

You don't wanna miss this ground-breaking opportunity to become one of
the millionaires this company is destined to create.

Click here now to join our Winning Team and we will be making MOOLAH
together with GlobalOne.

Visit here,

(Click on Start button to signup free)...


We are here for your success,
- Marius Wlassak
Skype: mwtgbc

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Fri 20 Apr 2012

Zilnic si repetitiv am auzit de la mulţi dintre prietenii mei de afaceri urtoarele:
"Eu trebuie să am grijă de operaţiunile de zi cu zi şi nu am timp pentru marketing, publicitate sau de afaceri si clienţi noi."

Dar, în timp ce antreprenorul ocupat cu afacerile sale de zi cu zi, concurenţii săi deja se apropie cu oferte interesante către clienţii lor.

=> Ce enorma pierdere pentru companie este această situatie ... este 99% ignorată si tratată inconstient cu indiferenţă...

Oare aţi uitat că publicitatea şi marketingul este afacerea dvs. de zi cu zi?

Destul de des se uită: "Publicitatea şi campaniile de marketing asigura supravieţuirea companiei!"

"Motorul de căutare B2B pentru firme si produse (paleta de produse, categorii etc.) - optimizare Google si Adword +++ - va fii dezvoltat si tradus continuu in cursul 2012 si in romană

Orice firmă romänă: mica/medie/mare (societate pe actiuni etc.) se poate prezenta cu intreaga gama de activităţi si produse pe sau  . com ( in curind apoi chiar pe .ro)  in modul cel mai profesional, avînd următoarele facilităţi:

Pînă atunci există posibilitatea deschiderii unui cont gratuit ( listing = doar adresa si eventual linkul presenţei web, unde un cuvint cheie va optimizat - corelat la firma sau paleta de produse ale firmei d-voastre d.p.d.v. SEO si pt. a crea backlinks din partea Google , astfel ca să fiţi prezent si găsit si a creste in rang datorita activităţii companiei noastre respectiv a consultantului SEO privat atasat timp de un an firmei d-voastre.

Serviciile SEO ultra-profesionale apoi cuprind:
- plasarea unui banner sau unui set de banneri si texte de campanie rotative pe sau si ( mai ales pt. firmele medii si mari cu sedii si in Germania)
- plasarea a infinit de multe produse sau seturi de produse sau servicii ale firmei cuprinzind:
Toate detaliile de contact inclusiv Call Centre, logo companie linkat pe pagina principala a prezentei web, linkurile produselor sau paletelor de produse explicit listate spre landing page-urile subordonate, + corelarea la cuvintele cheie cele mai bune pt. optimizarea Google a listingurilor si atragerea crawlerelor pt. crearea automata de backlinkuri spre fiecare detaliu a prezentei web
- amploarea volumului de lucru : optimizarea, cuvinte cheie, codul meta, optimizarea multilinguala si a back-officului d-voastra unde aveti toate statisticile in real time inclusiv, adrese clientela, comunicarea rapida etc
- consultantul d-voastra SEO ( pe timpul de cite un an) va sta la dispozitie pt. orice alta intrebare si inclusiv cu sfaturi legate de alte posibilitati si actiuni ce se pot intreprinde pt. ca motorul de cautare sa produca saltul si mentinerea adresei si vizibilitatii pe pagibna 1 sau intre cele 10 prime rezultate de cautare specifica.

Etc: multe altele care se pot expune la timpul oportun sau a cererii de optimizare

Punctul FORTE: Toate aceste servicii ale companiei SEO germane va genera: traffic imens, mii si sute de backlinkuri spre prezenta  d-voastr ITSBETTER, va atrage clientela in mod profesional si va duce la profituri in sales in final.

In plus costul anual de ca. 1200-1500 Euro complet pt. acest serviciu premium se pare a  fii singular si chiar relativ foarte mic - deci fara a supune bugetul anual de publicitate super solicitare; deci care ramine cu mult sub nivelul costului publicitar standard (ziare, radio, TV etc. ) care se foloseste si este oarecum depasit.

Firma ramine in joc si afisarea prezentei d-voastra online va fii first class, nu trebuie sa pierdeti bani si timp si mai ales timp si bani pentru a studia personal materialul ( care si in citiva ani va fii de nestrapuns) sau angaja specialisti SEO pt. a realiza aceasta ( costind  in final enorm) ... care in final si ei se vor lupta cu mori de vint sau cu ani de cercetare si implementare care nu pot tine pasul cu si. com

Actualmente ITSBETTER ( patronata de societatea pe actiuni TAM mai jos mentionata) are deja zinicca 1 million de contactari/views si / clicks si cautari pe platforma B2B si zeci de mii de firme complet listate si optimizate: Germania, Austria, Swiss, Italia, Anglia, Polonia, Cehia etc.. cu expansiune rapida in 2013 spre Rusia, Sud-America etc..

Testati platforma : : ex automobil, flugzeuge, cars, civil engineering si explorati folosind mousul un listing complet gasit si cu multe referinte de produse etc. pt. a vedea cum ar putea fii si prezenta firmei d-voastre listata in moul cel mai profesional si cu tehnica de ultima ora SEO

(* chiar si multilingual de ex: cautind in romana: masina de calcat => veti obtine un resultat surprinzator de bine legat de cuvintul cautat.)

Marius Wlassak / Munich / Germany
skype ID=mwtgbc
Alte date
Noi despre noi → Sponsorizare

Trend@dress Medien AG functioneaza ca un sponsor.

Printre domeniile clasice de sponsorizare(sport, sponsorizare culturala-arte, ecologica, stiinta) societatea Baden-Baden este involvata în sponsorizare sport si promovarea si sponsorizarea programului standard al industriei medii si mijlocii asa numitele IMM-uri 2010

Programul Standard IMM 2010.

De asemenea, în 2009, Trend@dress Medien AG s-a angajat deja ca si sponsor al programului pentru IMM-uri..

În sport, TAM-AG sprijina cluburile sportive cu resurse materiale si financiare. Sponsorizarea sporturilor are cea mai lunga traditie si este cea mai veche metoda de sponzorizare. Radacinile merg mult mai departe înapoi în antichitate.

Iar cu ajutorul acestor programe (IMM-uri) se realzeaza finantarea întreprinderilor mici si mijlocii (IMM-uri). În anii 2008 si 2009, Trend@dress Medien AG însusi a fost principalul castigator pentru aceasta initiativa cu 800 de burse in valoare de un total de 1,2 milioane de euro, sub auspiciile Dr. hc Lothar Späth: "Initiativa cu privire la cresterea IMM-urilor prin inovatii." Initiativa pentru IMM-uri este suportata deasemenea de catre societati.

Programul pentru IMM-uri este sponsorizat de catre TAM-AG prin contributii în natura. Câstigatorii premiului vor fii onorati cu servicii inovative în publicitatea de audienta (a grupulurilor tinta) si publicitatea on-line.

Linia de demarcatie între sponsorizare si mecenat, dar, de asemenea a donatiilor este fluentâ in TAM-AG. Responsabilitatea Sociala Corporativa (CorporateSocialResponsability - pe scurt CSR), se întrepatrunde ca o componenta bloc in cadrul responsabilitatilor sociale.

Premiu acordat


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Fri 13 Apr 2012

Bakterien entwickeln sich immer mehr 
zu einer weltweiten Bedrohung - 
doch es gibt AbHilfe !!!
In den letzten Monaten gingen vermehrt Berichte 
über gefährliche Bakterien die resistent gegenüber Antibiotika geworden sind
oder über bakterienverseuchtes Trinkwasser
durch die Presse in Berlin wurden
kürzlich bei einer Routinekontrolle im Trinkwasser
Gesundheitsgefährdende Keime
die bei Menschen zu Übelkeit - Erbrechen und Durchfall führen können.
Die Bakterien-Gefahr des Sommers 2011 war sowohl :
unsichtbar als auch nicht fühlbar
sowie auch nicht zu schmecken - 
Keiner weiß so genau, wo die Killer-Bakterien lauern
doch die Bedrohung scheint allgegenwärtig.
EHEC-Alarm in Deutschland: 
53 Menschen starben an den gefährlichen Bakterien, 
mehr als 4000 erkrankten.
Bei vielen griff die Infektion sogar aufs Gehirn über 
mit dementsprechenden Nebenwirkungen und Auswirkungen.
Auf den Intensivstationen herrschte Großalarm. 
Noch besorgniserregender sind Meldungen über sogenannte MRSA Fälle.
Jährlich sterben mehr Menschen an :
Krankenhauskeimen als an der Immunschwäche Aids
Vor allem Infektionen mit dem resistenten Bakterium MRSA 
bereiten Medizinern große Sorgen.
MRSA bezeichnet bestimmte Bakterien, solche die 
gefährliche Entzündungen verursachen

und gegen Antibiotika resistent sind.
In den USA erkranken pro Jahr etwa 100 000 Menschen
an einer lebensbedrohlichen Infektion mit MRSA - 
ein Fünftel davon stirbt.
Für Deutschland gibt es keine genauen Zahlen. 
Experten schätzen jedoch
dass sich in Deutschland allein
über 1 Mio. Menschen jährlich mit MRSA infizieren.
Man wird wahrscheinlich noch weitere Viren & Bakterien-Stämme entwickeln - 
denn wie fast Jeder heute weiss Ziel der Illuminaten & Reptil-Humanoiden ist es
die Menschheit stark zu reduzieren.
So lange diese noch existieren 
ist es daher von großem Vorteil Selbst-Schutz-
Maßnahmen zu ergreifen !!!
>>> Q <<<

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Wed 11 Apr 2012


Hi Freunde,

das Internet verändert die Welt sehr nachhaltig.
Wer sich nicht darauf einstellt, wird langfristig kaum überleben können.

Aus diesem Anlass hat Ulrich Eckardt eine kostenlose Videoserie produziert,

die mit informativem Sprengstoff geladen ist.

Die Informationen in dieser Serien sind für jeden Unternehmer unverzichtbar.

Und um das ganze so angenehm wie möglich zu
gestalten, ist das erste video mit einer Verlosung
mit Preisen im wert von mehr als € 150.000 verbunden.

Hier geht es zum Online Marketing Masterplan
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

MWGBC Communications


Kennen Sie den Unterschied, der in sehr naher Zukunft den Erfolg vom Misserfolg von Unternehmen trennt?

Es ist das Internet!
Ulrich Eckardt erklaert Ihnen hier, wie Sie auf der sicheren Seite landen!
Der Umsatz verlagert sich immer mehr vom klassischen Ladengeschaeft, hin zum eCommerce, also dem Onlinegeschaeft. Bald werden die Onlineumsaetze in jeder Branche das Offlinegeschaeft ueberholt haben.

Ach so, Sie haben einen Onlineshop?

Sind Sie wirklich der Meinung, das allein reicht aus?
Haben Ihre Mitbewerber keinen Shop? Koennen Sie sicher sein, dass diese in der Zukunft auch keinen Onlineumsatz generieren werden?

Die Zeit, um auf den Zug dieser komerziellen Revolution aufzusteigen ist JETZT!
Der Internet Marketer Ulrich Eckardt veroeffentlicht in den naechsten Tagen sein Komplettsystem fuer den Onlinerfolg. Lernen Sie von einem Profi, wie man im Onlinehandel auf sich aufmerksam macht und im Gespraech bleibt. Denn merken Sie sich eins: Besucher bringen Umsatz. Ohne Besucher hilft der schoenste Shop nichts. Dabei reden wir nicht einmal von physischen Produkten oder Verkaeufen, auch Erstkontakte bei der Infosuche ueber Produkte trennen die Spreu vom Weizen. Sie kaufen doch auch lieber bei jemandem, der Ihnen stets einen guten Rat mit auf den Weg gibt, als bei einem gaenzlich unbekannten Onlineshop. Ulrich Eckardt zeigt Ihnen in einer kostenlosen Videoserie alles notwendige, um Online erfolgreich zu sein.

Verpassen Sie es nicht!
Gewinnspiel des Online Marketing Masterplans

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Wed 18 Jan 2012

:) Happy New Year from Munich :)

Please ! Read my first lines 3 times first:



Hello Friend !

I write to You a special message:

I begin with a short yet unimportant and sad story:
 - I fired my bosses at BMW after 11 years of developing the incar communication systems in their 'big so called guru cars' and work like a dog day in day out actually at a party service company doing their logistics. Hard working and no money :-(

The reasons I did this are unimportant and too long to explain in here, so I get straight to the very important and BIG facts I decided to do.

 I personally call it:
"The Real Magnifique and only way to drive your product and services like a 'Fukushima event' locally to the people" <- for short ->: 'STREET TV' ... - I admit I am not yet fit for a better line
  •  It's God's will to do so !


Company: Street TV™ Werbeges.mbH Vienna / Austria partnered Marius Wlassak Global Business Connection - MWGBC / Munich-Germany

Activity intention:
Purchasing, sales and operating a network of daylight-perfect quality and high tech readable LED-True Color video screen-system (in various sizes) with very high yields and great growth potential,
first in Austria/Germany and soon not only all over Europe and Russia and other continents!

Street TV was founded in 1999 by Nicola Teti, an italian born resident in Vienna, Austria,
a professionist with a lifetime experience in advertising management, savy of the publicity market and it's value.

1. Corporate objectives

The purpose of the company is to finance most yield-making projects of the company, which is : to further expand their engineering inventions & activities!

The additional objective of the company is the purchase and operate (simultaneously) at least 50-100 daylight readable of very high-resolution LED-True Color Video Screens - suitable for genuine TV commercials/spots, video clips and 3D-animations for a very large audience and even networks.

In the last four years Street TV has run a series of live tests with several such screens placed in crowded locations obtaining excellent results, both for the company itself and for the clients advertising campaigns, bringing them more value per invested dollar/euro in publicity than regular original TV-spots or advertisment on papers or on walls.

  • Our goal is to establish the number 1 in this market niche and to remain so!
2. The business idea and its market:

We operate a very innovative way to advertise extremely high tageted customers, in the proximity of the buying spots,
placing huge high resolution LED TV's in front of their eyes, just next by the advertisers selling points.

The smallest of them 1.5mx2m - 12m²(3mx4m) (=> a range of 6m²(2mx2m)(optimum) ...up to -600m² possible squares) perfect daylight readability, fine-resolution LED-True Color video screen-systems,
which can be placed behind windows in the 1-st floors of the larger cities and high-traffic prime locations (100,000-300,000 view contacts [anyway passers(people)] / Day).
  • e.g.such as “am Graben” and “Stephansplatz” located in the center of Vienna.
In Austria alone, for example, the potential is at least 40.000 prime class locations!

Established advertising clients are looking for high impact low cost publicity systems (daily changeable spots)... and we are offering them exactly what they are looking for: high-traffic prime locations in the center of large cities (Vienna, soon Munich, Berlin, Bucharest, Vilnius, Zagreb, Paris, London, Milan, etc.), full color TV-spots and video clips on huge screens!!

The first standard size of 6m² LED-True Color video screen-systems e.g. on the top location in Vienna at the “am Graben” (as showroom) earns at least 1.5 million euro in advertising revenues at an average utility contribution (investment net € 200.000, - incl. 10 years maintenance & service guarantee).

This is achieved according to our experience by extremely profitable annual returns and advertising revenues (advertisers pay the entire booked 1-3-6-12 months effective advertising-times within only 5 working days in advance)!!

The larger screens are 40sqm-160sqm daylight perfectly readable LED-True Color video screen-systems installed on the roofs of buildings and in front of at least 200,000 view contacts (passers) / day - at the main nodes / square places -like:
  • the Swedish court or “Schwedenplatz” and several ones on the south tangent in Vienna, in Zagreb's main square, Vilnius, soon Munich / central stations and Panorama Centers as well as other top nodes(sight seeings) of known cities larger in Europe).
The networking of 100-300 LED True Color video screen-systems will be extended every year, then
first in several major cities of Europe, Russia and finally worldwide.

Increasement will be of at least 30% by the number of top locations and at least 30% relative turnover (and return) is provided per year!

Putting into balance the existence of a real daily and physically traffic given by the passengers on the street, this new advertising system will be a real and unequaled competitor to the hard work to get those traffic figures on a daily basis virtually (online)
and even for the very costly TV commercials every wathers already hates to look at.

'Connecting virtual space to the Reality' !

In a way, Friends, life itself tracks a person's generosity, much like an airline might track frequent flyer miles.  The more you give, the more you earn, the higher you fly, and the further you go. Right?

Imagine THIS:
Product advertising in general, Coffee, tea etc., real estate, food industry, pharma industry, travel industry, your business or a simple new big flat LED screen TV can be advertised automatically / 24/7 locally?

Watch out for more, to your success
Your admin always here,
Marius Wlassak Global Business Connection & Street TV

P.S Man!... please ... I sit on a VULCANO...

- in completation imagine this:

...As a sales person you do not even have to think and try to through your money away for Tv Spots (nobody watches), you just have to finance or lease your own 'TV Studio engine' hanged flat behing your window glass at your office location or anywhere you can, receiving an immediate return of approx~ 30% of the leased investing sum (from us), then also You run immediately your own spots locally for 10-12 years FREEE and receive between 70% ( for 3 months), then afterwards 20-50% of the advertising turnover which is: (to be seen in our papers of max. 2.000.000/year for one Street TV Machine until the end, monthly yearly etc..

=> You invest de facto in "yourself and your product or service" , having a daily physically viewer real-time traffic greater by far than on TV or very costly & hard worked out virtually(online). As result the so called leased invest will amortize in max 3 months -
the rest is pure profit and can and will increase the after sales of your product or service by more than 20%/year even in the hardest times - we have it already running in Vienna since 3 years -  some of the partnered car dealers there increased their new car sales(which is actually almost impossible) up to 30% yearly and continue to do so by really passiv watching it happen.

It will happen to evolve in a class-city-meeting-point in a very short period of time( like: where do we meet - at the Street TV 1-st corner2-nd street), there spots are running non-stop and can be digitally changed for other offers or product new developments and the street walker (while small talking to his friend) watches and transforms almost in real time into a buyer or customer.

  • On the other side the tax recoveries (expense returns on this which are not given at all when you say : " I need this and that advertising capital and give it out for nothing"to the 19-th century outside ad-mafia, based on paper vastings or on TV-spots (very high and not profitable bubbles; or even online deflagrations nobody really reads.)  Right?
  • So sorry for my orthographic mistakes, but I am on 100.000 VOLT ACDC !
 - please read again slowly every word, think abot it  and discuss this with other real business people you are collaborating.

If any interested real business man is at your hand, please let me know and after signing the must ncnd without any obligations I will the send to you, all detailed data will be outhanded in this 21-st century endevour to you.

* * Outside Internet - we see us in true Life * *
* Finally : 3 visionaires and different thinking cool boys ( 1 in Vienna, 1 in Italy and me in Germany included) - having the product but no minimal start capital are waiting to explode.
Thanks for your great patience and read,

With love, Marius Wlassak / Munich

Listen and Explore my card <-
STREET tv !  ... HuH... how was that my friend?

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Thu 5 Jan 2012

Trinken wir auf das neue Jahr mit Französisch Champagner, natürlich!

Let's drink, on the New Year with French champagne, of course!!


Listen! Thanks for Your patience , MWGBC ;-) ...........

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Thu 29 Dec 2011

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Tue 1 Nov 2011

Earn Money Fast & Build tons of backlinks to your Biz.
* It’s a real and easy way to make income on the Internet.
Go :

Automatically Updated By

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Tue 25 Oct 2011

Join as soon as you can and experience FAST EARNINGS

Good Luck,

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Sat 15 Oct 2011

Read the doc, open an account and do what it says.
Then go and buy a clock for 1$ and sleep, relax. Wake up..GO,CLICK and CAS$ out.

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Tue 4 Oct 2011

Learn more by visiting this article:
Good luck

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