Instant Banner Ads - how to make easy money with banners

Fri 27 Sep 2013

Instant Banner Ads is a brand new advertising site from Frank Salinas.

If you are needing more visitors to your website, I urge you to join right now because this site will definitely be growing quickly!

Your Free Membership Includes...

- $200 In Free Banner Ads

- No Emails From Other Members At All!

- Earn Credits & Commissions For Referring Others

- Ability To Earn Additional Free Advertising

- Earn Instant Commissions For Referral Purchases!

Here's the promo code for your free $200 in banner advertising: freebanners

Just join Instant Banner Ads, then once inside redeem the promo code and then set up
some ads! If you are brand new to Internet marketing then you could join some of these programs and make a little cash clicking ads - put their banners into Instant Banner Ads Ad Setup using your free advertising credits. These are the best PTC around

Nerdbux -
Clixsense -
Probux -
Wordlinx -

PS. I have a little insider tip. Frank offers this first at $37 one off lifetime payment, but if you click through that page from the link at the bottom, he makes you a better offer for just $20 one off. This is the best upgrade deal you can get on this site.


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TWO nice little earners

Sun 8 Jul 2012

I've recently joined Zeek Rewards with a good friend who seems to be doing very well with it and she is teaching me loads. One thing I can say about it, is that the effort in running it is negligible - placing one ad a day - and you do make a tiny bit of money every day which initially you need to re-invest. It's all explained for you and there is loads of training. Your income will come when you start to get customers who upgrade to one of the premium subscriptions. The Silver comes in at just $10 a month which should be manageable for most people. If not, write me a comment, I will explain how you can make this much very easily - and more.

Then my Zeek sponsor sent me something else which she described as a 'sideline' for extra money to invest in my Zeek business. But, to be honest it could easily be a stand alone business.

Just think about this. 80% of people with PC's don't back up their data and are devastated if their hard drive crashes or their PC is stolen. If you are a student just imagine losing ALL your coursework, or perhaps an author losing their latest manuscript. The money in this second product comes from the sale of a very handy piece of software allowing you to back up your data online. This has been built into a more comprehensive package with options you can take or not. The basic backup product has price options for monthly, 6/12/24 month subscriptions and different amounts of data. Obviously you get a better pro-rata monthly price for a longer contract but it is up to your pocket.

The thing about this is the commissions which are EXCEPTIONAL. $50 per sale which could easily pay for your whole year's backups in just one go.

In a day or two from the date of this post, a full marketing and sales suite for this will be up and running. There is already a keen and lively Facebook group.

So, where do you go to take a look at these businesses?

Zeek -

MyPCBackup CPA deal -
FB group for this -

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Get new referrals for your PTC and other programs

Thu 21 Jun 2012

I have just found a brilliant new way to get new referrals for my PTC programs. It's called DownlineRefs and you can join completely free.

The way it works is that you earn credits - lots of them - by clicking ads and then you can offer users extra credits by signing up with YOU for your PTC. There are lots of PTC's here that I've never heard of but if the owners are going to pay you to sign up and surf for a few days and you win credits to do the same, it's win-win all round.

You'll also gain by getting referrals to DownlineRefs itself so go ahead, join today and build up your referrals. You earn down 5 levels so this is an exceptional program to join. There is an upgrade possibility and you can get a whole year for under $5 so really, there is no excuse not to.

As a Premium Member you will pay fewer credits for referral requests and you will get a bonus of 15% if you buy credits. You can also promote unlimited different programs where standard members only get to promote 5. You need not restrict yourself to PTC's, I see other programs being advertised here.

With over 40 ads to click a day, you will very soon earn enough to to tempt some referrals into your favourite programs.

Here's the URL -

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Join the Players' Lottery - FREE

Mon 26 Mar 2012

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and you will be crazy if you don't take a look.

What you are getting into here is a brand new international lottery which you will be able to play subject to your local laws. I'm sorry, I can't do much about changing those!

The odds on winning will be much better than your local state or national lottery but there will still be money for substantial charity donations.

You can also join just as an affiliate and make your money from players in other countries, so consider that too.

Right now, it costs you ZERO to sign up as an affiliate and see what's on the inside in terms of commissions and future possible prize winnings. If someone in your group wins big, YOU win big too!

Here's the URL, go for it. You'll be grateful that you did.

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You CAN earn with PTC's

Sat 28 May 2011

There's a lot of bad vibes about PTC's and many of them deserve their bad reputation for disappearing overnight or just not paying out on request.

This genre of moneymaking websites seems set to improve its image recently and two particularly good examples have emerged.

The first I'd like to talk about is is Bux4real. This appeared a couple of months ago, and has consistently been providing more clicks per day than the average PTC. There have been a few hiccups in recent days, particularly this week when the program owner Tony Rocha sold out to move onto a new project.. There is bound to be a period of settling down as the new admin put their own stamp on the Bux4real brand.

One hiccup is ongoing problems with Alertpay, but they seem determined to solve this quickly. To give themselves some space they have set the next payout date for late July. This hasn't pleased everyone of course but may lead to a more stable and reliable PTC at the end of the day. Rented referrals are available, but there have been problems due to the fact that there is no filter to remove non-clickers.

I note in the new TOS that anyone who doesn't click for 30 days will have their account suspended. Provided those people are filtered out of the rental pool, things will improve but they should be aware that other PTC's guarantee that rented referrals will have clicked within the last 5-7 days.

Overall I think it is worth joining right now and giving them at least a couple of month's trial. Advertising is now available at good rates.

Here's the URL -

The next PTC I'd like to mention is Clixzing. This is a bit different in appearance and construction to most PTC's. Standard members get 6 ads per day, but they do earn you 1 cent each and most days there are additional ads with info to read before you click, they typically earn you $0.01 too.  I find that the way that the ads open in a separate WINDOW as opposed to a separate tab is a bit irritating, but it might be an additional weapon against the use of click bots which are the curse and downfall of many PTC's whose advertisers desert them when they find they are getting no human readers. This PTC promises residual income so it is worth making an effort and doing some advertising for direct referrals yourself.

Join here -

Finally, I've returned to clicking regularly at a PTC I had abandoned after I was told they weren't paying. My sponsor came back to say that they HAD eventually paid him, so I've resumed daily duties. That PTC is Clixsense. There are lots of ads, it is worth making several visits each day for new ones, and there is also the 'Clixgrid' with random prizes up to $5 if you click on the right square - 25 tries a day! The money IS there, I won twice a day or two ago. 

Clixsense URL -

Btw there is an impostor called Clix-cents out there. Not nearly as good - beware.

PTC's to avoid include Onbux who suspended my account after just 2 weeks of  no clicks while I was ill, spent two weeks arguing about re-enabling it, then shut it down completely after 30 days, simply because they hadn't let me back in!

I'm still clicking at Neobux although I don't like their admin who seem incapable of taking even the mildest criticism in their forum. I can live without that anyway. They have recently slashed the amount that standard members can earn per day and upgraded membership is VERY expensive. So, I have run down my rented referrals, and any more purchases will come out of earnings.

They claim not to use bots for their rentals, but I'm not so sure. I had reduced my rentals to a small group of very regular clickers, now they do not seem so keen to visit every day. May be they are disillusioned too. I think Neobux may be headed for oblivion in the coming months. Money seems to be leaking out of my account too, for no reason. They even charge you if a rented referral isn't renewed which is really mean.Not recommended till they pull their socks up and start treating standard members with more respect - and if you're in the forum, you can tell them I said so.

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Double your money here - with NO referrals to find

Sun 8 May 2011

This is the newest REAL opportunity where everyone can make  money.

Passive Income, NO SALES or REFERRALS required! First Time Ever! YES 100% of Members.

Come and join Banners Broker Elite which is the leading team and driving force behind Banners Broker

Our team is the strongest, and most innovative team on the web right now in terms of promoting and helping others.

Go Here >>

We have tools to help those not interested in promoting or recruiting for themselves. The success of everyone on the team is important to us. When you succeed we succeed. Banners Broker a passive income company that has the latest technology to keep your investment organized, time stamped by the second, and it also allows you to keep track of the doubling process.

When you invest with the company you are buying viral advertising that's on auto-pilot, blasted across the net.

Why join our team? We provide resources no one else can provide you. We will bring you a storm of traffic to build your business.

Do not miss out on this awesome opportunity that everyone is making money from,or you will kick yourself for a long time to come.

If you are interested in joining this awesome program please contact me by Skype or email and I will show you how to structure your business to get the most potential and to double your investment quicker.

Go Here >> 

Watch the video and download the free Powerpoint presentation which will give you all you need to know about Banners Broker.

To Your Success

Jenny Fletcher

Skype Me - jenny_fletcher
Twitter jenny_fletcher 
IM Faceplate -

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Where is affiliate marketing going in 2011?

Mon 7 Mar 2011

Would you say that you could put your finger precisely on the pulse of internet marketing today? Could you say for certain what the latest trends are and the types of businesses that are going to attract most attention and new members this year?

Well I think I can - really, so please read on and let me share it with you.

My conclusions are based on the types of businesses I most commonly see advertised in the traffic exchanges I used and the content of emails turning up in my mailbox.

In the recession which we are all still experiencing, people will be looking to save money on the things they HAVE to buy every day - like food, utility bills, petrol/diesel, public transport fares and so on. Then if they have anything left, they will be looking for 'treats' at the lowest possible cost. How is this possible? Well, there are a number of discount and cashback schemes springing up.  Let me walk you through some of the ones that seem to me to be the most credible and likely to succeed, with good affiliate pay plans.

Cashbackcard which was very successful in 'soft launch' last year is in the throes of its full launch. You can visit the site and see what it's all about, and you will be able to sign up shortly - top recommendation if you live in the UK, and rollout to other countries expected later in the year.The other moneysaving sites I have found work broadly in the same way. They negotiate deals with companies and recommend them to you. You get a voucher code for a retail website or printable voucher from the site to take with you when you shop (or eat, or visit) - you get your money off and hopefuly the business gets extra trade. Sometimes the offers are more local, and there is an opportunity here for small businesses to get involved.

You can make money by recommending the discount website or specific offers to your friends. If they sign up or participate in the offer too, you benefit.Groupon is in several countries already and I'm a definite fan Get a daily email to tell you about offers where you live. Recommend offers to your friends for extra money. The deals really are moneysavers if they happen to be what you want when you want it. There are nationally available deals too, don't miss those. An example of a deal in my area this week was a 2 course lunch in a brand new and classy Indian restaurant. The one I snapped up was £30 worth of Body Shop goodies for just £12.

My next find in this category was Quidco - available in the UK only and looking very good with a free-to-join affiliate membership. They have agreed deals with a number of national and internationally known retail chains and websites. Do read the small print and understand what you are getting and any time limits.

Just this week I have joined BeRuby which is also active in several countries and works in a similar way to Quidco in that it gives you coupons or coupon codes, but lots more - how about getting paid to visit your favourite websites? Yes, really, I can earn when I visit the BBC website or check my Googlemail, even when I want to browse ebay!

Finally, and most importantly there is The Customer Advantage. If you are in the USA, you will be the first to benefit from discounts and cashback deals with roll-out worldwide some time in the future. It is in pre-launch now and free to join, so get in at the head of the queue and get recruiting. You DON'T have to be in the USA to join and benefit from the deals accepted by people in your team.  This is a very professional looking site, the explanatory videos and back office area are excellent and I would advise joining immediately regardless of where in the world you are.

Take it from me - these are real sites with real offers that ordinary people and families can benefit from - we are not just talking about big purchases here,  everyday shopping is included on some sites. While Cashbackcard was in soft launch for example, I was getting cashback by using my top-up internationally branded debit card in Sainsburys - no problem - and getting my Nectar points too - double bubble!

Do visit all these sites for yourself and join some or all of them as it suits you. Contact me via this blog with your email address if you would like a personal invite to Cashbackcard when it re-launches, or just watch this space. (P.S. A personal invite may be to your financial advantage - it was for the soft launch - as opposed to just signing up directly on the site).

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No Startup Costs

Mon 9 Aug 2010

There are plenty of places you can earn online without any startup cost whatever. What I aim to do here is to tell you the good ones and steer you away from the ones where you are wasting your time.

The words and phrases you will hear over and over are things like PTC (Pay to Click) CPA - (Cost per Action).  The most familiar PTC's are things like Neobux and Clixsense. Now, I am not pretending that you are going to get rich overnight with these, but you can start to build a little income in a very short time every day. 

There is a huge number of PTC sites like Neobux but not all of them are reliable payers. I would advise looking in the forum if the site has one, and if it doesn't well perhaps it's worth avoiding anyway.

These are the PTC's I am clicking with at the moment. I can't say hand on heart that I have had payouts, and one of them is brand new. But, the sites look reasonably professional and there are not too many complaints in the forums that people haven't got money.

Neobux -
My current top payer - and the only place that I rented referrals so far
- not the best payer but worth a try to see if it will pay out when due
- Nice looking site, variable pay per ad
- more ads than some others each day
- this is disappointing so far, very few ads to click but may use earnings from other PTC's to upgrade here - It's only $10 for a whole year so worthwhile perhaps
- pays more but few ads. Increase how many you get by sharing the links you click on Twitter and other social media sites
- brand new, very nice looking site

One of the best things you can do is to rent or purchase referrals. Then you won't spend a lot of time advertising for direct ones and you are getting a lot of help with building your income. You'll have to do the math on each site, but generally speaking you can expect what you spend on referrals to pay you back easily within the rental period. Most sites offer to recycle referrals meaning that you get a new one if someone does not click.

Some sites have manual recycling where you can pay a small fee to re-cycle specified referrals.  Done carefully this can be a good way to build income. I would say that it is not possible to manage more than about 100 rented referrals on any one site efficiently or you spend too much time on the site each day, trying to calculate who is and is not making you money. 

The sites let you transfer money you have made from clicking ads yourself into your purchase balance, so you don't have to spend any of your own money at all. But, you might decide it is worthwhile to spend just a couple of dollars on purchasing referrals. You will need to have accounts at Paypal, Alertpay and for some sites, Liberty Reserve. Not all countries let you have a Paypal account and receive cash.

More ways to earn for free. I particularly like
Readbud. Rather than clicking ads, this site offers you articles to read. You will get a variable number of ads to read each day and you can choose the subjects. I recommend choosing the Computer and also the Heatth subject areas. You can only change your choices once per day. The payout threshold is very high in Readbud and there is no forum where users can discuss the site. I'm getting near my payout point so will let you all know if I get paid.

plans to offer the same method to make cash as Readbud but is still in pre-launch. If you can get some referrals in this pre-launch phase they are paying $2 each! 

Now, how about getting paid for things you already do online? Like searching on Google, checking email and even playing games!
Peoplestring offers you a web-based email address which is a good place to manage email from your freebie moneymakers and login info. You also get the chance to earn 'people dollars' by clicking on offers, most of which are also free.  Once a month, you will get a profit share based on your site usage. I recommend playing the scratchcard game as many times a day as you can, and the other free game - silly but gives you points if you win! Check your email several times a day too.  Remember to close the email window each time.

That wraps up my first post on IBS - if you DO have a little cash to get yourself started in Internet Marketing, please visit my other blog 
My Greetings To You and my website with the same name

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Wow - Check Out MY NEW BLOG!!

Mon 9 Aug 2010

Wow!!! Welcome To My New Blog!!

This Blog was set up in seconds with Instant Blog Subscribers.

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Did you know....

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Oh - PLUS they have an affiliate program that pays and pays and pays.....

Whenever you refer someone to the system - they are offered a few upgrades that can get them up to 3000 instant subscribers!!
(most people will never get 50 Subscribers in their LIFE!!)

And if they take up that option - You get paid!!
But here is the best part...
You then get paid if that person brings in other members... and then ANOTHER level of commissions as well.
WOW --
How to get paid forever on the efforts of others!
Now that is smart marketing.

CLICK THE HEADER ABOVE Now - and get your own Instant Blog Subscribers..

Then use this site as your base for everything you do online and you will have a GREAT system that refers others, builds your brand, your lists, your followers...

What could be better??
Instant Blog Subscribers are waiting for you - It is free to join -
So give it a shot.

(Ps: Subscribe to THIS blog to see some incredible content from me soon)

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