*NEW* 7 Dollar Ads, Great Value Advertising Program

Mon 7 Apr 2014

At the new 7 Dollar Ads you can get your banners seen by thousands of others at the same time as earning real cash commissions.

Yes you can get your ads shown on the 7 Dollar sites network for just $7 and at the same time you can earn a cool 50% cash commission for each person who joins under you.

It's just $7 to get started and that gets you lifetime access to this great cash earning website as well as your first 20,000 banner impressions.

Check it out now at:


Yes this is a paid only site, but at just $7 to start, it is well worth joining!

Get your ads seen!

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Start Making A Living While Having a Life

Thu 27 Mar 2014

Is your marketing bringing you the dream life you expected?

Or has it turned into a J.O.B.?

We have the answer!


See how you can make a living, while still having a life!

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Hot New Mailer, Here For The Long Term

Sat 22 Mar 2014

Kenny Kolijn just launched a new mailer
that is creating quite a buzz.

It's pretty cool!

It's called Fast List Mailer.

Get on board and claim a promo code
that will give you a Cash Bonus and
a bunch of advertising credits:

- 2.00 Cash
- 500 mailing credits
- 1000 banner impressions
- 1000 text ad impressions
- 1000 square banners - WOW!

It's all instantly added to your
Fast List Mailer account when you
enter this Promo Code.

Plus... Earn 20-30-50% Commissions
for sharing this TRAFFIC source !

Is this going to be YOUR List?

==> http://wewillshowyou.info/U2N8A

Claim the Promo Code NEWMEMBER

Happy advertising!

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*NEW* It's NOT Crazy! It's Zaney Mailz!

Sun 16 Mar 2014

Everyone knows that mailers are one of the best places to find hot new prospects and add more active subscribers to your list!

Did you also know that the same awesome owner from Zaney Clicks has a brand new mailer, and when it comes to crazy responsiveness, Zaney Mailz is tops!

==> http://zaneymailz.com/?rid=80

It's easy to earn when your mails are delivered with purrfect paws that handle your mails without a scratch! It's not crazy, it's Zaney Mailz!

Come get your share of the creme de la creme in email advertising and see why so many of our members are so purrfectly content!

See You there!

==> http://zaneymailz.com/?rid=80

P.S. I'm still grinning like the Chesire cat over the incredible OTO I snatched up! Don't let that deal slip through your paws...

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Attention All List Builders (Must see)

Tue 11 Mar 2014

Traffic Zip is a unique site that will allow you to get free traffic and have all your referrals send their 1st 4 signups to join YOUR LIST first before they can experience the power of Traffic Zip themselves.

Secondly as a member you'll be able to email thousands of people helping you drive more traffic to your offers.


> Earn up to 100% commissions

> Get REAL TRUE VIRAL traffic

> Your referrals 1st 4 signups join YOUR list

> Viral lead generation truly made easy

The best part about Traffic Zip is ANYONE can use it. It\'s easy to setup and it works with ANY autoresponder service.

Join today and get $100 in free advertising.

Use promo code: newmember

Join today: http://www.trafficzip.com/index.php?r=cash2day

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Key List Marketing: Unlock your Potential

Thu 6 Mar 2014

I came across this awesome safelist, called Key List Marketing!

Patti and Jeff Boquist and Nancy Radlinger have put their heads together and come up with a fantastic site.

They don’t hand out tons of credits for free, which is great!

How’s that?

Well people actually have to open your emails to earn credits! That’s why my click through rate here is just wonderful:-)

This site is just starting to grow and definitely worth promoting!

I highly recommend joining this one:

Pay attention to the special deal when you log in the first time, because you will never see it again. This is your only chance to get the most benefits with the lowest cost! Choose



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Come Get Your Viral INSTANT Commissions!

Fri 28 Feb 2014

I've got something you're just gonna LOVE!

My good friend Marci Jones just launched Viral Commissions.

Yes, it's traffic and commissions gone viral!

Instant commissions to your Paypal and viral traffic to your sites, what more could you ask for?

Come get your Viral Commissions now!


Don't miss out on the OTO's! Get up
to 100 PERCENT Commissions INSTANTLY To Your PayPal! PLUS a ton of advertising!

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Grab 6 Video Series And A Daily Product With MRR!

Sat 22 Feb 2014

Today you can grab 6 Video Series... FREE.

90 (yep, NINETY) Techie Training Videos Covering These Topics:

- Getting Started Right
- cPanel, WordPress & Gmail
- Hacker Proof Your WordPress
- HTML5 No Geek Talk
- CSS3 No Geek Talk
- Internet Marketing Tools

And receive a new product every day...
All with Master Resale Rights!

Grab them now, before they're gone!


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Download My Gifts...

Sun 16 Feb 2014

...and not just MY gifts, but tons of internet marketing products absolutely free!

And that's not all!

- You also get $200 in free banner ads

- You can add your own gifts and build your list this way

- AND you can earn up to 100 PERCENT commissions (INSTANTLY to your PayPal)

Grab your membership now:


As an upgraded member you will get to add YOUR OWN autoresponder form. All your referrals will be added to your own list before they even join the site!


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Only The Best Traffic Exchanges

Sat 8 Feb 2014

Are you looking for the best traffic exchanges?

Check out the TOP 21 Traffic Exchanges at TEHoopla:


Get a page like this one, FREE, and filled with your referral ID's, when you sign up:


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How To Make and Host Your Own Splash And Squeeze Pages

Sun 2 Feb 2014

Does this sound familiar?

Many people tell you you should create and host your own splash and squeeze pages and that you should build your own list, but nobody ever tells you how...

Let me show you how!

Anyone can do this!


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Promo Codes For You!

Tue 28 Jan 2014

Here is a promo code for 1000 banner impressions at Banner Ads That Pay:


Join now, and add your banners:


Also use promo code BIRTHDAY for another 1000 credits:)


p.s. Banner Ads That Pay pays 20 to 50 percent commissions:


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Setup your own Facebook Fan Page in 5 minutes

Mon 20 Jan 2014

That's right..

If you've ever wanted to know how to setup your own Facebook Fan Pages, I've got just the thing.. There's 7 videos for you..

Go here to check them out:


You'll learn how to make your Fan Pages without being a computer genius or fancy programmer and without having to spend a single penny on hard-to-use software or scripts...

Even if you already know how to make your own Fan Pages, you'll want to take a look.. Because you're getting a brand new report on Social Media with MRR!

Go here:

Grab your copy today!

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Birthday Deals and Referral Contest at Banner Ads That Pay

Tue 14 Jan 2014

Banner Ads That Pay Is Celebrating ...
One Year Anniversary Contest

$1000 in Cash And Advertising
Win Cash, Upgrades and Banner Impressions.

Banner Ads That Pay is 1 Year old and is holding a BIG Referral Contest and has some great Birthday Deals in place.

The contest runs until Januari 31 and there is over $1000 in prizes up for grabs!


Top prize is $150 and a Lifetime Upgrade.

So get in and get on that leaderboard!

==> http://banneradsthatpay.com/?rid=123

There are prizes for the TOP 20 and if you don't make it to the top 20 but manage to get just 10 referrals, you also get a prize.

Go for it !

==> http://banneradsthatpay.com/?rid=123

PS. Banner Ads That Pay is owned by my friend Kenny Kolijn, a great marketer, but above all a great and honest guy:-)

==> http://banneradsthatpay.com/?rid=123

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Traffic and Cash... nothing else!

Mon 23 Dec 2013


And you should, too!

1)  I'm sending this email to my list, AND to every
    one of my downline members.

2)  I'm gonna hang promo banners everywhere...

3)  And yes, I'm gonna try to "wear-out" my new
    Banners and Bucks splash links in every single
    advertising venue I can think of... lol

B&B is FREE... but you can still EARN BIG MONEY!


    * On your own splash pages...
    * On all your referrals splash pages...
    * AND on EVERY B&B members splash pages, too!


Get YOUR FREE 'Banners and Bucks' website here:

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New 'Turnkey' Downline Builder (This Changes Everything)

Wed 4 Dec 2013


I just signed up at Viral Builder and
can't believe what this all-in-one system
can do.

These guys SHOULD be charging for it..

Instead, they're giving it away for free.

~~>> http://wewillshowyou.info/UDVTf

Tip: If you see an offer for Platinum Membership,
grab it and get 100% commissions.

Viral Builder takes growing your downlines
and getting leads for your Biz opps to the
next level.

Your list will grow as if by magic and your
money making programs will have new sign ups
falling over themselves to give you cash.

Get in now and let the system work for you!

You can thank me later!

~~>> http://wewillshowyou.info/UDVTf

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WOW.....Have you seen the new Dragon Surf?

Sun 24 Nov 2013

Dragon Surf had a make over!

A new script!
A New layout!
New Features!

Over 90,000 members are waiting to see your ad...

==> http://www.dragonsurf.biz/?rid=78282

You can grab a Lifetime Upgrade for $127! An incredible deal! So even if you are already a member, go log in and GRAB it!

==> http://www.dragonsurf.biz/?rid=78282

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Stick Out From The Herd! SafariMailer Is Here!

Wed 13 Nov 2013

I have great news for you today...

SafariMailer has Launched!

The unique and powerful features of this viral mailer
will get results for your ads.

=> http://wewillshowyou.info/UDsjF

Safarimailer is a unique viral mailer not only in design but
also in its features and it's commitment to helping new and
veteran marketers.

The owner Paula Zuehlke has spent the last 10 years making
HitSafari (traffic exchange) a leading traffic exchange.

Now with the launch of SafariMailer you can be sure this
same level of commitment and success will shine through.

=> http://wewillshowyou.info/UDsjF

Membership Benefits...

**Free Members
Mail Every 3 Days
Mail up to 1500
Monthly credits - 250
Referral Credits - 3 percent
7 Credits per Click
5 Banner Impressions per Click
5 Text Impressions per Click
20 Percent Commissions

**Top Upgrade - Gold
Mail Every 23 Hours
Mail up to 5000
Monthly Credits - 30,000
Monthly Banner Impressions - 2000
Monthly Text Impressions - 2000
Referral Credits - 10 percent
25 Credits per click
25 Banner Impressions per Click
25 Text Impressions per Click
40 Percent Commissions

Join up today,

=> http://wewillshowyou.info/UDsjF

PS. Check out the OTO and save some cash!

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Finally A List Builder That Shares it's Dough!

Thu 7 Nov 2013

Wow!... It's not every day a new list builder is this explosive!

This list builder has grown massive in days not weeks and it's getting amazing results.


Because they know what it really takes... they\'ve added the features that generate the best results for their members, they've built a JV team to get the word out fast and they fully understand that in order to make their members happy they need to continuously drive more members to their site for maximum results.


It's time for you to take action and see what a top quality list builder can do for your bottom line.

Join BakeryMailer now:


Check out the awesome OTO on this site!

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570 bucks up for grabs... GO...GO...GO!

Sat 2 Nov 2013

Yes, Your Eight Steps first ever referral
contest has started!

I'm really excited!

We have $570 in cash prizes standing by...
in 2 categories AND you can win in both

Besides that, I know lots of members will be
making some very nice commissions too,
because as an upgraded member you earn 50
percent commissions.

So hurry, sign up, grab your upgrade and get
ready to make some good commissions and grab
a prize in the contest!


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