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Wed 3 Aug 2016

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Sat 22 Mar 2014

Power of One By Brian Rooney

Do You Realize The Power Of One?

Affiliate Marketing step by step

By Brian Rooney

When a new member becomes an Affiliate, they are at least initially intrigued by the amount of money available via our 30 day free trial (no credit card needed) Affiliate plan.

It doesn’t take long to see that with just a bit of effort, a very sizable income is possible to those that are ready to really dig in and get to work.

The challenge is that many people seem to give in to the 30 day curse.

This is what happens when someone buys into the idea of making a huge income within 30 days or the opportunity just “isn’t working”.

These folks typically end up just bouncing from one “opportunity” to the next looking for that magic lottery ticket instead of actually focusing on building a solid long-term successful business.

Amazingly… they spend years getting themselves into a financial predicament and then expect to simply enroll, hang out for 30 days, and watch their financial picture change overnight.

If you fit that particular profile, you are going to be sorely disappointed but I’d rather just let you know right up front. The Affiliate Plan rewards diligence and solid business approach. This is not a lottery system or a “sign up and get rich” system. By introducing other small business and home-based business operators to our AutoResponder system, you can build a very lucrative income for yourself.

Now, we do have people that join us and seem to really take off in a big way. Most of the time, these are people that already had a list of their own from previous marketing ventures and they are able to “kick start” their business by tapping in to those lists. This is great and we love to see that sort of success.

But the reality is that even the most basic beginner can make a tremendous income with this system if they do a few things consistently:

  1. Realize from the very beginning that this is an actual business and is going to require some time and effort on your part.

  2. Take at least a part-time approach instead of a spare time approach. If you focus and dedicate 15 to 30 minutes a day, you can at least begin learning this system and start building your income. But you have to truly set that time aside. Wake up 30 minutes earlier…. stay up 30 minutes later… skip a sitcom episode on TV. The bottom line is that if you truly want to succeed, you will. But you have to decide and commit to your own success.

  3. Set goals based on reality… not pipe dreams and hype. Would we all like to some how magically join that “right” opportunity and watch our bank accounts spill over the top with new deposits? Sure. I’d take that money and have a great time with it.

30 day free trial no signup payment needed

But here is the reality: Those “overnight success stories” we all are so fond of reading about usually take years to develop. What we just about never hear about is the story where today’s millionaire was close to bankruptcy just a couple of years ago. We don’t read about the number of nights they just didn’t go to sleep but worked through the night on various ideas, opportunities, business plans, etc….

Instead, once someone does realize the fruit of their efforts and achieves some level of success, the media jump all over it and make it sound like this guy was just sitting around one day and POOF! A great idea knocked him out of his chair and he was rich the next day.

Believe me. It didn’t happen that way.

You joined us because you saw the possibilities for yourself. You looked at the system and said, “You know… this really makes sense. I bet I can do this.”

And at that moment you caught the vision. So let’s take a moment or two to find out how you can measure our progress and achieve your goals.

I have put together some numbers based on something that is very simple and very powerful. I call it:

The Power Of One:

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

This concept is based on you getting just one new referral each month and teaching that referral to do the same thing.

Understand that this will not cause you to become wealthy overnight. In fact, for the first few months, it may seem like not much is happening at all. But if you stick to the plan, the results can absolutely amaze you.

Here’s how the numbers play out over 12 months: CLICK HERE

In your first month, you are learning the system. You are reading the training articles and figuring out how things work. By following the training and promoting your site, you are able to refer 1 new Affiliate.

You work with them, showing them how and where to find the training articles, how to promote, etc… and they refer 1 new Affiliate.

You now have 2 Affiliates in your organization and you have earned a Fast Track Bonus. Depending on what you spent for advertising, leads, etc… you probably didn’t even break even.

This is where the whiners begin to say things like, “I am spending more money than I’m making. This doesn’t work.”

And they quit.

But not you. You know that success is a matter of focusing on and working toward your goal of financial independence. You know that if you could make just a few hundred extra dollars per month, your family’s situation would change in a big way. So you continue pressing toward your goals.

In Month 2, you continue working with and supporting your 2 other Affiliates. You are showing them how to refer others and it is working. They each get a new Affiliate. You refer a new Affiliate yourself.

You now have a total of 5 Affiliates and you have earned another Fast Track along with a small Regular Commission check.

In Month 3, you continue this same process. You show each of your Affiliates how to personally refer 1 new Affiliate and you refer another one yourself.

That’s another Fast Track Bonus and your Regular Commissions are going up. You’re not exactly rolling in the big bucks yet but you are seeing progress.

In the meantime, Affiliates that have given up are sending you ads about how they have found the latest and greatest thing and you really should join them. This is probably their fourth or fifth “great deal” in the past 3 months.

You shake your head, invite them to come back and work with your team and then focus on building your business.

In Month 4, you continue this process. By now, you are earning enough in Regular Commissions that you are more than covering the monthly subscription fee for your account.

You continue to receive Fast Track Bonuses because you are referring at least one new Affiliate. Your Regular Commissions are going up because your organization is doing the same thing. Your team is working together and things are starting to pick up.

In Month 5, this keeps going and because you are personally referring new Affiliates, you are now qualified for the 25% Leadership Bonus. You may even be seeing some profits now.

In Month 6, you are starting to see things build up some solid momentum. Your Regular commissions took a nice jump and your Leadership Bonus is building up quite nicely.

By Month 7, you are really glad you stuck with the system. Your team is working together very well. Your organization and your checks continue to grow. This is starting to feel easy. (You and your team are building momentum).

By Month 8, you’re earning enough to cover a very nice car payment, maybe pay off some credit card bills, or have a little getaway weekend with your spouse or friends.

By Month 9, you are really getting excited. You are starting to see several hundred dollars per month and you know that things are going to keep building because you are more focused than ever. You are probably referring more than one Affiliate per month now and you’ve got some folks on your team that are really starting to take off.

By month 10, you crossed over into that area where you are making over $1,000 per month in Regular Commissions and you are now in the 50% Leadership Bonus range! Congratulations!

You’ve stuck with your plan this far and it is really starting to pay off.

By Month 11, you are starting to think about firing your boss! (Or at least paying off some of those debts). Your income is high enough now that most people would be able to consider quitting their regular jobs and doing this full-time.


By Month 12, you’re making the kind of income that most people just dream about and you’re doing it from home on your computer. By now, friends and family are starting to ask, “What are you doing now?” and things are so much easier than when you started.

Here is how the numbers really stack up with my “Power Of One” approach:

Month 1: 2 Affiliates
Month 2: 5 Affiliates
Month 3: 11 Affiliates
Month 4: 23 Affiliates
Month 5: 47 Affiliates
Month 6: 95 Affiliates
Month 7: 191 Affiliates
Month 8: 383 Affiliates
Month 9: 767 Affiliates
Month 10: 1,535 Affiliates
Month 11: 3,071 Affiliates
Month 12: 6,142 Affiliates

And because you are qualifying for the 50% Leadership Bonus each month, your income is truly unlimited and you are doing very very well. You are getting Fast Track Bonuses, Regular Monthly Commissions, and 50% Leadership Bonuses. Life is good!

Now for the hard cold facts:

Most people in life give up before they ever get to see these kinds of results. If you were to set out on a journey from New York City to Los Angeles, you would cover well over 2,000 miles… closer to 3,000 miles before you even saw Los Angeles looming in the distance.

Imagine going 2,500 miles and then quitting. You didn’t reach LA at all. You might even go back to New York and tell people, “Los Angeles doesn’t exist. That whole thing is just a scam to get you to buy more gas and drive a lot.”. Of course, there are millions of people living in Los Angeles. They know it exists. You just didn’t finish the journey. To reach the desination, you MUST COMPLETE THE JOURNEY!

Your results will vary from this chart. This chart assumes a perfect mathematical world. As we all know and experience, the world is not a perfect place and things do change.

I know Affiliates that are WAY ahead of schedule on this plan and I know Affiliates that are a little behind schedule.

If your business is not growing at this rate, that’s OK. You can catch up, believe me. If your income level matches Month 3, Month 4, or Month 1 (regardless of when you actually started) then commit today to begin working from that point forward.

Say to yourself, “OK… I’m at Month X… I am going to start from here and focus all the way through Month 12 and beyond.”

Go back and review the Training Articles and your Affiliate Plan. Let it sink in just how simple this plan really is. We have been in business since the year 2000 which is amazing in the world of Internet marketing.

Thanks to some tremendous leaders, we are growing like never before. People are starting to catch on to the power of picking and working with a solid company with a proven track record instead of bouncing from one hyped up offer to another.

When you see how powerful this system is; is commit to doing two things:

1) WORKING the plan consistently for at least a year.

2) Teaching your organization how to do the same.

Some will fall away. This is a fact of life. Some will stay right on course. Others will exceed your expectations and this plan.


The point is to focus and stick with it to see the results you want.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Your upline is just a click away in your Affiliate Report.

Your fellow Affiliates are just a click away in the Member Discussion Forum.

Your Tech Support is just a click away in the Online Support Forum.

I want to see you succeed and I am looking forward to great things for you!

Email Marketing by

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Sun 17 Nov 2013

TE-JV is getting Popular with TEs surfers

You see many of these Coop programs like Explosive Traffic, TE-JV ads more and more often in traffic exchanges these days.

claiming they will send you visitors with no surfing required. I don't get what it means exactly when you do have to surf TEs to earn credits to promote your link – unless you pay or upgrade.
With Explosive Traffic, keep surfing the traffic exchanges you love, and the system will do the rest for you, on autopilot. Explosive Traffic will get you more unique viewers across thousands of traffic exchanges.

Explosive Traffic and TE-JV share the same idea...Work Smarter, Not Harder. These two Coop programs are getting popular and more and more like Get easy hits, 247 best hits, Legacy team coop and many more like these sorts of Coop programs are created and will follow suit.

TE-JV was found by Brian Jones and he has several traffic exchanges and other programs.

So how does that work ? TE-JV is a traffic coop site, very similar in nature to Explosive Traffic. You are given a “JV link” to promote in traffic exchanges. This will earn you credits which you’ll be able to use to promote your own sites. You will reach a wider audience this way, since TE-JV gets hits from hundreds of different exchanges.

Unlike Explosive Traffic, TE-JV offers geotargeting, which is a highly useful feature. In addition, there’s a downline builder with some popular TEs and related programs listed. You can enter your referral IDs in the rebranded section to rebrand all the TEs Listed through out the site. You can download your copy or PDF ebook and use this as a promotional tool.This is my rebranded page with all my IDs inserted

I love this TE-JV and there’s a guide to help new members out. All you really have to remember is that you promote your JV link in traffic exchanges (not through a rotator, but directly), earn credits for doing that, and assign them to your sites on TE-JV.

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Sat 2 Nov 2013

Fast Cash and Traffic

Fast Cash and Traffic ( FCAT ) is one of the best traffic exchanges. The owner is John Bell. It is a pretty traffic exchange based on the popular LFMTE script.

Fast Cash and Traffic has been delivering on the promise of its name for well over two years for me now. This is one advertising resource that I really recommend.

FCAT is a Pro only Traffic exchange, it also has a mailer where you can email 2000 or more every 3 days A great site with almost 3-3.9% open rate.

It offers a 15 second timer, 2:1 surf ratio, one-click mass credit assign function, cash commissions, and banner advertising. They also have a downline builder with some popular marketing resources like TE Profits.

Silver membership is just $1.75 a month and gives you 125 monthly credits and 50% commissions. Gold is only $3.95 / mo and gives you 65% commissions and 250 bonus hits a month.

Join Fast Cash and Traffic and try it out – and if you have $25 to spare, I strongly recommend making use of their Gold membership OTO.

Now if you want to have a lifetime upgrade in a good Traffic exchange and mailer. Surfed 50 pages a day (you can miss days) until you had 500 reward points. You can trade them for a lifetime Pro Upgrade and then cancel the $25 yearly subscription.

Happy Surfing and Promoting

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Thu 31 Oct 2013

Are traffic exchanges worth to subscribe?

I am getting a lot of questions from active members in my downline that they don't see the use of using traffic exchanges because they spent a lot of time surfing for credits.

As the word is saying traffic exchanges will deliver traffic. The more traffic exchanges you subscribe to, the more your link, banner or even squeeze page is seen and the more chances you have in selling your product, your services or subscribe members.

In network marketing there are two items very important, a product or a service and members. If you don't recruit members in a membership program then you'll never get commission out of a matrix and you’ll never sell yourself or a product.

Suppose you have your own product. Wouldn’t you like your product to be seen by as many potential customers? You can only achieve that by advertising your product. Off course when you have money enough you can spent a lot on traditional advertising but question will be if your product is going to be seen by a target audience.

Traffic exchanges are used extensively by people that are operating in Internet Marketing. It is also a fact that only 3 percent succeed in this industry. If you target your product, which aims to those newbie marketers, than you’ll have a great chance of succeeding in selling your product or service.

I have been taught that I have to surf for credits (as a free member) for about 20 minutes for each exchange on a daily basis. I have subscribed to about 42 traffic exchanges, so in my case it would be 14 hours of surfing on a daily basis. However there are tools out there that can load multiple traffic exchanges at once and reduce the time to spend on surfing.

A small calculation: If I surf three traffic exchanges for 30 minutes at the time, then I am done in 7 hours of surfing and will get at least  100 credits per engine. The site you promote is going to be seen 4200 times a day on the traffic exchanges. So you’ll have 4200 chances that your product is sold, or you’ll have the chance that 4200 members are signing up. Let’s say you only gain a 1% return that is 42 members a day or 42 products sold per day.

If I sell a book for $ 10.00 then my revenue will be $ 420.00 for 7 hours of surfing. $ 420.00 a day is almost $ 3000.00 a week. And I am only targeting on 1% of 4200 rotations of my sale page.

I think this is just a description why it is necessary to use a traffic exchange.
Click here to view how you can get more credits from surfing traffic exchanges

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Tue 3 Aug 2010

Use The Right Browser For Traffic Exchanges!

I have been using this brand new browser since the day it launched. And I sincerely recommend to you the TE Browser. It was created specially for traffic exchanger users

This is an amazing browser that will increase your traffic with less effort. And you can build a thriving internet business that will continue to grow more revenue year after year.

Still using IE, Firefox, Chrome or other normal browsers when surfing Traffic Exchanges? Now you should use TE Browser, which is specially designed for surfing Traffic Exchanges. Essential for TE surfers. Can use it in conjunction with TE Command Post

Unlike the normal browsers, TE Browser has unique features, such as:

* FREE, easy to install and use, fast, stable and is a small file.
* Conveniently supports 70 top TEs.
* Dramatically improves your surfing capability.
* The multitab powersurf browser moves to the next available tab, automatically.
* Can prioritize which TEs to show more often.
* Spend time surfing, not filling out forms with the autofill feature.
* By giving away this free browser, you can easily build your downlines in the top 70 TEs, 10 levels deep from within the browser.
* Simple but powerful management system that organizes all your TE accounts. Saves your referral IDs, autofill and easy signups for referrals.
* Saves all your login info and gives one-click start to surf all selected exchanges.
* Offers you three membership plans, starting with FREE, and pays you up to 75% commission when you promote it.
* Gives up-to-the-minute stats showing how many pages members surfed in each of the 70 TEs (which will show the popularity of each TE.)
* Shows the top 30 TE Browser surfers and their hourly surfing rate (and you can invite them as friends within the browser.) (If you're among the top 30, you can know your surfing rate.)

Click here for more detail

Happy Surfing and Promoting

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Sat 31 Jul 2010

Wow - Check Out MY NEW BLOG!!

Wow!!! Welcome To My New Blog!!

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And if they take up that option - You get paid!!
But here is the best part...
You then get paid if that person brings in other members... and then ANOTHER level of commissions as well.
WOW --
How to get paid forever on the efforts of others!
Now that is smart marketing.

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What could be better??
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So give it a shot.

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