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Tue 12 Jul 2016

Its All About People Planet Profits

Or Get Your FREE Residential Solar Quote Here !

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Get Your Free Quote For Residential Solar Installation Here . . .
Get Your Free Quote For Residential Solar Installation Here
Quote for Residential Solar Installation
Get Your Free Quote For Residential Solar Installation Here

Why You Should Install Solar Panels on Your Home Solar panels have been around for nearly a half-century, but the technology has advanced considerably over the past several years which have made them a very practical addition to your home. Once installed, the solar panels collect energy from the sun during the day where it is used to help power your home. Depending on the number of panels you employ, it can be a little bit of power or a lot. In fact, solar panels not only provide energy, but the look good on your home and advertise it as one that saves on electric bills. Many companies that install solar panels will provide in their contract a low monthly energy bill that allows you to pay off the investment in a pre-set period of time. Plus, they will inspect and maintenance the panels when needed. Five Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Panels Simple Installation: One of the great advantages of solar panels is that they are very easy to install. For the most part, the panels go on the unoccupied roof space of your residence to receive unobstructed sunlight. Once set up they require very little maintenance and provide power during the daytime and if they use batteries at night as well. Easy to Use: The panels are integrated into your electrical system so that they add to the power you receive from the main power grid. Although it is recommended that you inspect the panels every so often, particularly after a violent storm for any damage, they are very easy to use after they have been installed. Lower Energy Cost: Residents that have active solar panels on their homes pay less on their monthly electric bill. This means that you will save money month after month and before you know it the solar panels have paid for themselves. Emergency Power: As the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy demonstrated, many people in the affected area were not only without power, they could not find available gasoline for their home generators since gas pumps operated off the power grid. However, solar panels provided some power for homes that could be used to run a refrigerator or heating device that provided some comfort. Increases Value of Home: Solar panels actually increase the inherent value of houses on the market because of the power they provide. Many home buyers look for houses with solar panels as a means to lower energy bills and emergency power sources. And, thanks to the energy monitoring app that now comes with many solar panels, you can actually track the amount of energy they provide. This lets you see just how much solar panels are contributing to the energy usage in your home. Remember, for homes that create more energy than they use, many power companies are obliged to actually purchase the excess from you. In the end, solar panels are a great solution to leveling and even decreasing your energy bills. They can also be replaced when damaged due to a storm or other event meaning that you will quickly get back the power they provide. 5 ‘Powerful' Reasons To Install Solar Panels On Your Home Gone are the days where having solar panels installed was considered a little bit ‘alternative'. Nowadays, things in the world of solar power are really ‘heating up'. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, 66,440 new solar systems were installed in the U.S. in the first three months of 2015. This brings the total U.S. households with solar to approximately 700,000. The vast majority of residential installations are happening not only because of improved technologies and reduced installation costs but because solar energy is helping people the world over to save money, reduce pollution and add value to their homes. We ‘shine the light' on the Top 5 reasons why you should install solar panels sooner, rather than later. 1. You will save money We all know electricity is a commodity that costs money. We also know that the cost of electricity never seems to be going down. That was until you installed your solar panels! After the installation, receiving your electricity bill will become a joy. Well, almost! We can't promise that but having a solar electricity system on your roof does offset some of the costs associated with electricity, saving you money. 2. You will get superhuman powers Did you know you are a superhero? Who knew you had the power to generate your own electricity? As the sun beams down on the panels, the power is harnessed to generate electricity that you can use in your home. Plus, surplus power is fed back into the grid and you may receive credit for the power you supply. Your true superhuman power is actually that by installing solar panels you are contributing to a sustainable future. Even installing a small 1kW solar system can prevent 1.5 tonnes of carbon being released each year. Now, that's powerful! 3. You will add value to your home Consider the upfront costs a long term investment. The longer you have your system, the more benefits you will reap. Most solar power systems pay themselves off in less than five years, adding value to your home in the long-term. What are you waiting for? Shine your light on the world by installing solar panels today.

Get Your Free Quote For Residential Solar Installation Here

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Sun 17 Aug 2014

9:48 a.m. on a absolutely gorgeous Sunday morning in the paradise that is San Diego, Ca.

Buckminster Fuller, famous inventor of the geodesic dome (and many other inventions), wrote that, given the number of humans on earth and the abundance of resources available to us, every man, woman, and child should be... Click Here To Read The Remaining Article Written By Barry Gross ( Co Partner ) Life Without Limits You owe it yourself to take a full 5 minutes of your valuable time. Simply as an investment to yourself. Cheers ! Corey R Jackson "CaliCore3" Founding Member San Diego, CA 92109 Thank You All Prospectors ! All the best. FB ?

Contact Me Today
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Sun 18 May 2014

You Want Results
Right ?

Here is the formula: $$$ = M C *e

Here is the answer:

Money = Mass of Capital x Compounding Interest * At An Exponential Level

Find Out How To Put This Formula To Use For You
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See You Inside The Vault !

Cheers !
Corey R Jackson
Skype Me @ CaliCore3
San Diego, CA 92109

Giving Thanks That It Has Finally Cooled Down Here & The Fire's Are Finally Getting A Bit More Controlled. There's Some Serious Things Happening Out There In The World Of Weather... ( but that's a whole other conversation )

Make it a great day !

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Wed 7 May 2014

The Preeminent Membership Club for
Alternative Investment Research and
Wealth-Generation Opportunities
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Come inside... to learn more about how our inner-circle investments research club can ensure you achieve market-beating returns, no matter what the state of the economy is...

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Cheers !
Corey R Jackson
San Diego CA

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Thought So.
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Thu 17 Apr 2014

10:33 pm

Your message has been successfully sent to the list (to 2114 members total ) !

Message Subject: Reaching out for guidance...
Message Body:
Thursday Evening Almost 10 pm
San Diego, CA

Sitting here behind this screen. Typing on the keyboard. Words...

Not sure if they will be read. Not even sure who they are going out to.

What I am asking for. What I am putting out there. Right here. Right now. Is this...

H.E.L.P. / Assistance / Guidance / A Mentor / A Coach / A Teacher / Someone Who Has Gone Through The Ups & Down's In The Internet World.

Someone who know's technology. Someone who can explain how to build my own product. My own service. My own brand. And of course, there would need to be a mutually beneficial exchange.

Let's make this happen Prospectors !
Thank You

Corey R Jackson
Skype Me. Or At My Newly Updated About. Me Page @

This is still the main aff link I promote. The Wealth Vault. Integrity, Trust, Value...

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Sat 5 Apr 2014

Really ???

Only 2


From My Last

2 Posts

What is going on here ???

No Worries. I'll Keeping Hitting These Type Buttons.
Words Keep Rolling...

Cheers !

Corey R Jackson

Thanks Both You People !

Make, Manage, Multiply Your Hard Earned Cash ?
I'm Interested....Are You ?

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Mon 31 Mar 2014

About 3 Minutes Into This

Eye Opening & Very Revealing Video

Found Here (Now) At

Look, I've been an insider founding member of this membership only site for nearly 3 years now.
Brad & the crew at the Wealth Vault are the real deal.
Genuine, True, Respectful
Integrity is key when it comes to finances. Trust is paramount.

See you inside the Vault !

“What I value most is the integrity you bring to the table. You guys offer an extraordinary
service! It's amazing how much value you've ‘deposited into the Vault' since its inception!
I consider my membership in ‘the vault' a ‘pearl of great price' as it were. I feel very
fortunate to have access to sooo much exceptional information! A million ‘thanks'
and then some! – Greg Hollingshead

Try It Risk-Free For 60 Days

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Thu 20 Mar 2014

Yes, I Said Monthly

You'd be silly if you didn't watch this six minute video.

It will change your life

Listen: I have been a Member (Founding) since Day 1. This is real. This is legit. This is sincere.

Cheers !
Corey R Jackson

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Fri 7 Mar 2014

...arrives next week
Get In Now If You Are Not Yet A Member:

As you know by now, if we see and hear about key trends that will assist you in growing your money and building wealth, we're all over it. We crank up the due-diligence juice and get to work for you.

In our last update, Brad mentioned that he was working on a new in-depth report on Bitcoin; the world's first decentralized digital cryptocurrency (just yesterday, Newsweek revealed the true identity of its reclusive creator).

By now you've probably heard of Bitcoin. But as with anything that's appreciated over 17,000% in the last 24 months (no, that's not a misprint), there are bound to be lots of questions, opinions and misinformation.

This has made it difficult for curious investors and entrepreneurs to separate fact from fiction.

Brad has shared his thoughts on Bitcoin in previous updates. But if you're like most members who have recently come to us wanting to know how you can get in the Bitcoin game and profit from it, I think you're going to love what we've got in store for you.

Brad's distilled hundreds of hours of intensive research over the last several weeks into his new report that will break everything down for you in Plain English.

He'll introduce you to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: what are they, which ones are the most popular, what you can use them for, and more importantly, how you can profit from them right way (starting with less than $100), including a completely hands-off way you can make ridiculous returns on autopilot.

It's going to be, in Brad's words, “The most financially compelling report we've ever published.”

You're going to want to make sure your membership is active if you want to access it as soon as it's released.

INACTIVE? If your membership is currently inactive, just follow this one easy step to “unlock” the Vault doors again

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Thu 19 Sep 2013

Challenge Yourself

Commit To Convert

Create Your Own Unique Value

Click Here Now !


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Fri 6 Sep 2013

Most people aren't simply blogging simply for blogging sake.

Most people, I would guess, are here for some other reason.

Marketing. Direct and To The Point.

You've got something that you think I should sign up for or a business that you'd like me to participate in.

I Understand...That's Cool

Myself: Of Course:

Let me say this first, I will continue to be a member of this site for as long as it's around. The information is simply to valuable and to be honest. I really do enjoy being an Entrepreneur.

Take a look yourself. Do yourself a favor and watch the short 3 min video. See if it resonates with you.

All the best IBS Members !!! All the best... ( a little more about me here )

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Wed 4 Sep 2013

After Nearly Ten Years On / Off With The Same Company.

I Was Let Go...

How Will I Take It ? ( How Would You ? )

I've Been Going Through The Same Stages As If Some One Had Passed...Only Thankfully No One Has...

That's The Key.


Ready And Moving Forward. Onward To Bigger Challenges. New Growth And New Opportunities.

How Many Of You Have Been In A Similar Situation ?

Please Share Your Thoughts

Cheers !!!

I had a friend help me set up a new personal website.
Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.
Mary Ellen Mulshine would be happy to see what she could do with yours.

Happy Wed !!!

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Sat 24 Nov 2012

Simple as this...

Do You Have a List ???

Do You Have Influence ???

Do You Have Drive ???

Get On Board " The Residual Income Opportunity " Now At

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Don't have any of the above but still have that " Chutzpa " ???

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Those Dutch Rock !!!

Word Out !

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Thu 25 Oct 2012

The Average Global One G.O. ! Alexa Site Summary 646
Posted In Alexa Ranking | No comments

Who Is Searching For Global One Llc
1 st Shout Out
Frank Van Zon
( showing me where the ” kitchen sink ” link is )
Instead of only going here and simply starting typing
Everything But The

Can You Guess The Audience Search On Alexa ???
Who Is It That Is Searching For us ???
What Is The Average Age ???


Do They ( or We ) Have Children ???
What Countries / States / Etc etc etc
It's Interesting nnd Valuable To Get An



( Shout Out Here To Ultimate Power Profits Group FaceBook Leader : Aaron Masiya Rogers Jr.
“ Here's an idea go to, look up Scroll down to the bottom where it list the countries by traffic rank. Start with the most popular, and search for a group on Facebook for that country. Add keywords like “marketing” “business” etc. For example search “Russia Marketing” or “Malaysia Business” etc. Help me spread the word all around the world. Meet friends, Make money! “
“ Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by males who are over 65years old, have children, received some collegeeducation and browse this site from home. “
Alexa provides information about websites including Top Sites, Internet Traffic TheAlexa Toolbar is a browser add-on that shows data about sites as you surf the web. Alexa ranks 30 million websites worldwide; Over 6,000,000 people visiit ”

Join At The Top With Each And Every Resource


Could Possibly Need

Cheers !!! My New Friends / Associates / Potential Associates / Team Leaders / Founders / C.E.O. Scotty Evans / J.MichaelPalka / Demetrius Phillips / Frank Van Zon / Rob User / Jake / Martin / and all those whom are part of the complete

San Diego, California 92109

Join In The Next Home Based Business Paradigm Shift
” Take Action Now and Not Later “
” See You On The Beaches Of The World “
” Let's Get G.O. ing !!! “

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Logged in as CaliCore3.

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Sun 14 Oct 2012

Join GlobalOne Companies, LLC

Update: 10-14-12

All active Subscribing members are guaranteed to earn commissions at
least 6 times per month for a nominal monthly Subscription charge for
the company's first e-Product, “Elements of Wealth.” This product
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Join me as an Affiliate at:

As soon as you join, you will have your own website to enroll your
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the eWallet Support group to set up your eWallet, fund it and select
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Here is a 1-hour private call that Scotty did for our team on 7/25/12:

Click Here To Listen to Recorded Call with Mr Scott Evans

Or, Copy & Paste this URL into your browser to listen to the
CEO/Founder's Overview of GlobalOne Companies, LLC.

Pay attention to the information about the Humanitarian Projects that
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our several compensation plans.

There will be over 300 revolutionary products and services introduced
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GlobalOne is already in over 168 countries and is ranked by Alexa at
under ‘700' as most visited out of millions of websites, worldwide! We
are still in the actual launch of the company, as we just pre-launched
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All the best...
Looking forward to a prosperous future for all involved
Cheers !!!

Team Leader / Global One LLc Founder
San Diego, CA. 92109

Skype: CaliCore3
Phone: 858 605 0009

Reach Out

( only blocks away from Corporate Headquarters )

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Sun 7 Oct 2012

Get In Early and Get Paid ( easy as that )

9:49 PM (17 minutes ago)

to me
This may be of interest. At the very least, you'll probably want to
make time for the first part of what this is all about. Here's the
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I just got off a conference call with an old aquaintance who has run
several successful programs in the past that were certainly people
pleasers. A better admin you could never meet and I'm not just saying
this because I am effectively promoting this to you. Anyway, moving on
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This is how it works and it is a litle difficult to explain so please
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Firstly whenever someone joins and participates, it pays a piece of
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effectively means that you cannot fail to cycle and still it gets
better, you will cycle as many times as new members join, so if 100
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The payplan is actually very unique and by its very nature will be
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You are not required to promote to earn but when you have an easy sell
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Here is what I want you to do, just visit the site, grab yourself a
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So here is a quick recap, everyone will cycle repeatedly, so expect
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join just like that and those people will then tell others meaning
this will explode and go viral.

I will see you all there hopefully and don't forget, we are the first
so don't drag your feet on this one.

Cheers !


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Sun 7 Oct 2012

That's Me. Right Smack Dab In The Middle Of It ALL !

Will Be Arranging Lunch

This Upcoming Friday ( October Something Something 2012 )

Join Us???

Contact Me For Details:

Global One Founder & Team Leader
San Diego, Pacific Beach 92109
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Direct At 858 605 0009 ( you know that's a real number and this is a real email )


Please Be Kind ( Do not Spam, Respond Only If You Are Very Much So Interested )

That's All

Cheers !!!


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Tue 2 Oct 2012

I'd like to Thank Louis Cardow for her work in promoting this New
Paradigm Shift In The Home Based Business World. We are ALL going to
prosper from this and We are ALL One
Here and Now Helping Each Other
Learning, Earning, and Returning

Cheers !!!

GlobalOne - 100% of ALL Paid members are paid every month !!


The much anticapted launch of GlobalOne
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ewallet registeration is now open !!
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We have a business platform which guarantees that

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Global One has 3 Primary Compensation Plans which work together to
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==> 'Spinfinity' Social Profit Pool
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Just to give you an idea of what is to come
Here is just a few of the multi-billion dollar niches that we are looking at
* Shopping Mall
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* Music Industry
* Games Industry
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* New Patents
* Humanitarian Charity
and so much more to come.....

With something for everyone - how easy is it to build our businesses!!
And we ALL are going to share in this.

Alexa Ratings for 30th/09/12

# 781 in the World

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and it hasn't even launched yet!!

businesses in billion d0llar niches
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Doors Open 30th Sept
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Never say "no" until you know what you're saying "no" to

Get the facts, go here now , and sign up for free!

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The company CEO/Founder, Scott Evans, has his main headquarters a few
blocks from where I live here in PB, San Diego, CA and is truly a
visionary, who is about to formally launch his company, GlobalOne
Companies, LLC, in a couple of weeks with game-changing products that
will make our world a better place in which to live, work and play,
while giving us all a real opportunity to become an integral part of
this Paradigm Shift in the way the world does business...a Win-Win-Win
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Join me now, while we are in pre-launch, as a Free Affiliate, and lock
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member is paid at least 6 time per month and learn how 'go-getters'
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Listen to an Overview of upcoming products and services as presented
by our company Founder, Scott Evans on 8/28/12 by clicking on the
following link:



Join me at:

CoreyRJackson, Founder & Team Leader
San Diego, CA

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Mon 17 Sep 2012

What Are You Waiting For ???

Hot Tip: GlobalOne is a true Paradigm Shift in doing business!
Imagine getting paid 100, 500, 1,000 times, or more, per month...that is what this company's Patent Pending compensation plan, Spinfinity, is designed to do; plus 2 other compensation plans that kick in automatically, as well as 2 commission profit pools, which are fed both from internal marketing activity, as well as from external revenue streams. No other company offers this revolutionary compensation. Even Affiliates, who join and do not refer members, are paid at least 6 times per month! Guaranteed by Spinfinity.

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Here is a short, 16-minute Overview of GlobalOne by Owner/Founder, Scott Evans:

Scott's Bio attached.

Here is a 1-hour Private call that Scotty did for my team last week on 7/25/12 that greatly expands on what is in store for us. This is business on steroids!

Click Here To Listen to Recorded Call with Mr Scott Evans

Join me as a Founder at:

As soon as you join, you will have your own website to enroll your family and associates as Founders on your site, even before your payment has been confirmed. The eWallet set up can be tricky, so watch the instructional video on the site.

Remember, the Founder's positions close Sunday night. Join now and you will thank me later!

CoreyRJackson, Founder & Team Leader

Global One LLC (GO)

858 605 0009

Jet Set & Go
A_Bio_-_Scott_Evans__1.1[1].pdf 7-21-12.pdf
343K View Download

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Sat 15 Sep 2012

It's Free To Join

You'll Be In Top Position

You'll Have Direct Access


If You Like, You Can Simply Sit Back And Watch a Steady Stream Of Profits Pouring Right In

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