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Yakamore - NEW Social Site by Jane Mark Just Launched!
Wed 1 Feb 2012

Yakamore - NEW Social Site by Jane Mark Just Launched! Join FREE and advertise instantly! Or ... Grab the Special Launch Upgrade Price and get a boatload of AWESOME perks ...

==> Lifetime Executive Membership Available at Reduced Rate During Beta Testing!The price is set to go WAY UP after beta testing, so you really need to look at this.When Jane Mark and Phil Basten launched Sokule a few years ago, I passed on the Founder Upgrade at the lower launch price and ended up buying it for almost $2,000 later on!

You can bet I didn't make THAT mistake with THIS new site! :-) We all learn from our mistakes, right? lol If you can swing it, you definitely should grab the Lifetime Executive Level. You will get EVERY SINGLE THING that is added to the site in the months and years to come ... at NO additional cost ... EVER! You will also get to send SOLO ADS to MEMBERS! You'll also triple your commissions instantly! You will NEVER have to pay a monthly, yearly, etc. payment ... EVER! This is the ONLY lifetime membership, and the price is going up for sure!

==> What exactly "is" Yakamore?* It is a Social Media Posting Site that is set to go HUGE! * Targeted advertising straight to those who WANT to see your Yaks! * Post From Yak to Sokule * Post From Sokule to Yak (coming soon) * Posts can be up to 500 Characters long (way longer than on Twitter) * You can email members (coming soon) * You Can even target those emails (coming soon) * We Ping 100 weblogs for you with every single post you make. * There is an income builder at the Site * You can put your own 3 programs in there. * Your site will contain no sponsored Yaks on it. * You Get 3 of your own programs to add to your Profile * You Ea*rn 40% commissions on upgrades at the executive level * You pay once and that's it when you join as an executive. *

You NEVER pay for any of the site features that are added in the future (there will be many additions). So there you have it. If you are anything like me, you know business social sites are the place to get sales and signups ... EXPECIALLY social sites created by Jane Mark! I'll be looking for your ads there!

>>> CLICK HERE to Join FREE and advertise instantly! <<<

(Keep in mind that Yakamore is in beta launch. Jane and Phil will be working problems out as they come up.)

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