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Tue 12 Jul 2016

Instantly reach more visitors online, and
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For one flat rate, your ads are delivered to high
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Plus... all traffic purchasers get a permanent
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This is brand new traffic generating site that
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There is a huge commission opportunity built in
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Get your website traffic now, and take advantage
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You will be utterly amazed!

menno vzijl

P.S. Don\'t miss out on being first in line to me!

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Mon 2 Jun 2014


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Fri 10 Jan 2014

Dr Clix-launched today (06.01.2014) by John Novak, owner of ListBuildSurf, an elite traffic exchange site. This PTC is going to be elite and big like NerdBux and LegacyClix. Join in early!

Member Benefits:

Earn up to $0.02 per click
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Minimum cashout is $2 for upgraded members and $4 for free members!

Good luck and much wealth to you.

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Fri 2 Aug 2013


Eric Goetmann, creator of TopHits4U, and a number of other
quality programs, has released his PTC Professor. It is a monster
site for building PTC downlines.

Whether you are a PTC newbie or Pro, I highly recommend
grabbing this collection of promotional tools and training.

You can actually make money with this. Not just pennies,
but real income!

I think by utilizing PTC Professor you
can easily make $1 a day at the 10 PTC
sites a day.

$1 x 7 = $7.00 a week
$1 x 30 = $30.00 a month

But here is the kicker. With your knowledge
of how to advertise, and with a little
time investment I think you can manage
$10 a day in each of the 10 sites...

$10 x 7 = $70.00 a week
$10 x 3 = $300.00 a month

That doesn\'t even take in to account the
50% commissions you\'ll also be earning at
the PTC Professor!

Be sure to grab your free account at PTC Professor today,
it is getting great reviews!

To your clicking success!


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Fri 21 Jun 2013

Hey fellow marketeer,

have you seen those program\'s yet?


Those who are not already in AdHitProfits should make a point to get in as it is producing more than just a little money so I am really happy for that as it offers people the opportunity to create some nice income for themselves
right now.

It’s a revenue share that is producing a minimum return of at least 10% a day and has been surprisingly doing so for over 2 months now.

A share costs $45 and many of you might already be in but for those who are not, it’s basically the hottest program to be in right now to generate “right now†m0ney.

Simply buy some positions ( whatever you can afford as positions cost $45) and watch your earnings increase and multiply.

There is a strategy involved to maximize your returns and keep you making m0ney.

Making m0ney online with these sort of “m0ney games†simply comes from following trends and joining the right programs at the right time.

Go here:


The SECOND program I want you to look at ( other than AHP if you are already involved in AHP)

This program launched on 16th June and for the most part the site was very slow to load and undergoing a series of maintenance checks and upgrades so I didn’t feel comfortable saying anything about it.

I also don’t like the fact that they display that ,as of writing this update, $811,000 has been paid out to members as this is not true and misleading.

That sum of money represents money that members have used to purchase and re-purchase positions in the program as far as I see and DOES NOT represent the actual m0ney withdrawn to payment processors like you would see on AHP.

So to me they should have said that this is the sum of m0ney SHARED with members.

I joined, I tested and based on how quickly I am earning here ( which is very quickly right now) I suggest that THOSE THAT THIS APPEALS TO get in ASAP.

Here are the basics of the program:

Ad pack cost: $20 each – Expire at $30 (150%)

Comp plan is a combo of PTC & Profit share. (Free members earn too!!!)

Admin is out of Perth (Australia) & also runs Ultimate Team Success

15% Referral commissions

Receive great advertising from a membership that is increasing by the

To me the most important thing though is that anyone can join this
right now, add as little as $20 and start really earning money right way.

Not 2% a day and the program dies before you can get any real m0ney
but 20-20-40% for the day and have your m0ney back in a day or two and
then just keep building your positions and playing with your profits….THIS
is why I want you guys in on this and any similar one that I find that can
do the same for us.

So trust me on this and get in now:

To your success,

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Sat 17 Mar 2012


Would you like to show your PPC ad to 1,398,100 prospects for f*ree?

Initially, I thought this is just another s*cam or another hoax. But after understanding how the system works, it all makes sense to me.

Check out this newly launched service and get in FAST before anyone else! You will regret if you don\'t.


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