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  Sat 14 May 2016

Increase Twitter Retweets, Mentions, And Likes With This Simple Technique


Simple Twitter Strategy With Immediate Results

Engage With Your Twitter Followers On A Regular Basis By Alerting Them To Your Quality Content

When your engagement increases with your Twitter followers, you should enjoy these benefits:
  • More retweets, mentions, and likes
  • Higher Klout score
  • Stronger relationships
  • Increased authority status

You want to alert particular Twitter followers to your specific quality content that you know they will be interested in.
Here are 14 steps to take on a regular schedule that will assure you reach that goal and enjoy the above benefits.

  1. Turn off automated follow back

  2. Turn on email notification of new followers, likes, mentions, etc.

  3. Put those you follow into the appropriate folder based on their profile interests or website content.
    The email folders shown below were set up, because I want to share niche blog directory list posts with new followers.

  4. Record in a specific category the Twitter identity of designated new followers
    I use Evernote to record this data
    I set up a notebook called !! Social Media and !! Tweets @ is the title of the relevant note:
    BOOKS @abc @def FOOD @ghi @jkl @888 MOMS-WOMEN @mno @zyx @222 @922 MUSIC @axx @991 DONE @pqr @488 @119 @555 SPORTS @stu @vwx @333 @739
    Just add the Twitter ID of chosen new followers to your Evernote list

  5. Set up a !! Tweets note in your Social Media notebook.
    (The !! is included in the title to push it to the top of an alphabetized list).

  6. Record tweet headline complete with url (or your favorite shortener)

  7. When you have 4 Twitter IDs in the same category, copy and paste them at the end of the relevant tweet you have saved. Publish your tweet.
    The DONE notation (see #4 above) indicates that you have published a tweet with those IDs immediately below included.

  8. Sample Tweet Moms-Women Blog Directories @mno @123 @456 @789
    The Twitter IDs would normally be those of moms or women that have followed me.

  9. Be sure to include a relevant image with your tweet

  10. Put retweets, likes, and mentions from followers included in your tweets in a designated folder

  11. From the above folder make a list on Evernote of the Twitter ID, plus any blog/website url
    These are the priority individuals that you want to build relationships with. You have already stated to build authority status with a valuable tweet that got recognized.

  12. Once you have included followers in a tweet and they have retweeted, mentioned, or liked the tweet, visit their blog and add a meaningful comment on a relevant post.
    If the site is an ordinary website, tweet a link to quality content. Include their Twitter ID.

  13. Visit 1-3 followers sites EVERY DAY as part of a daily work routine.
    Over the long-term this approach is guaranteed to build relationships, increase your authority status, and multiply the retweets and backlinks to your own quality content.

  14. Get in the habit of recording all tweets on Evernote. Add new tweets to the top of your existing list to avoid having to scroll down a long list to find newer tweets.
    When you encounter an influencer in your niche, it is just seconds worth of effort to copy and paste a tweet of your high quality, relevant content with that individual's Twitter ID attached.
    This effort can be the first step in a successful effort to build a relationship with someone with a strong presence in your niche.
    A sample from my Evernote tweet list: Moms-Women Blog Directories Powerful Food Blog Directory List Book Blog Directory List Music Blog Directory List Sports Blog Directory List IFTTT - Recipes For The Small Business Owner
    Its so easy to use this technique when you have a ready inventory of previous tweets available leading to quality content.

Start today building your relationships and authority status. No excuses!

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  Fri 1 Feb 2013

Employ This WordPress Tool To Record Blog Content Ideas

There is an endless supply of quality content on the Internet, and I am constantly bookmarking great sites and posts.

When I started bookmarking, I did not use folders, and the huge volume of bookmarks became an unmanageable massive list.

In addition, I did not pay attention to the headline, and often found the default headline not revealing.

So, I at least cured that by inserting a more informative headline that told me more precisely what the bookmark was about.

Then, I set up a folder, Blog Post Ideas, but that too got overloaded.

Here is my latest strategy:

When you login to your WordPress blog, there is a "Tools" category in the left menu.

Click on it and you will see a "Press This" resource, which is a bookmarklet, a little app that runs in your browser and lets you grab bits of the web.

To put in place you'll see this directive:
"Drag-and-drop the following link to your bookmarks bar or right click it and add it to your favorites for a posting shortcut."

Once the "Press It" tool is in place in your bookmark tool bar here is how convenient it is.

You encounter some great info on another blog. You highlight it just like you intend to copy and paste.

You then click on Press This from your tool bar. What happens then is amazing.

A small window opens up that logs in to your WordPress blog

The window shows the screen of a "new post".

The content area is filled in with the info you highlighted and wanted to save.

You can indicate what category the info belongs in and add any tags

You can edit or click Save Draft and come back later.

All the info is saved just like an ordinary draft you set up yourself.

By the way, you can also save any image or video with this tool.

Time elapsed?

Less than 1 minute!

Hope you make use of this valuable WordPress feature to enrich your blog's content.
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  Wed 18 Aug 2010

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