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Mon 13 Nov 2017   Are You Ready To Become Self-Employed


If you are interested in starting a business, or taking over one, you face a daunting task that carries a level of risk and excitement not possible in the 'employee' world.

If the financial independence of self-employment appeals to you - no boss, no income limits as to time and wage, and the ability to let your personal drive determine your compensation - then you will no doubt be eagerly going over the many options available to release you from your current job.

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However, the rush of financial excitement must be tempered by the necessary cost of time, money and effort in properly setting yourself up independently.

Despite income claims made by home business opportunity companies, or competing businesses, you must be ready to accept the reality of not seeing personal income for several months - or even years.

Starting a self-employed business on the side, while keeping regular employment as your financial security, is a wise method of ensuring your income.

Another option is to have substantial savings that permit you the freedom to pursue your dreams unencumbered with other employment. However, the savings must also be capable of carrying the costs of developing a business along with providing for your material needs.

Do you also recognize the time that is required in starting your own business? In some ways it is almost unnecessary to bring up the point since your passion will likely drive you to spend many hours in your pursuits. If you have other obligations; family, job, social etc. then you will have to consider if you CAN devote the time needed to get your business off the ground.

Having discussed both money and time, you must recognize that there is much more effort extended BEFORE a business is profitable than at any other time in your business. Yes, once you are getting work and are satisfied with the income level you may be very busy indeed but you will then be compensated for it. When you are still cultivating your business - marketing, doing free jobs, searching for clients and customers - you may not be seeing any income, or a very meager one, which makes your EFFORTS seem immense.

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did."
Newt Gingrich

Do not falter! If you come to the point when you are working your hardest and doing everything your business requires but still not seeing monetary results, you may hit a psychological wall. This is where truly entrepreneurial individuals see an obstacle to overcome as opposed to a dead-end to their hard work. Passion for their work and the strong desire to work for themselves overcomes any perceived barriers and moves them to keep going and ultimately becoming very successful.

By persevering you will certainly see the fine fruits of your labors and prove to yourself and others that the benefits of self-employment far outweigh the mediocre status quo of the typical worker's daily grind.

Thanks for reading!

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Mon 16 Oct 2017   You Can Have, Do, Or Be Anything You Set Your Mind To, But. . .
Reading his book this past weekend, I came across P.T.'s quote here and couldn't help but be reminded of what I was often told as a child, "God helps those who help themselves." (Huh?)

Now, as a child, I certainly did not understand that concept one iota. However, as an adult with the privilege of raising two daughters of my own, I absolutely do 'get it' now and have tried to teach it to them. We have an embroidered picture of two birds pecking at seeds on the ground; the quote therein states, "God gives every bird his food, but He does not throw it into the nest."

So, Yes! You can have, do, or be anything you set your mind to -- but don't expect it to happen without a little action from your own self! (Or as I was also told as a child - "Put some elbow grease in it!")

Here is that quote:
"Fortune always favors the brave, and never helps a man who does not help himself. It won't do to spend your time like Mr. Micawber, in waiting for something to "turn up." To such men one of two things usually "turns up:" the poorhouse or the jail; for idleness breeds bad habits, and clothes a man in rags."- P.T. Barnum, The Art of Money Getting

Make it a Great Day!

Celena Barton

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