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Sun 24 Mar 2013

This is one of the coolest marketing tools I've seen in a long time!

I just had to get it! Check it out... Now you can put Optin Forms, Sales Videos, and other crazy cool marketing stuff right in your Facebook profile and Fan page without the fear of spamming. 

 If you're a marketer who's interested in generating leads for your business and you have Facebook, you're about to flip!
It is now finally possible to embed opt-in forms in your Facebook status updates and posts! This is Epic!

What this means to you is that if you have an auto-responder program like Aweber you can now make catchy headlines and embed your web-form directly into a Facebook post to capture their info!This system will get you leads even without an auto-responder!

Even cooler, you can embed a video above your web-form and have a your opt-in form magically appear after a few seconds or minutes.
So from now on, you no longer have to just post a link and hopefully they click it and then hopefully they like what they see and opt-in for you to get the lead!

They are also going to train us on how best to use it.

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Tue 23 Oct 2012


  Combining the power of Internet Marketing with Bulletin Board pinning (Pinterest) and "Social Sharing" to offer an inexpensive,  fun, unique, and lucrative way for advertisers to add 100’s of new customers and sign ups monthly to their Business Website, Squeeze Pages, Special Promotions, Affiliate offerings etc.    . 
The Virtual Billboard .

   is a truly Phenomenal way for any business to put their business in front of the massive traffic created by the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the VIRTUAL BILLBOARD each month.
In the last 16 days the virtual billboard

   has had over 269,005 people clicking on our different ad block advertisers websites and promotions driving 100’s of new prospects to their businesses. One of the  advertisers had 2500 new prospects view their business offering the first month.
The Virtual Billboard

  webpage is already ranked higher and is getting more daily traffic than many of the big companies that have been online for years... Why? Because it is unique and fun packed with exclusive offers no one else has and businesses are jumping all over it...
The cost of an ad block depends on the size of the ad block  you want to start with and get this the ad cost is less than a $100 for a whole Year. It doesn't matter what type of business because this works for any business.
The Virtual Billboard was not designed to be a business opportunity, it was designed to help you promote your existing business.
However, because of the potential for all involved  to proper from this venue,  a program was put in place to help all the advertisers , to also make a lot of extra money on the side. It’s only natural since you have a lot of people you know that will want to take advantage of this for their business.  
I Invite you to take the time to check this unique opportunity out for your business and click on the webinar links.
 I guarantee you have never seen anything like this and will quickly come to understand how the virtual billboard can pump new life into your business and put a lot of extra money in your pocket each month.

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Wed 3 Oct 2012

How cool is this?

Have you ever shopped  at Amazon or Priceline?

Ever bought a daily deal from Groupon or Living Social?

Ever heard of Ebates? Or ever Used them?

You Can Get Your own Daily Deal website for free. You know how Groupon works right?

You can get your own shopping mall. When your customers shop your mall they get up to
15% cash back. And you get money just for referring them to your site.

You are provided with all the marketing tools and help you need to make money.

Go to this site to get all the info on how it works.

Then go to my site and sign up for FREE and start making money!

Click here to join

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Mon 20 Jun 2011

Hi IB Subscribers,

I know most of you are already in some type of business, that you are hoping to grow and succeed in. Alot of times our marketing efforts don't produce as we had hoped they would.  Most people just starting out have no clue on how to advertise their business, other than the widely known methods, like classified ads and handing out flyers, etc.
Well, I have found a system that has everything you need and then some. And if you were to pay for each part individually, would cost you an enormous amount of money. And for someone just getting started, money is hard to come by.This system has tremendous value, and the price is laughable, considering everything you get.

Here are just some of the MANY Features Included:

  • Floating Capture Forms (Unique list building tool)
  • Viral Video Library (To get free leads)
  • FREE Content to Give Away (To get free leads)
  • Capture Page Creator (Unlimited)
  • Sales Page Creator (Unlimited)
  • Auto Responder Service (Our Emails get delivered!)
  • Audio and Video Messaging
  • Ad Tracking (Track any ad anywhere)
  • Contact Manager
  • Viral Electronic ECards (To get free leads)
  • Unlimited Sub-Domain Creation (Completely Free)
  • Training (FREE quality training to help grow your business)
  • Monthly FREE Bonuses for Members
  • PLUS we are always adding new and enhanced features!

This system is designed to grow your business, no matter what your business is.

You really need this to grow your business and your list.  You can try it out for free.
Take the tour see what tremendous value this would be for you. It is worth every penny they charge of $30 per month, but get this:

Refer just 3 and it becomes free for you. You will never have to pay for a capture page or autoresponder again. Doesnt get any better than that.

Get all the details here:

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Tue 7 Jun 2011

Here is a fun way to keep family and friends up to date on

family happenings, at no cost to you. You can get very creative

 in making your own videos or using already made videos and

send greetings for the holidays too.   Or you can utilize it to

get your point across in any business you are promoting. It is

easy to do and implement, and best of all it is FREE!

Click on image below to learn more!


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Sat 22 Jan 2011

Come join me in this exclusive financial club, that you can only join by special invitation.We are a group of

private individuals, who help each other to gain financial freedom. We dont sell anything, so we dont have to

contact family and bug them to buy our latest products. We have thousands of dollars delivered to our front

 door with just a few hours a day devoted to the program. If you could use some extra money, and would like

 to learn how the rich make money, go to the link provided below, fill out the form and then take the tour to

find out how you can be apart of our exclusive club.

The pass word you need to get into the site is


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Thu 11 Nov 2010

These tough economic times are hard on everyone. Most people are barely getting by. Even just to be able to have enough groceries to feed your family is a struggle as we all know.

How would you like to not have to worry about groceries or gas ever again?  I know what you are saying,  YEAH, right!

But honestly, hear me out. I am trying to help everyone I can. And I have found a program that is actually making it so you dont have to buy groceries or gas ever again. I want to share this with everyone.
Please before you pre judge, before you are saying, yeah, that will never happen. Take a look at this program with an open mind. You will be so grateful that you took a look at this. No matter what other business you may be in, this will not clash with whatever you are doing.

This company has been around for a long time, as a food delivery service. And then they had  a marvelous idea to help people and also, make it so they could earn money at the same time.

How it works is, you join the program, there is a one time payment, and you never pay again. But you don't lose that payment. You get to turn around and get a Walmart gift card for the same amount, and use it to buy groceries, gas or whatever you need. Then, you tell 2 people, who join, and you cycle and you get a $300 check. So, you not only get your orignal investment back, you make money. Then when your 2 people get their 2 people, you cycle, and get another $300. It is very easy to keep cycling over and over, and make an amazing amount of money in a very short time. You will keep going to your mail box and getting check after check. That's why happiness is a full mailbox.  Please take the time to watch this video for more information.Trust me, you will be so glad you did. It is already working for me, so I am not just saying this to get you to join. I have experienced it, and it is wonderful. Never have to pay for your groceries again!   

Watch video here

Groceries for Free

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Sun 7 Nov 2010



Start saving up to 50% on your heating bills

  • Heats from floor to ceiling
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Tip-over protection
  • Heats for pennies a day
  • No flames or fumes / Can not start fires
  • Safe around kids or pets
Very similar to the Eden Pure.

We are able to heat up to 50% more area with less energy.

The iHeater uses a new technology (titanium oxide coated metal heating element) which lasts about 60,000 hours.

Eden Pure is still using the quartz bulbs.

According to Eden Pure themselves, the life expectancy on the Gen 500 is about 20,000 hours and about 30,000 hours for the Gen 1000.

Stay warm and cozy this winter without having a huge heating bill. Use in place of your furnace and save.  For more information visit this site:


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