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I have Learned and still learning that no matter how great and wonderful my product, or, should I say our product is if its not marketed properly it really profit you and me absolutely nothing, eye balls have to see and better yet targeted eye balls folks who have an interest in our products and want to have it.
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Mon 1 Oct 2012

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Mon 27 Dec 2010

If you haven't heard about this already, you REALLY
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You need to watch the video which explains

everything VERY carefully in order to make
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Sat 25 Dec 2010

As crazy as it sounds - you can get money-making websites
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Mon 25 Oct 2010

I am just putting the finishing touches on the 2nd Edition of Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) with my co-author Rich Krueger (and BTW we have sold over 20,000 copies in less than a year!). We also just completed Facebook Advertising for Dummies (Wiley) which is due to ship in November. And a question I get asked in every meeting when I present social media is – “so who is going to become the next Facebook?” and I am here to tell you – No one and here why

Facebook has currently grown to over 550 million members which is one out of every 3 internet users! Mark Zuckerberg is calling for 1 billion member mark and I believe they will hit that mark sometime before the end next year (you heard it here first people!). Facebook also overtook Google in page views just recently. In my Top 10 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2010 blog post last year I called that day to be February 14, 2010 (betting on the social activity that the holiday brings) but I was actually 2 months late – the first time Facebook surpassed Google was on Christmas day 2009. It took until this August for them to sustain the page view count and surpass Google for good.

Ok so that is a look at membership and traffic but the part that I think really closes the door on any up and comer is their Business Model. Facebook is currently running 3 business models – any one of which you or I would die for and they happen to have them all under one roof.

  1. Ads – Facebook Ads is a business model similar to Google AdWords (which is one of the best ad models out there) but it takes that ad platform to the next level. You can target behaviors and explicit likes from a member’s profile. It can be 1:1 advertising or it can be one to many who share common likes for example – Male, Married, lives in CT, likes to Sail, likes to eat Sushi, and listen to Dave Matthews – and bingo your ad would appear on my page.
  2. Applications – Facebook Applications is a business model similar to Apple App Store (which is a pretty darn good business model too!). Like Apple, Facebook takes a percent of the revenue for each application which if they are correct – there will be tremendous upside in this model as developers build applications specifically for their platform.
  3. Commerce – Facebook has been flirting with a business model similar to eBay (yet another killer business model). They are currently locked into a 3 year agreement with that runs their marketplace but once that is up next year – I believe – they will ditch them for a more “store front” model similar to Yahoo Shopping or eBay.

Much like Lycos or Altavista or even Yahoo there were search engines that came before Google but Google closed the door on them. I am here to tell you that Facebook is in the same position as they make everything more social by sticking the “like” button on everything and adding mobile features. There is no challenger on the market right now that can take on Facebook (yes, not even Google) for the front runner in the social networking space. I believe they have left the realm of social networking long ago and they are now working on a social operating system for the web. So if you haven’t opened your Facebook account personally or for your business yet – what are you waiting for – like it or not Facebook isn’t going away anytime soon!

(Written on the eve of the launch of the movie The Social Network)

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Mon 30 Aug 2010

Platinum Cash Club is a program that has been created by Max Stiegemeier. If you do not know who Max is he is a successful online marketer that has created several money making  programs. You might have heard of the highly successful Ultimate Wealth FormulaX, Global Cash Formula and the most recent Extreme Cash Robot.

With Platinum Cash Club Max has created a  a Program that will help any internet marketer. He is finally giving us the information that top marketers do not want you to know about. He is breaking down the wall that separates the 'Online Gurus' from the regular people looking to have success online.

He states in his video that he is going to have Top internet marketers teaching their marketing strategies and tactics to everyone who joins. Finally a program that will teach everyone online how to make money!In this 2X2 Recycling Matrix Program  you can promote Platinum Cash Club and Earn $600 Per Cycle in Pre_launch and Earn $1000 Per Cycle After Launch .

The main problem for online affiliates  is getting traffic, competition and getting sign ups. Max has eliminated this with this new program. No more sitting with a massive headache wondering why you are not getting any sign-ups. Platinum Cash Club is a great program that will help newbies who have zero

experience and even seasoned marketers who are tired of staring at a computer all day marketing. Max has a proven track record of successful online programs and I see Platinum Cash Club becoming one of the top online program's of 2010. To see the full  Platinum Cash Club video and website check out here

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Sat 7 Aug 2010

Extreme Cash Robot

The Exreme Cash Robot software is the latest Internet marketing tool by Max Stiegmeier. You may know him from AGF Capital. Max used Ty Coughlin’s Reverse Funnel System to claim his online success, and went on to create Ultimate Wealth Formula X. Well, recently Max has put together an all-in-one automatic promotion tool that eliminates the manual labor of advertising online for newbies.  It’s a set-it-and-forget-it style software program that does all the online marketing work for you. It’s almost hands free. 

Go get ECR here

Now, ECR aka Extreme Cash Robot is currently in prelaunch mode2, launching August 4th 2010.  However, the details about ECR are the following. 1. ECR will automatically distribute RSS feeds for your blog. 2. Automatically distribute videos to all the video distribution sites 3. Automatically bookmark your site with the social bookmarking sites  4. Create backlinks all over the web. 

The price  $198 in prelaunch 1 now its $298 for launch 2 and said to soon have a monthly cost if you don’t get it while in prelaunch.  Even so, that price is competitively set much lower than other options on the market.

The perks to using ECR is it’s dummy proof  advertising features. It’s designed for newbies who are not likely to get too heavy into massive robot type marketing.  If you are a more advanced Internet Marketer with plenty of experience, there are a couple other software options you may want to consider below. 

If you are looking for a solution that does not require much effort and will promote your site for you, Cash Robot is an easy to use software program that won’t take you any time at all to begin

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Fri 6 Aug 2010

It’s NOT going to get any easier
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Wed 4 Aug 2010

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