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F*ree $50 JubiMAX Gift Card
Fri 5 Apr 2013
F*ree   $50  JubiMAX Gift Card

I’m giving away F*REE JubiBucks for you to spend in my Skin Care, Weight Loss, Energy and Vitality products. I’m serious! You only pay for shipping but your savings far outweigh this.

Click the link below and GRAB your F*REE $50 Voucher NOW !   

When you order make sure that you insert the product order value in the Jubi  Voucher box.  The cost of shipping is shown separately since you do not get a discount on shipping.  Therefore, if you order over $50 worth of products, insert 50.00 in the Jubi Voucher Box and if less, insert the actual amount of product value.

Warm Regards,



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ALERT The biggest launch in online money making history from Frederick Mann Ex Owner JustBeenPaid!
Thu 21 Feb 2013
Hi there,

I just registered for the biggest launch in online money making history! 

These guys have an exclusive automatic VIRAL marketing system that makes this easier than anything I have ever seen.

I don't want you to get left behind on this. Go secure your Founder Position NOW!

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((JubiRev))Revolutionary Revenue Sharing Program, Lock Your Position
Thu 31 Jan 2013
The much anticipated Revenue Sharing Program just went Pre-Launch!!

Here are some details about JubiRev:

Earn a Completely Passive Income from giving away REAL samples of REAL products in a REAL business.

Top notch customer support!

A company that has enhanced this already working model, as well as totally created a new concept that will make everything compliant!

The company has incorporated the leading Top 4 selling products online into their Revenue Share model....billion dollar industries like skin care, weight loss, energy drinks, and vitality (more products added soon).

The company is based in the British Virgin Islands.

No referral qualif/ications to earn.

I think Revenue Sharing programs are the best programs in the industry.  Everyone has the cha*nce to earn whether you are good at recruiting or not.

Taking the power of the already proven rev share model, and combining it with a top notch product line, is the perfect recipe for a powerhouse program in the making!

If you are on the fence until you know more, that's okay.  There is zero risk to sign up for fr/ee right now until you find out more!  You will have several weeks to get all the info you need to make a decision before the company will be asking you for a dime.

This is Day 1 folks!!  You can get a seat at the table for fr/ee to see how this will pan out in the weeks/months to come.  What do you have to lose?

I encourage you to sign up for fr/ee right now, and tell your contacts about it now in this prelaunch phase.  It will cost you nothing, and you can be the first to know when corporate comes out with all of the new videos, powerpoints, etc. explaining all the details of this new program.

Sign up for FR/EE here:

My recommendation to you:

Even if you do not grasp the whole thing yet or are not in a mood of joining a new program,

I urge you to take a Fr/ee position N0W. Your position could be worth 1000s at launch.

There will be company webinars and everything will be revealed BEFORE any of us ever have to spe/nd any money.

You do not have anything to lose but a lot to gain.

Secure your position NOW !!

To our mutual success,
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Mon 14 Jan 2013

(( A Complete Passive Income With Best  Advertising Revenue Income Ever )) !!

--> Luis Cordero "CEO Of Add Wallet" Created Ad Wallet With
a Purpose & In His Statement Create The Best Home Based
Money Making Vehicle In the World !!!

--> AddWallet Is Going To Drive a Tremendous Amount Of Traffic
To Everyones Website Including Major Corporations & Generate
( Massive Advertising Revenue For Its Members Passively) !!

- Add Wallet Is Completely OffShore (( Panama & South America ))
Opening Its Office In Ecaudor Soon !!

- They Have Worked Tremendously To Get This In Securing Not To
Get Shut Down By Any Reasons !!

- Beta Testing Is Getting Completed (( This Could Be Bigger Than Zeek )) !!
- ADD Wallet - 15 years of Online Marketing Experience !!
- 1% daily compounding interest to start and can go upto 2% daily for ever add you buy !!
- You just have to Click on 7 Ads a Day !!
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JOIN iLA before pre-launch and JOIN our Teambuild
Sun 13 Jan 2013
iLivingApp has just prelaunched a few days ago, and will start 1st Feb.

Huge industry combines with M-LM, very low cost.

The developers have 4 years of experience of developing
top quality cell phone apps that have become very popular around the world.

The iLivingApp will deliver quality weekly videos via the App on areas
of motivation, g.oal setting, business, finance, leadership, and other topics,
and there will be acc.ess to the ar.chive where you can watch past videos.

Basic Membership is f.ree and this give you ac.cess to the weekly videos.

Associate Membership at a very affordable $9.95 per month is the most popular option
as this also gives you ac.cess to the archived videos and the M.LM compensation plan.

The compensation plan is a 3x7 FORCED MATRIX and there are no sponsoring requirements to earn.

If you sponsor 3 / 6 /10 members you get additional matching bonuses of 10% / 20% / 40%.

For a detailed explanation see the video under ‘Compensation’ at the website.

No l.ock in contract, you may cancel at any time.
Payment is by credit card and it won’t be charged until launch at 1st February.

Sign up now as an Associate without paying and promote as much as possible.

By the launch date of 1st February with your t.eam building plus any spillover
in the forced matrix you could already have a good sized do.wnline developed.

The App can be downloaded to a cell phone, or if you don’t use a smart phone
you can watch the video content through the company website.

Phone Apps are huge business and growing bigger all the time.

iLivingApp is a great opp.ortunity at a very affordable price
that combines phone App technology, great video topics & content,
with an excellent compensation plan.

A business op.portunity that you can build into an excellent long term residual income.

This is a real business where you know exactly what is going on and will outperform and outlast
all the “ad shares, revshares, HYIPs, cyclers, and doublers” that are failing all the time.

iLivingApp - a member doesn't have to have a mobile phone to be in the business.
If you have a smartphone you can download the App and watch the weekly business videos,
but if you don't have a mobile phone you can still sign up for $9.95 per month
and market the program and earn in the pay plan.
It's just you don't download the App but you are still an associate and can earn from the matrix.
They said those members that don't have a mobile phone can log into the members area
and watch the same business videos on the website.

Phone apps are big business now and millions of apps are downloaded every day.
This is the first time I've seen a App/MLM program.
They will deliver a weekly video on motivation, goal setting, business skills, etc.
so it should be useful and popular.
$9.95 per month is a low cost and many will look at it.
The pay plan is a 3x7 forced matrix and there are no sponsoring requirements to earn.

JOIN our iLA Teambuild
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