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Fri 8 Jul 2011

Skinny Body Care , What You Need To Know About Marketing Your Business
Author: Sabriyah Guess
Company: Skinny Body Care

If you want to start out using Skinny Body Care, firstly you have to pre enrol. This can be done by taking the tour and registering on the web page. You can pre enrol right here Soon after you have pre enrolled you'll be given a short-term position till you obtain a bottle of Skinny Fiber. The next step is to visit the Skinny Body Care website Right here you are going to put in your own email address which you pre enrolled with beneath the Pre Enrollee page and then click login

Once you're inside the backoffice, you want to select your autoship. Personally, I propose that you adopt the three bottle offer, by doing this you have got some product to market to others with. It also gives you to start at the Gold Level which comes with added rewards once you start making money. Once you are completed with your purchase you can choose the My Web Address tab on the left hand side. Here is where your entire capture pages for Skinny Body Care. Here you've got a range of several business capture pages and about three product focuses capture pages. The program performs 95% of the work for you. Your task usually is to promote the capture pages when you possibly can.

Right now to create income from your very own Skinny Body Care home business, presently there are a few things you need to achieve. Market your capture pages, get leads and create relationships. By using specific internet marketing strategies you are able to develop a fully automated sales funnel that will work for you 24 hours seven days a week. With the help of keyword strategies and traffic generation methods, you could certainly enhance your presence on Google. The real key to having a strong business is not about sponsoring large numbers, this is not how you win in this particular game. The way in which make awesome income is by helping and training other people how to make their business. See the video for more details

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Mon 16 Aug 2010

Unique & Revolutionary online search engine/advertising service creates an amazing

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What makes different when compared to other online advertising sources like social media and/or search engines, is that shares the revenues with both the users and the affiliate partners (the entreprenuers - 'YOU').  That's right, our company pays it's users for their actions (searches, completing forms, trying free products, providing opinions, etc.), offers a very simple yet lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs and provides online marketers with risk-free laser targeted advertising solutions that are 100% guaranteed to get them results.  

Most, if not all the 'other' search engines, social media sites and other advertising sources keep all of the advertising revenues for themselves and never give any to their users (the people that actually create the market and profits). They are making billions off of the actions of others and keeping it all.  

Now, who other than gives its users and affiliate partners a healthy share of all the revenues and profits? 

Google? Yahoo? Bing? Facebook? YouTube?  Not even close.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IBA), over $10 Billion in the United States alone was spent on Internet advertising in just the first 3 months of 2010.

With you have the opportunity to grab your piece of the multi-billion dollar Internet advertising industry with the affiliate program and/or our free 'Paid-Per-Action' program.  And if you have something to advertising, starting after pre-launch you will be able to use our 'Pay-Per-Action' services to get a desired guaranteed action based on what you select (sales, leads, purchases, sponsorships, etc.).

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Thu 12 Aug 2010

Revolutionary new way to search, surf the Internet and 

advertise online creates a HUGE opportunity for network 

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Which Internet company pays their users like this?

Google?  Yahoo? MSN or Bing?  Facebook?

Nope, not even close.  

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Find out who does here:

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Fri 6 Aug 2010

ClixSense is realy one of my Favorite websites. It is so easy to use and you really do make money.

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Thu 5 Aug 2010

1. Ask yourself "What's the main point I want to make?"

Let's say you're trying to sell a copywriting program to people who don't know anything about the copywriting profession. You want to make the point that good marketing copy is vital to a company's success. So your slogan could be something like "Remember -- when it comes to making sales... Copy Is King!

2. K.I.S.S. (not the rock band)

The best slogans use five words or less. Think of "Ahnold" saying "I'll be back!" or Dirty Harry saying "C'mon, make my day!" 

In other words, K.I.S.S. -- Keep It Simple, Stupid!

You might remember that when Bill Clinton campaigned against George Bush, he used a slogan that was roughly based on that K.I.S.S. acronym: I.T.E.S. -- It's the Economy, Stupid! And if you were, say, selling a marketing program, you might do something similar...

"If you want to exponentially grow your company year and year out, if you want a fail-safe method to accomplish this... you absolutely must adhere to the I.T.M.S principal -- It's the Marketing, Stupid!"

3. Use rhythm.

"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing."

Slogans with a musical rhythm to them are easier to grasp, remember, and internalize. You know how easy it is to remember nursery rhymes -- and how hard it is to get a favorite song out of your head. ("Everybody was kung-fu fighting!" Yes, I am aging myself now.) Same idea.

4. Create a slogan that fits your message -- and only your message -- like a glove.

Try not to use a slogan that's been done to death -- even if it is perfect for your message. Giving a speech on how to improve self-confidence in the competitive business world? How about "First Believe... Then Achieve"? Giving a speech on nutrition? How about "Look Before You Eat!"?

5. Play with words.

Reinforce your core message by expressing it in an unusual or fun way.

Words that begin and end with consonants, for example, seem to stick in the brain. One of my favorites: Wassssuuuuuuppp! Or Tony the Tiger's: "They're grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!"

Giving a speech on leadership to your local Chamber of Commerce? Try repetition: Be Accountable... Be Straightforward... Be Consistent!

Presenting  a new dog re-training manual to the head of a pet store franchise? Try a branding line that brings a smile to his lips: Give Your Dog a Whole New Leash on Life!

Speaking of humor... for some reason, "k" sounds and "p" sounds are funny. "Ketchup" and "cantaloupe" are funny words. And God bless you if you can somehow incorporate them into your slogan.

 6. Tell 'em what you want 'em to do.

Your speech should inspire BUT also have a call to action. You want to motivate your audience to take the action that will give them the results you're talking about. So if you can, try incorporating a call to action in your slogan. Nike's "Just Do It" is a great example. 

Brainstorm with verbs like "seize," "capture," "conquer," and "grasp" to come up with a slogan with a powerful call to action. (Now, YOU can Master the Art of Persuasive Public Speaking and Earn High Speaking Fees!)

7. Tell 'em once and tell 'em again.

You should incorporate your branding phrase about six times in a 60-minute presentation. Always begin with it -- and definitely end with it.

Brand yourself, brand your message. Rinse and repeat for continued success.

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Mon 2 Aug 2010

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Mon 2 Aug 2010

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