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Sat 13 Jan 2018

Tired of wasting money on website hosting?

Tired of trying to earn money online?

You may have heard of Global Domains International (GDI)?

GDI allows you to:

  • Generate an income stream while hosting your websites.
  • Quickly build Wordpress or custom websites with ease.
  • You receive a Domain name and 10 email addresses of your choice.
  • Free 7 day trial so there is no financial risk.

Plus with our Action Power Team of 600+ members and growing, we place
members under you because when YOU make money. WE make money!

Simply watch this short video and sign up free!

Just click the banner below (No Opt-In required).

All the best,
Ian Begg

P.S. The steps above I mentioned is seriously
     all that is required for you to make money
     with this program! I did it. Now you.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

By: Zig Ziglar

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Mon 11 Dec 2017

Travel Rent-free As A House Sitter Anywhere In The World. Save On Accommodation Costs As A Housesitter.

Pet Owners Save On Boarding Fees And Pet Stress With A Sitter.

HouseCarers has been securely matching Homeowners with House Sitters since October 2000. They have researched the practice of house sitting and created acceptable guidelines to help members make informed decisions. We use the power of the internet to connect our members across United States and around the world.

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Mon 4 Dec 2017

Hey there,

Did you know the earning potential with Clickbank® products is virtually limitless?

If you are looking for a money-making opportunity, that is simple and will help you sustain a great life, you have to check out the amazing earning potential that Clickbank products can offer you.

Enter CBproADS, an amazing Ad generation tool set which allows CBproADS members to easily and quickly create high quality Clickbank Ads for websites and blogs. No website no worries, CBproADS provides affiliate storefronts, a great option for newbies and those who want to promote Clickbank products without much bothering about technical things.

Take it from Hope Crutti -  "CBpro Ads is awesome. The ads run through Clickbank, so you are not paid directly. You are paid through Clickbank. And as for the CBpro Ads affiliate program, they have paid me several times already, so it is legit".

CBproAds - The Ultimate ToolKit To Promote Clickbank Products

Click the link to sign up and get started now!

Just imagine, 50 – 75 percent as commission on sales to all affiliates
Isn’t that amazing?

Take Action!

Click the link to start earning those commissions.

All the best,
Ian Begg

"You can neither win nor lose if you don't run the race."
                                 - David Bowie

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Thu 17 Nov 2016

First the bad news:

In case you haven't heard, PayPal have made the decision to shut down every Safelist, Mailer and Traffic Exchange, it is just a matter of time.

Yes, sales are down all over the Industry. It will take several months for everyone to come to terms with the PayPal betrayal.

With every Program losing PayPal, many of the poorer Programs will fail or just fold, which will impact all of our businesses.

Let's face It PayPal is GONE - We All Need to Move On.

Now the Good News:

The alternatives are SolidTrustPay and Payza. These are free to join and both have affiliate programs for you to earn extra as well.

LandMarketing have direct and definite proof SolidTrustPay has much lower fees then Payza , and it is also easier to get verified and to fund. They can see it becoming a major Processor.  SolidTrustPay also state on their website they support this Industry.

Land Marketing is fighting back, they have NEVER missed a payment and they never will.

Now more than ever Joining and Upgrading will benefit you.

I recommend starting with the flagship "Traffic Delivers", from there you can learn about all their other sites, I recommend checking the downline builder, all of the sites listed will be proven winners for your business.

Lets move on together.

Join Traffic Delivers today, sign up for Payza and SolidTrustPay and lets get the ball rolling into the new year to make 2017 awesome.

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Sun 27 Mar 2016

Hello and Welcome to PaySpree Sniper

You are absolutely going to love this, please take a moment to read on!

Seriously, when they say making money online doesn't get any easier than this, they mean it...Whether you are an absolute beginner, have tried and failed or are just looking for somewhere to start, this is without a doubt the perfect opportunity for you.

You probably won't find a cheaper or more simple to operate income opportunity on the Net.  You literally have nothing to do except copy, paste and post pre-written ads/emails in the locations you are given in the members area.

Just like I've done here with a few mods :-)

In fact… take the website traffic rotator option and you might not even have to do that to earn. You can use your own Autoresponder to capture all the leads for yourself as well (if you have one, not necessary though to earn).

With PaySpree Sniper, making money online becomes like child's play!

The reason it caught my attention is that ALL its members get paid for their sales instantly. And you can choose whether to be paid by PayPal, AlertPay or Credit Card.

How it works...

You get a 100% done for you automated website that sells, PaySpree Sniper memberships and Internet/affiliate marketing digital products 24 hours a day.

Any system sales your automated website makes for you get paid instantly and directly to your account.  You can earn anything from $5 one-time instant payments to monthly residual income and random products sales from their other integrated income streams, which include CBPro and Clickbank.

It's fun, it's affordable, is 100% risk free and it pays you instantly and directly every single day.  What More Could You Ask for?

Get Started Earning Instant Commissions Now!

To Your Success,

Ian B

Recommendation:  Although part of the process for Payspree Sniper is to sign up for a free account with the Payspree marketing site, I recommend NOT upgrading at Payspree unless you are going to use the site to market your own products, as there is no benefit financially as an affiliate at this time
- why waste money?

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Sun 28 Jun 2015

I'm going to get straight to the point, without any hype because this opportunity speaks for itself.

• Make money like you've never seen before — it's so easy.
• No Sponsoring or Recruiting required in order to get paid.
• Absolutely NO Cost to Join - 100% FREE!
• The company will give you $10 to start with just to show you proof that the system works.
• An advertising company with an 8 year track record.
• Ranked in the Top 200 Most Visited Websites in the World, as well as in the U.S.
• You can literally start earning money within the 1st 24 hours of joining.

Well, there you have it. This is a true "NO BRAINER" , with nothing to lose but plenty to gain!

Click here to learn more.

And don't worry, you can thank me later. :)

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Mon 26 Jan 2015

Get Rockin' Viewers to Your Sites

Have you HEARD?




*Very Fast and Smooth SurfBar * 25%-50% Commissions Paid to All Members
*Low $10.00 Minimum Payout * Endorsed By the Very Best

New Member Join Bonus: $2.00|100|250|250+
Receive $0.50 per active referral

This site has been fixed up using input from Doug and Louise from Land marketing, and it is well worth a look, I highly recommend adding it to your traffic exchange arsenal... 

Also check out the cool video;s which show the site owner Eddie Rosenblum in action like the one below.

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Wed 31 Dec 2014



Ian B  - Life is An Adventure.

To make 2015 a great year, I recommend checking out this review and adding these sites to your traffic arsenal - Today!

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Sat 6 Dec 2014

I've been around the internet for a bit, since the Z80 and 2400 Baud connections where top end.  I've seen a lot of stuff come and go, the birth of internet commerce and the coming and going of many, many sites, methods and traffic exchanges.  But out of all this, I've found there is one true advertising network that I believe will stand the test of time. 

The Land Marketing network.

It's not the fact that Land Marketing has the latest LFMTE scripts, or that you can earn cash and prizes simply by surfing or the fun of joining the frequent contests, no.  It's the site management by Doug and Louise that sets Land Marketing, in my opinion, head and shoulders above the rest of the noise on the internet.

I have never met Doug or Louise personally, but their style of management, experience online, passion and ability to make their members feel like family, shines through their communications and willingness to assist. With no judgement on newbie mistakes or experienced marketer issues alike (which we all have from time to time), the support from Land marketing is first class all the way.

They do not offer fancy badges or 2 second timers, they offer real marketing sites that give real traffic and results. It's not the scripts or the software (although that helps), it's the real people, constantly working behind the scenes, tweaking and testing, that make the difference. 

Marketing after all is about people, Doug and Louise have proven they understand this fact and in my opinion are marketers that can and should be looked up to and emulated.

For this reason I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending and promoting joining all the Land Marketing sites and exploring all that is on offer.  

Click below to sign up free, and I recommend checking their low One Time Offers and Upgrades if you can as this makes for an even better experience.

Traffic delivers

Froggy Hits

Big Beach Hits

Conversion Surf

And the latest addition to the arsenal - Land Marketing Mailer

Thanks for listening

Ian B

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
Henry Ford

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Sun 5 Oct 2014

Subliminal recordings can help you change any area of your life you desire!

They can help you reach your ideal weight, think more positively, adopt a millionaire's mindset, increase confidence levels, sleep better, and more, buy delivering phrases and affirmations in a way that has an impact on the subconscious mind.

For example, a subliminal may the phrase “I feel great!” and then embed that phrase inside a piece of music. By using special audio techniques,  the conscious mind can barely hear the affirmation, yet it remains clear to the subconscious mind

This process can help you automatically rewire long-standing thinking patterns – helping you to think more positively, lose weight, or gain confidence, for example.

There are a number of methods used in the making of subliminal recording, including:

Whisper Method – This involves subtly placing spoken affirmations at a point where they are barely audible, except to the subconscious mind

Stereo Confusion – This involves overlapping different affirmations in the left/right channels simultaneously. This overwhelms the conscious mind, but allows the commands to seep down into the subconscious. This process may done at regular volume, or just barely audible

Lightning Technique – This involves increasing the speed, but not the pitch, of the affirmations being spoken, and repeating them over and over, at a barely audible level. The conscious mind cannot interpret this, but the subconscious can

Reverse Speech – This involves playing the affirmations in reverse, at a barely audible level. It has a lesser body of evidence surrounding it, but such affirmations are believed to be interpreted by the subconscious and not the conscious mind.

They can help you reach your ideal weight, think more positively, adopt a millionaire's mindset, increase confidence levels, sleep better, and more.

Whatever you wish to achieve, a subliminal recording can help support you, with virtually no extra effort – all by listening to a simple MP3, while you get on with your day.

"A man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its
original dimensions."

Gerald Holton

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Wed 3 Sep 2014

The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.

Just wanted to send you a quick note about this great website I found that gives you Unlimited access to all the Free eBooks you want.  

You can register at NO cost for a Standard Membership to read books online in any Internet Browser and download up to 5 eBooks in PDF format every month.

Or, if you want Unlimited Access and Unlimited Downloads for ALL formats for any eBook Reader, including Amazon's Kindle, BN's Nook, SONY's Reader or, of course, Apple's iPad, then you can enroll in a V.I.P. program for a nominal donation to get complete 1st Class treatment.

They've got thousands of books, fiction and non-fiction, for you to choose from. 

get books for free

For marketers and publishers..

If you've got a message or a story to share with the world, then this is he place to do it!

Put your message or story in front of MILLIONS of hungry readers today.
If you put your message or story in an eBook, then you can be sharing it with everyone in no time!

Once you submit your book to Free-eBooks, they also help you promote and publicize your
book's release with a number of different services too!

Click here to check it out...



P.S. If you like it as much as I do, you'll love that you can give away a V.I.P. Membership to one of your family or friends, when you get yours.

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Sun 20 Apr 2014

I've spoken about this site before, but due to all the ongoing work and awesome enhancements and additions made by the team I believe it's worthy of another shout.

The service I'm talking about is SocialMonkee, which offers a quick and easy way to build backlinks to any page, whether it's your own page or a page that links to your page. Submitting a URL to SocialMonkee takes less than a few minutes, and it only takes a few seconds if you use the Firefox or Chrome Plugin (provided to you at no cost).

This service is a proven link building solution that has already helped thousands, to not only build backlinks to their pages, but also boost their existing backlinks. Building  backlinks can be a time-consuming, boring process. You can outsource the process to an  agency and pay a lot of money, or you can do it yourself...

Whether or not you already build backlinks to your pages, SocialMonkee is a must-have. If you're new to link building, SocialMonkee is a great place to start as it's very easy to use and does a great job. If you already build backlinks but don't see the benefits, here is your chance to boost them and make them pass on some powerful link juice to your pages.

The system even integrates popular content spinning and link indexing tools so you can submit URLs even faster and get the most out of your backlinks.

The network keeps growing, with new sites added every week, so sign up now and submit your URLs within the next few minutes to boost your rankings and get the traffic your pages deserve.

You wont regret it.

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Sun 5 Jan 2014

You hear it every day..The money is in the list!

Here is something you may not know, building your mailing list
does not have to require a PHD in rocket science and with a little
effort is IMHO fun and rewarding at the same time.

I've been trialling rocket responder an I have to tell you:

- It's easy to use
- It's powerful
- Your e-mails are delivered
- It's affordable
- And it's the perfect evergreen product for your business!

I'm seeing more and more emails in my inbox from other marketers
using this system so more proof it is effective.

Join Rocket Responder now, get a 30 day Free trial and see how an
auto responder should work...Simple, and easy, you won't look back!

Yours in success,

Ian B

P.S. Lets make this year the best year ever :-)

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

-- Tony Robins

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Sun 2 Jun 2013

Whether you have a full website or just a free hosted blog, you can use the FREE CBProads ad generation tools to display the ads that are almost certain to help you earn money in no time at all.

With CBProads you can create fantastic looking ads, which you can arrange in various sizes like those standard sizes available through Google Adsense. Some of the ads can even be set to scroll up or across the page, at a speed you set, and all within the sizes and colours you set!

Google Adsense might only pay you a few cents per click, so why not try using CBProads ad creation tools to see the type of products and ads you can create? There really is a product for every site out there! With many ad types and styles to choose from (all with customisable colours) if you don't like one, then simply choose another style.

Here is one tip for you - Get the lifetime membership for a one off, low price fee. It really will save you a fortune - whilst at the same time just possibly helping you to make a fortune! (The sky really is the limit when you try to make money on Clickbank using ad generation tools - provided you create enough well looking adverts and put them on enough pages, plus send enough targeted traffic to those pages, you could just be set for life.)

Another reason for getting the lifetime membership is that you will have your Clickbank hoplink inserted into ALL of the ads you generate using CBProads. Free members only have their Clickbank hoplink inserted into half of the ads that they create. So make sure you get the lifetime pro membership when you sign up below!

CBProads even offer you your own page on their website so that you can just send people over there and make all of you sales directly on that page. Your FREE Clickbank mall page really will help you to make even more sales.

If you have been trying to earn money with Clickbank unsuccessfully for too long now then you need to change the way that you advertise Clickbank products. The new way is CBProads. Find out more by clicking below.

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Sat 23 Mar 2013

I would highly recommend CBProAds to anybody that is thinking about promoting Clickbank products or wants to earn some extra income.

Please take a moment to watch the latest promo video below and learn more.

I have been promoting a few other Clickbank sites over the years but they were all dead and boring looking and not much appeal at all to affiliates or buyers.

Then I found CBProAds and it was the best looking ClickBank site I have seen in years not to mention all the great options you have to customise just about anything you want.

All of their products are fully customisable to suit your blog or website. 

Even if you don't have a blog or website you can join CBProAds free and automatically have access to:

  • Clickbank Ad Rotators
  • Clickbank Affiliate Storefronts (CB Mall or CB storefront)
  • Clickbank Affiliate Niche Storefronts
  • Clickbank Storefronts as a WordPress Plugin

The benefits are even greater for paid members, with access to free eBooks you can use or on sell and  an affiliate program, plus paid members get 50% of their Clickbank id automatically embedded in their down line free members ads AND 50% commission on referring other paid members.


What is Clickbank?

In 1998, Clickbank was founded by Tim Barber, along with Eileen Barber and Geoff Hoyl to enable niche audiences and digital content producers to connect in a rapidly expanding and noisy environment of websites and digital content that is the internet.

Today, while traditional publishers focus on one-time book sales, Clickbank enables repeat sales over time, across the broadest range of content delivery options and form-factors available today.

You can join Clickbank for free and make money advertising products as a affiliate using the tools provided at CBProAds, or market your own products and have Clickbank affiliates sell for you.

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.
-- Tony Robbins

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Mon 24 Dec 2012

Hi there,

I've been an upgraded member of CBProads for several years, and I'm really excited by the work the team has been doing on their tools.

With fr~ee signup you now not only get the ad widgets and storefronts, they also have put together Wordpress plugins and personalised Niche sites to further the earning potential.

Click the banner and check it out. Thanks for reading.


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Mon 22 Oct 2012

It's lurking for now... prowling and growling
Straining to be UNLEASHED onto the internet.

Get a FRONT ROW SEAT for this exciting new concept
with a phenomenal way to earn DAILY residual income

While we can't spill ALL the details about our program until launch, we CAN tell you that...

    You'll be able to have complete advertising campaigns on Auto-Pilot
    You can receive RESIDUAL income up to $615 PER DAY
    You can receive DAILY payouts
    You'll earn on a downline up to 7 levels deep
    Forced matrix is a Spillover MAGNET
    No Daily Subscriptions / No Cycler

Register NOW and get ready for The BEAST to be UNLEASHED:

Prelaunch Ends On October 25,2012


PS: $1000 is up for grabs in a Show-No-Mercy Referral Contest!
Top prize is 500 smackaroos - so tell everyone you know to get in NOW!

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Wed 19 Sep 2012


Ever had your Adsense account cancelled for some reason only known to Google and lost commissions?

I have, but I've been using the customised scripts from CBPro Ads to set up Ad blocks on my sites as an ideal extra income source. Leveraging the vast ClickBank marketplace, providing targetted products that can assist my readers with their goals as well as monetising my sites is simply awesome.

Over the last few years, CBproADS has developed an amazing Ad generation tool set which allows CBproADS members to create high quality ClickBank Ads which, when displayed, greatly increases the revenue generating potential of their websites and blogs.

Using the built in customisation facilities of the CBPro Tool Set, members can create fully customised ADS by category, display type, size, colour and format in a few short clicks. Their few lines of code will display the latest Clickbank marketplace ads on your site, embedding your Clickbank ID in all your hoplinks.

CBPro Ads currently provides:

  • Widget ads
  • Contextual ads
  • Banner ads   
  • List Image ads
  • Block Image ads
  • Slide ads
  • Scroll ads, and
  • Clickbank Storefronts and Niche sites.

CBPro will also be releasing a plugin for Wordpress in a few short weeks expanding the power of their system.

I'm a Pro member at CBPro and can highly recommend Upgrading at this site for the full benefits.  Check out the other testimonials when you CLICK HERE!

To your Success.

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.
-- Tony Robbins

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Tue 24 Jul 2012

A great new site has just launched

called "Earn Your Upgrade".

By clicking ads to earn credits enables you to upgrade your membership
at a number of well established  traffic sites - FREE.

Earn credits by clicking the ads found under "Earn Credits #1 through #5". Once the timer counts down from 10 seconds if will say "10 credits have been added to your account".   I found the easiest way is to use Firefox or similar browser, right click each link on the page and open in a new tab.

The site currently has a bonus where if you Click 100 of Each #1 thru #5 Before Midnight, you can Claim a Reward of $0.50 Cash and 500 Bonus Credits!
They also have a low payout figure of $2.50.

When you have sufficient credits you can spend them on membership upgrades for the participating sites in their network.

Currently there are 28 sites in their network which consist of List Builders, Safelists, Ad Exchanges and Traffic Exchanges - and this list will grow.

Upgrades vary from 10000 to 25000 credits, but all the sites are popular ones with high membership numbers, so you know they are worth while.

Upon trading credits you will be provided with a one time upgrade code
which you use at the site you just traded credits for. 

This gives you the upgrade plus the free advertising that comes with it.

A good strategy would be to login every day and spend a certain amount of time clicking ads. Before you know it you'll have enough credits to trade for an upgrade and ad package at one of their partner sites.

I tried it out with my first 10000 points and upgraded to a Life Platinum member of Power List Mailer, which currently has almost 2000 active members. I set up the extra advertising that Platinum membership provides (in this case 10 banners, 10 solos and credits for the mailer) and within a few hours received signups for sites I was promoting and even earned commissions from OTO sales - so quickly. 

This is why I believe it's worth promoting Earn your upgrade.

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Sat 30 Jun 2012

Congratulations, You Just Hit The Free Advertising Jackpot!

Exclusive Promo Codes is giving away promo codes that you will not find anywhere else, worth thousands of dollars!!

Run by David Smith, Exclusive Promo Codes is also paying
a ton of commissions to members.

Here is something you should know.

On average, 1 in 7 members that join Exclusive Promo Codes, upgrades to JV.  There is well over 200 JV members and it is growing all the time.

Why is that important you might ask?
Let me show you just a couple reasons why.

1.) JV Members get a total of 20 Solo Ads, 20 Banners Ads w/1000 impressions each, and 20 Button Ads w/1000 impressions each, for every site listed on Exclusive Promo Codes. Plus they are actively adding safelists to the site also and you will get a ton of extra credits.

With 350 sites listed, that is 7000 Solo Ads, and over 7 MILLION Banner Ad and Button Ad Impressions!!

2.) JV Members earn 50% Commissions for every member they refer, that upgrades to JV. That means it only takes a few upgraded referrals, and you have earned back what you paid to upgrade, plus you get all of the extra Free adverting!

Here is the best part.

Exclusive Promo Codes is growing at an unheard of rate, and will continue to do so! That means more sites will be added, and you will get even more Free advertising!

Its easy to get referrals here!

Use the Free advertising on the sites listed, to promote Exclusive Promo Codes, and watch your referrals grow! How do I know? That's What I Do!!


So What Are You Waiting? Go Now!

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