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Tue 23 Nov 2010

Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail - Successful Traffic Exchange Marketing Explained

Traffic Exchanges are a great place to get subscribers to your email list.

When you are surfing Traffic Exchanges you should have a plan. Because as the old saying goes "Fail To Plan - plan To Fail"

The most important part of your plan should be to use a lead capture page in your Traffic Exchange marketing. If you want a great converting squeeze page you can get mine right now by going to TETactics I will send you instructions, a squeeze page and a plan straight away.

Most people surf Traffic Exchanges without a surfing plan. They randomly surf exchanges and get few results. My plan will show you how to surf Traffic Exchanges methodically and realistically expect to add between 10 and 20 new subscribers to your list every day. Plus get referrals in Traffic Exchanges who will surf for you and earn you free Traffic Exchange credits. Plus you will get paid when your referrals upgrade. Plus you will build a huge team and downline in Trafficwave and in The10KTeam.

It doesn't matter if you have ten hours a day available to surf or just one hour. The results you get will be in direct proportion to the effort you are prepared to put in. If you are determined to succeed and build a real online business then grab your free Traffic Exchange training now. Just visit TETactics and grab your free training and surfing plan, totally free, no cost, and I will personally help you if you get stuck or need advice.

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Tue 23 Nov 2010

The One Million Dollar Question

Internet marketing can be confusing. Where do you start, what should you promote, how should you promote it?

Just stop and ask yourself this, this is the all important One Million Dollar Question...

Is what you are doing right now building your list?

If you answered no, then go to TETactics.com and I will show you how to make an online income and build your list the easy way.

If you answered yes, then go to TETactics.com - I can show you how to build your list using Traffic Exchanges on autopilot.

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