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My name is Chintua Alozie. I am a humble servant of people. Former Marine. My chief aim is to provide a place for you to come and get the tips and ideas you need to help make you a better person and a better internet marketer. This is a value-driven weblog(VDW), not just a marketing mouthpiece. My posts will be serious, thought-provoking and humorous at times,leaving you without a question in your mind, that your visit was well worth it. Subscribe and do come back for weekly updates, and share the experience. Your comments are appreciated and welcomed. Come Mastermind with our Mastermind Group here:
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Mon 30 Aug 2010

"Remember You Were Put Here On Earth For A Reason. Until You Fulfill That Reason, You WILL Not And CANNOT Be Harmed"~The Traveler's Gift


Somewhere around the globe today, someone is thinking of starting a internet business or a home-based business. In fact there are currently over 1.5 billion people (that's billion with a "B") worldwide searching for an opportunity to make income from home. Are you one of those people who are just sick and tired of being told what to do by a boss who doesn't appreciate your contributions to his or her business?

What are you going to do about it? Will you just sit there complaining and whining? Or will say "enough is enough. I am off to do my own thing?"

If you decided to say "by, bye, unappreciative boss", I commend you immensely. Because it takes sheer courage to do what you just did. But that is just the first step in the rewarding journey you are about to undertake.

Ok, you decided you are going to do your own thing. What will you do? Are you going plunk down hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a franchise or get involved in home-based business or network marketing business that cost a fraction of a franchise? What are the pros and cons of each of these types of business?

Take a look at a franchise for example.


1. Huge income potential
2. Corporate support
3. The joy of owning your business


1 Huge investment
2.Payroll taxes
3.Local zoning restrictions
4.Employees(someone has to mind your registers)
5.Marketing restriction from corporate
6.Employees turn-overs
7.Worries about paying back your business loans
8. Store front
9. Rent for space
10.Franchise fees
11. Employees stealing from you.

Now, take a look at Home-based/Network marketing business.

1. Huge income potential
2. No employees
3. No payroll takes
4. No zoning restrictions
5. No loans to pay back
6. Joy of being in business for yourself
7. Parent company support
8. No Boss
9. Work at your own pace
10. Work when you want
11. No store front
12. No franchise fees.

1. You are responsible for your business

There you have it. Although there are many more reasons why one type of business may be better for you, you can start with the list above to help you in making your decision as to which way to go for you and your family.

I understand it's a big step to take, but take it you must. As the old Chinese proverb says: "The journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step"

As you can see, whether you have a lot of money to invest in your business or on a fixed income, it's a no brainer that network marketing is a better way to go. And what better direction to go than starting a internet business where YOU are steering your success?

What better time than NOW to start your internet business? Especially knowing that there is a vast conspiracy against YOUR money. Take your destiny in your own hands. Don't leave it up to someone else to determine your family's future.


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Mon 23 Aug 2010

"Remember You Were Put Here On Earth For A Reason. Until You Fulfill That Reason, You WILL Not And CANNOT Be Harmed"~The Traveler's Gift

I have been wanting to do this post for a long time now.  I just hadn’t found the right context in which to put it.  In a city where nothing really is out of the ordinary, where almost anything you see might be considered the norm, even if it’s just so far out of the norm for any other city or location.

New York is a beautiful city no matter how you look at it. There is always something going on, whether very early in the morning, afternoon or late at the night. Even at the time of day when only owls should be seen. There is a reason it is called  “the City that never sleeps”

Here is a story of a man whom I consider to be the happiest man or person in NYC. While most anyone who sees this man jogging through NYC pretty much anytime in the summer time, would be judgemental and try to put  a label on him that they might think fitting, to me he is just happy to be a live and be able to run freely in the city that he considers home.

During the summer months you can see the happiest man in NYC jogging, dancing and sometimes prancing through the streets, usually with a signature ipod head phone on, black shorts, black running shoes, and most of the time, shirtless. You can sometimes see tourists taking pictures or videos of the happiest man in NYC as he jogs through the streets.  Often you can tell who the native New Yorkers are(those who completely ignore him) and who the tourists are(the ones taking pictures and videos).

While I do not know the man’s circumstances, the first thought that comes to my mind is that whatever they are, the happiest man in NYC is worried about absolutely nothing.He doesn’t care who is “staring” or what anyome might think of him. He seems happy to just be alive. I think that most of us oftentimes spend too much time worrying about how bad things may be for us, and not enough time working on bettering or improving what may be the issues.

What about you? What makes you happy. What is it that when people see you walking around they think…”Wow, this person has no care in the world. He is so happy and has no problems?” What are you grateful for?

My “wow moment” is being able to get up everyday in good health and have the opportunity to  mastermind with people who are moving in the same direction that I want to go. Being able to  who have paved the road through which I can travel without re-paving the road.

If you at this moment don’t have that “thing” that makes you happy,  do everything you can to find it. Once you find it, continually work on it, no matter what the nay sayers or the dream robbers say or think.

So, think about the happiest man in NYC. Even if you can’t be like him. Be yourself. Be the best original you than a good copy of someone else. Don’t let others control how you feel or what  you think about yourself. Re-write YOUR story now. Be the envy and an example for those who look at you.

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Mon 16 Aug 2010

"Remember You Were Put Here On Earth For A Reason. Until You Fulfill That Reason, You WILL Not And CANNOT Be Harmed"~The Traveler's Gift


You just came up with a great business and products. You put together a killer business plan. Your business financing has been approved.

The day before Grand Opening, you are filled with anxiety,trepidation, anticipation and excitement. You can hardly sleep.

Grand Opening day! You get there bright and early and set up your cash register. And you open the doors. Yes, you are open for business!

Guess what. You were worried about nothing. Little by little, customers come pouring in to see what you have for them in your store. And buy they do. They like what you have. They browse and they buy some more.

Next day and thereafter, you have customers come in from all around town. The news has spread about your store. Your business is off to a great running start. You have a good customer base.

How do you keep this customers coming back to YOUR store, and not your competitors'? The answer is quite simple, really. But many business owners miss the mark here. You really have to work harder to keep your clients and customers from going elsewhere.

Here are useful tips to help you in keeping your customers from going to competitors:

*Always provide a greater value than your competitors
**Provide an impeccable customer service
***Always listen to your customers
****Be the place for your customers to go to get answers
*****Treat your customers better than you treat yourself
******Make sure your customers always leave your store happier than when they came in
*******Put your customers and business before profit.

Following these simple but yet powerful tips, will keep your customers coming back to your store, and leave your competitors wondering why THEY are losing customers.

While it is harder to keep customers than to get them, arming yourself with these tools will make it easier for you. Power is in the hands of those with specialized knowledge and that is YOU.

knowing what your competition doesn't know can make or break you.Clickick here to get your own brand, specialized marketing knowledge.

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Mon 9 Aug 2010

"Remember You Were Put Here On Earth For A Reason. Until You Fulfill That Reason, You WILL Not And CANNOT Be Harmed"~The Traveler's Gift


Throughout our history we have heard of stories of people giving up because a task appears too hard or too complicated. Many of us quit oftentimes, right before success shows up at our doorstep.

It is human nature for most people to quit or "take a break" right at the moment when we are about to achieve the biggest breakthroughs of our lives.

One story stands out in my mind. There is a great story in of the best book of success ever written. If you are familiar with the iconic success book "Think And Grow Rich", you might remember the story in that book about a man who gave up his quest for gold too soon, during the California Gold Rush of long ago.

The story goes like this. For months upon months this man went about prospecting for gold in the hills. Somehow he just knew that he would strike gold.

Everyday he got up early in the morning and walked to the hills in search of his FORTUNE . He dug and dug with his simple tools. He found some gold here and there. But never anything to write home about.

The story goes that he finally gave up digging because he was convinced that he could not find the "mother load" he was searching for.

Hearing this, another prospector came to him and offered to buy all his tools. The man agreed and sold all his tools for whatever money he could get for them.

This prospector then went on to hire a land surveyor, an engineer and geologist, all whom combined their knowledge and went to work on the mine where the first man had been digging without results.

It is told that upon studying the area and the mine, the men discovered that the first man had been literally three feet from where the real gold deposit was. Literally 3 FEET! The poor prospector who had given up was so close to the gold, he could reach out and touch it. But there was no way he could know this because he gave up too soon, and he did not have the proper tools for the job.

When he heard about the discovery, the man could do nothing but wonder what might have been.

What about you? Are you "three feet from gold" and just don't know it? Do you give up right before success shows up? Giving up too soon could be costing you a fortune and your dreams. You cannot fail as long you do not give up and you have the proper tools and training.


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Toi Your Success,


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Wed 4 Aug 2010

"Remember You Were Put Here On Earth For A Reason. Until You Fulfill That Reason, You WILL Not And CANNOT Be Harmed"~The Traveler's Gift

In every competition, we all know that there can only be one #1. Take a sporting event like the FIFA World Cup competition for example. The competition started with 32 Nations/Teams, each vying to be the best, numero uno. Some played their best soccer ever. Others did not. So, what separated the best from everybody else?

After 30 days of very electrifying matches and display of soccer skills, only one team proved that they should be crowned numero uno, number one! That team was Spain. You see, you cannot be "anointed" number one. You cannot be "given" number one. And you cannot not certainly be "gifted" number one. You can ONLY become number one by proving that you are, at the end of the day, better than all the rest.

One of the best things about being the leader, the best or #1, is that the competition is always looking at your back. You are ahead of them. You can be one, two, three, even four steps ahead of them. As the number one, you become a target for your competition. Why target?...Because they want YOUR spot. But you do not want to give up your spot. Why?...Because you earned it!

Which brings me to the reason for writing this article. You may have heard of the little snafu with car manufacturer Toyota. Toyota has led the way in auto sales for many years. Toyota became a target for the competition. This time not because they had quality products, good value for their customers.

Although Toyota had something the competition wanted(the number one spot in sales and value), something happened that not even Toyota anticipated. Toyota took their eyes off the ball for a brief moment. They had quality and safety issues which brought them unwanted attention and scrutiny. Everyone joined the "let us-beat up-on Toyota bandwagon.

Now Toyota knew their brand and reputation was under attack. They quickly scrambled to fix the mechanical issues they had with some of their vehicles. They quickly went to work to fix their brand, image and reputation. Their very survival was at stake. Millions of vehicles were involved in this snafu.

One thing was for sure. Toyota knew they had a problem. Their challenge was now how to quickly regain the reputation they had worked so hard to build. They went on the offensive with public services announcements, assuring their customers that they needn't worry...that they were on the case.

There was no way that Toyota was going to give up their spot as numero uno, top dog! They had to fight hard to maintain that position. At the end of the day, Toyota maintained its position as #1, fixed their issues, their brand and reputation.

All leaders who are number one at their craft know what Toyota knows. They realize that you have to work even harder to keep your spot as the leader. How do they do it? They do it by providing superior products, impeccable value and great customer service.

As of the time of this article, Toyota is still numero uno and the competition is still looking at the back of Toyota. This author does not own a Toyota vehicle, nor is this article in any way a promotion of the Toyota brand.

So, what can you, as the reader of this article, a business owner or just a casual observer, learn from Toyota?



 Note:These two ordinary guys have demonstrated their true leadership. I am following them:

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Tue 3 Aug 2010

Remember when we were kids and nothing was impossible to imagine or to do? We dreamed of being a doctor, fireman, police officer. What was your "not-so-impossible-dream?" Is it still here with you?

Now that we are all grown up and life is no longer as simplistic as we used to see from a child's eyes, have you abandoned those dreams you had? Have you been scared by the so-called "realities of life"?

Did you know that you can create your own reality and live the life you have always wanted...instead of the life someone else has planned for you? Being all grown up does not mean you have to throw up your hands in defeat and give up whatever dreams you had.

All it really takes is a simple act of courage to get your dreams back on start dreaming again like you used to when you were a happy, no-care-in the-world-kid. What happened to those times?

Are you right now too afraid to look into that home business dream you always wanted to make a reality? Do you have those voices that are telling you that your dream is impossible? Are you listening to those voices?

You can drown out those negative voice with a simple act of courage. If you do that, those voice will simply cower in the face of the "you-can-do-it-voice". That positive, courageous voice that reminds you of your childhood dreams that made you feel alive and rambunctious!

When you begin to feel that you cannot do it, just remember the simple act of courage of one brave woman in America history. A woman who refused to give up a seat that she was sitting in, because she was exhausted,after a hard day's work. She was asked to give up her seat because they told her she did not deserve to be in that seat. She refused. This simple act of courage put the Civil Rights Movement in full gear.

That woman was Ms. Rosa Parks. Because of her simple act of courage, America is better for it today. What is your simple act of courage? Finishing that book you started? Or is it finally doing that video you have been putting off? How about finally starting that home business you have been investigating?

Whatever it may be for you, all you really need to make it happen and have it become a JUST A SIMPLE ACT OF COURAGE. Just like Rosa Parks.


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Mon 2 Aug 2010

Hello, everyone.

This blog entry is not about selling you on any product or service. But it is about a story I heard a while back that touched my heart. I hope that it does something for you as well.  Afterall, the whole idea about my blog here is to give YOU, the reader, ideas and tips for your tomorrow.

There was an old man who had moved in with his son and his two young daughters because he could no longer take care of himself. The little kids were so happy that grandpa had moved in with them.

Then one day as the family gathered around the dinner table to eat, th eold man kept making a mess of himself with the food as he tried to eat. His son became so frustrated and disgusted with him because of this.

The next time at dinner time, the son decided that would set a separate table for his father to eat by himself. This he did. As the rest of the family ate together at the table, the old man was at a separate table ALL by himself.

One day the man was walking by and noticed his two young daughters playing "house". He noticed they had set two play dinner tables. One with three people. The other with one lonely person. The father asked:"who are the dinner tables for?" The young daughter replied:"This table here is for OUR family. The other table, daddy, is for you when you get old."

The man, almost in tears, walked away. The next night at dinner, he brought his elderly father back to the dinner table to eat with the rest of the family. From that day on the whole family  ate together and the man always made sure his father was as comfortable as he could be at the dinner table.

We are never too old to learn. We can all learn something, even from the youngest among us. Have a great day, all.




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Sun 1 Aug 2010

Yes, that question is one that we all should constantly be aking ourselves. If you don't know where you are, how how can you possibly know where you are going?

Know what you don't know. If you accomplish that, aquiring new knowledge becomes much simpler and easier to do.

Always be growing. Aquire a new skile per day. No new skills means no new money.



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Sat 31 Jul 2010

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